Someone Bought This: Angry? Just punch a savage Samoan!

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Umaga bop bag punching bag

It’s an Umaga bop bag!

You can punch him in the stomach just like King Hippo!

Punch-Out King Hippo

Wait a minute… Umaga?

I get the appeal of bop bags but was Umaga ever really that over as a heel with the under-12 crowd to warrant being put on one of these?

Also, if you buy this, it now puts you in the awkward position of punching a dead guy. That’s just Bad Karma, man…

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1 Response to "Someone Bought This: Angry? Just punch a savage Samoan!"
  1. John C says:

    This really isn’t the product I envision when Inflatable Boppin’ Bag comes to mind.

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