Someone Bought This: A very timely and topical Earl Hebner shirt from TNA

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TNA Earl Hebner Damn Right I Did Bret Hart screwjob shirt

I’m not going to rehash The Montreal Screwjob from the 1997 Survivor Series here, Crappers. You know the story by now.

You also know that Earl Hebner was the referee who called for the timekeeper to ring the bell during the “screwing” as instructed by Vince McMahon.

That happened in November of 1997.

As of this writing it is now the Summer of 2014- nearly 17 full years later.

Way to be hip and timely, TNA! Striking while the iron is at room temperature!

Earl now works for TNA, and TNA is still referencing the incident with this “Damn Right I Did” Earl Hebner t-shirt.

As in “Damn right I screwed Bret”.

Bret Hart… who has never been associated with TNA, and in fact returned to WWE years ago.

Yes, this means that Vince McMahon and Bret Hart have both managed to move beyond The Montreal Screwjob, but apparently TNA hasn’t been able to!

This shirt is pathetic not only because of how old and and tired the reference is, but because it’s something that happened in WWE- the company they’re (supposedly) competing against!

A decent chunk of TNA”s audience were only 4 or 5 years old (if that) when The Montreal Screwjob happened. I bet some of them might not have even been born yet!

Besides, who in their right mind decides “Yes, from all these TNA shirts I could buy, I want an Earl Hebner shirt! The referee is way cooler than any of the wrestlers”?

Don’t buy this stupid, dated shirt, Crappers! Spend that money on something worthwhile like The Death Of WCW: 10th Anniversary Edition, or The WrestleCrap Archives instead?

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20 Responses to "Someone Bought This: A very timely and topical Earl Hebner shirt from TNA"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    I want one.

  2. ThinkSoJoE says:

    He’s actually been using this shirt for at least four years now. I saw him at one of the BaseBrawl events. The fans were chanting “You screwed Bret.” He took his referee shirt off to show that he was wearing this one underneath. Then a year later he did the same bit. Both times during Knockouts matches.

    • Anonymous says:

      This dude gets it. The point of this shirt is that Hebner wears it under the ref uniform during matches so that he can “answer” “YOU SCREWED BRET” chants by showing it to the crowd.

  3. John C says:

    Random high five broski!!! Jimmy Jay or Ray or Joey Chipmunk whatever your name is that I’ve already forgotten you sir suck. Intervention time now for Earl, it’s okay little buddy I was in Montreal that night too but now it’s time to get on with your life. You work for a crappy company but at least you’re employed but it’s time to move on from the past. And no it doesn’t mean getting a t shirt made of the twin refs angle from 1988.

  4. Rob says:

    Let’s knock TNA for a lot of stuff, but not this. Earl Hebner has been selling this shirt since he was released from the WWE way back in the day after selling other WWE shirts from his car. Not being sarcastic. He’s been doing this for ages. He probably just partnered with TNA to do it. He even sold them at signings and whatnot from fanfests. TNA just probably figured if he’s going to make a “profit” they need to get in on the action.

  5. George from Dudleyville NY says:

    First, I hope we can all agree that “Bret screwed Bret”. With that, I say TNA needs some star power. Who’s still alive from 10-20 years ago and can still physically walk? Damn, tried that. How about a ring that 90% of your roster is uncomfortable wrestling in? Damn! Ok I got it this time. Every week TNA re-lives the 90’s. On purpose this time though. Bro-mans get Ace of Base, Abyss gets a chef boy-ar-dee commercial and have a “mystery man” hide in a random Limo or Hummer every show. If that ALL fails, “We have a fever and the prescription for that fever is more Cowbell”

  6. Drew b says:

    Are you sure the shirt isn’t in reference to the bootlegging of merchandise?

  7. Mr. Stanek says:

    If TNA really wants to get the kids talking, they need to hire Sammartino and sell a “Bitter Bruno” t-shirt.

  8. The Scanian Maniac says:

    This makes you think of what JR was talking about the other day in the Ross Report.

    Isn’t Earl Hebner the most known referee profile in wrestling because of the incident 17 years ago?

