Someone Bought This: A trading card for the ladies…

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Marty Jannetty 1991 trading card

I was looking through the 1991 Merlin WWF trading cards on The Wrestling Trading Card Collector’s Site and that’s when I saw this!

A Marty Jannetty trading card.

But not just any Marty Jannetty trading card.

A Marty Jannetty trading card where he’s doing his best to look as sexy and smooth as humanly possible laying on some rocks by the ocean.

Awww yeah! Can’t you just hear the Kenny G song in the background as the waves roll in?

Or maybe he’s just checking the sky for Seagulls to avoid getting crapped on…! I bet that URL’s not taken!

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  1. Bob says:

    I actually had this poster (from the WWF magazine)

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