Someone Bought This: A Smoking Gunns poster as big as the Grand Canyon!

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The Smoking Gunns poster


This gigantic 24 x 36 poster of The Smoking Gunns poster is not only awesome, but rare! It was only available in the WWF Catalog and at live events so you know it’s a true collectable.

It’s a great way to show what a big fan you are of the world’s greatest cowboy tag team of the 90’s (okay, so I guess that’s a pretty narrow category…).

I bet plenty of women bought this post just so they could Scotch Tape it to their ceilings and fantasize about Billy and Bart Gunn riding in on horses to rescue them from their loveless marriages.! I bet that URL’s not taken!

Ah, for the good ol’ days before Billy was a degenerate and Bart got knocked silly in 30 seconds by Butterbean…

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3 Responses to "Someone Bought This: A Smoking Gunns poster as big as the Grand Canyon!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    How about

  2. John C says:

    “By gawwwd, King you got to gif yourself a rowww-deeee-o scholarship to get a poster that damn big. Hmmm, Sassafras.”

  3. Christopher Piatt says:

    Well I hate to admit that I owned this poster as a kid. Bought it at a live event in 1993 where the Smoking Gunns lost to the Headshrinkers. For nostalgia here is the lineup from that event:

    WWF @ Richfield, OH – Coliseum – November 6, 1993 (4,000)
    Rick Martel defeated Marty Jannetty
    WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon defeated IRS via count-out
    The Headshrinkers defeated the Smoking Gunns
    Lex Luger defeated Ludvig Borga
    Owen Hart defeated Bastion Booger
    Rick & Scott Steiner defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Quebecers via disqualification
    Bret Hart defeated Jerry Lawler in a steel cage match

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