    “One thing that’s annoying in today’s pro wrestling presentations is how stupid the referees are made to look and how much they are ignored by the talents. Smart wrestlers of previous generations knew how vital the Ref was to the success of the presentations of their matches but today’s generation of talents don’t seem to understand that nuance.

    Fundamentals. Don’t forget them or ignore them. No talent in today’s game is good enough to take overt shortcuts. ”

    Will we ever see controversial referee characters like Danny Davis again?

  9. 80's Guy says:

    To be quite honest, this shirt is a damn insult.

    First of all, the accounts have Hebner crying and apologizing to Bret, even afterwards in an airport (if I recall correctly) and also saying things like he was so sorry, Bret was like family, etc. etc.

    To take something like that situation and use it in this manner is reprehensible, imo. It’s a slap in the face to the friendship they were supposed to have, and a slap in the face to Hart personally.

    Oh, and to the guy above, no, I do not believe (nor ever have) that “Bret screwed Bret”. Especially with all of the evidence of this situation.

    I’d like to take one of these and shove it down his throat (or up his ass, using an instrument of some kind of course).

  10. George from Dudleyville NY says:

    I joked on this site about how an elderly couple asked me on Halloween 94′ if “I was The Pink Power Ranger?” and being highly insulted, lol. My knock on Bret was he didn’t do what his boss told him to do. Something in reality nearly all if us would do. Seniority or even loyalty aside, buisiness is buisiness. Sure Vince should have handled it different, but WWF was in rough shape. Blame Medusa for Vince’s paranoia I guess.
    To me if not for Vince being a scumbag, Stone Cold has no main adversary. Austin would have no villian to fight.I was at Survivor Series 96′ at MSG one year before screw job. That night began to turn the tide for Austin because Bret got some boo’s in MSG during his “big return”. Vince just saved his company on oppurtunity and a former employees blood, sweat and tears. Like all who came before or after. Wrestlers don’t run the circus, they perform at it.

    • 80's Guy says:

      That argument might hold some weight if it wasn’t for the fact that Bret was straight up with Vince from the beginning, and Vince was the one who told him to take the WCW money because he might not even be able to pay him.

      In that scenario, with Hart having the integrity that he did/does, he would not have done Vince wrong, especially after being honest about the whole situation. It was simply Vince being a paranoid, spiteful d**khead.

      • George from Dudleyville NY says:

        I no way condone Vince. But in his shoes under that pressure, I see a man who has no clear judgement in survival mode. But when buisiness is in near bankruptcy and main stars are leaving, I can’t say that I wouldn’t cover my ass also. I hated Vince for it, but all his success is based on ruthlessness and stubbornness. Destroying careers, ribs(polka dot Dusty), black balling stars. Shawn was a dick, but those were Bret’s orders. I get the contract shenanigans and Vince giving Bret his blessing. I just meant loyalty is only loyalty to an extent. I just felt paranoia accidentally led to evil Vince and attitude era success. I’m just a firm believer in doing the job. Wrestling and reality mix way too much sometimes. No offense to anybody, but that how I feel years later.

  11. BeaverCleavage says:

    i actually bought one of these a few weeks ago at a TNA show. Hebner was the big intermission attraction. For 10 dollars, you could buy one of these shirts and he’d sign it at the merchandise table, same with Brian. I didn’t have the heart to tell Brian that I only wanted Earl to sign it.

  12. Scrooge McSuck says:

    “TNA! Striking while the iron is at room temperature!”

    Someone make THAT a t-shirt slogan.

  13. mrjuju says:

    And you can buy this delightful T-shirt, and many others from all of your favorite wrestlers, behind the arena in the trunk of Earl’s 1994 Cutlass Supreme. Don’t wait, act now before he has to go home.

  14. Mister Forth says:

    It seems Triple-H secretly runs TNA’s merchandise department.

  15. Venomofsociety says:

    I believe this is the first “Someone Bought This” to ever feature an Item that I, in fact, own…Not only that, but I also have it autographed by Earl Hebner and his son! lolz

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