CONTEST: Guess RD’s Halloween Costume, Win Archive Access!

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Hey hey, fellow Crappers!  It’s your old buddy and your old pal, RD Reynolds as I prepare for tomorrow night’s Halloween festivities.  I was scratching my follically challenged cranium as to what to go as this year, so I ventured off to the local Halloween pop up shop to see what was on offer.  

Join me, shall you?



This is supposed to be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  Unfortunately, it’s a kid’s costume, so it’s immediately out of the running.  Even if that weren’t the case, I think the fact that I am pretty sure that Austin never wore velcro sneakers and women’s capris would nix it from my list.




Full blown Stinger get up here…complete with championship belt!

I like Sting and all, but let’s get real – he’s not had that kinda musculature since the heyday of Dudes with Attitudes.  Again, disqualified.

(Also now counting down until Blade chimes in, telling me for the 4,138th time how he has an actual Dudes with Attitudes Membership Card.  

Which, despite telling me that many times, he has yet to provide photographic evidence of said card’s existence.)




Yeah, that there is supposed to be your hero and mine, John Cena.

As best I can tell, this $33 ‘costume’ comes with a shirt, some wristbands, and some brown shorts.  


Who was doing quality control on THAT number?




This…this is FULL OF WIN.

I mean, yeah, it should have a Hulkamania shirt.  Really, it couldn’t have cost that much more to get that detail right.  But still, the muscles, the headband, the MUSTACHE…you walk into a party, people are going to KNOW who you are supposed to be.

Sadly, it too is vetoed as Hulk Hogan costumes, no matter how great, will forever be banished from the Reynolds Ranch due to the atrocity known as SEXY HULK HOGAN.

So yeah – fuhgeddabout it!

Ok, here’s the scoop.  I already have my costume picked out, and it is ready to go.  As an additional hint, due to the atrocities above, it is NOT wrestling related.  I will reveal it in a NEW Induction that will be posted on Halloween….and the first person to correctly guess it in the comments section below gets a FREE Archive Access Pass!

So whatcha waitin’ fer?  Get to guessing below!



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82 Responses to "CONTEST: Guess RD’s Halloween Costume, Win Archive Access!"
  1. Todd says:

    MAGNUM PI!!!

  2. Stephen says:

    So no hints? No “it begins with an ‘M’ …” ?

  3. Jason says:

    You’re dressing up as Dolly Parton from Uncle Burt’s, “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” ?

  4. El J says:

    You grabbed a Hawaiian shirt and wig to go as Weird Al? Hmm that’s a damn good idea for a costume. I know what I’m going as this year

  5. Adam Hong says:

    Some kind of costume.

  6. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    You’re going as “The Big Cheese” Paul Kraft, aren’t you? Come on, admit it! That’s the scariest thing I can think of!

  7. Hashington says:

    miley cyrus

  8. Chris Morgan says:

    Former Vice President Spiro Agnew. Or maybe Superintendent Chalmers. Or maybe Super Nintendo Chalmers.

  9. 80's Guy says:

    There’s got to be more of a hint than that. Genre, animal, vegetable, mineral, something. There are so many offshoots of costumes from pirates to pimps to aliens that it would be literally like picking the winning lottery numbers if a person guessed correctly.

    Here’s a few guesses:

    The Candyman.
    Freddy Krueger.
    a pimp.
    a pirate.
    Lone Ranger.
    The Man in Black or Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride.
    An Angry Bird.
    Boba Fett.
    a mustard bottle.
    A container of Reynolds Wrap.
    Burt Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds.
    Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern.
    a used condom
    A McDonald’s Big Mac
    The Little Mermaid
    Atilla the Hun
    Ben Franklin.
    Abraham Lincoln.
    The Tooth Fairy
    Jacob Goodknight
    Michael Myers
    Rad Radford (oops. Forgot, not wrestling related).
    The Mad Hatter.
    A Harlem Globetrotter.
    a hobo.
    A member of Duck Dynasty.
    One of the cast of Jersey Shore.
    Paulie Shore.
    Carrot Top.

  10. hobu0 says:


  11. Guy Dandy says:

    Captain Crunch…or perhaps King Vitamin with a fast car rented?

  12. 80's Guy says:

    Michael Myers
    Eddie from Iron Maiden
    Bruce Dickinson
    Ernest/Jim Varney
    Gene Simmons or Ozzy from the movie Trick or Treat
    Alice Cooper as Vince Raven in Monster Dog

  13. Christopher Hollington says:

    Don Johnson.

  14. Jamie says:

    I was about to go with Robocop but then I realised that thanks to WCW that would be wrestling related.

    My actual guess? The Stay Puff Marshmellow Man.

  15. Ed says:

    Jim Irsay. Some of the stuff he says is more outtahand than wrestlecrap

  16. Derik Jones says:

    King Hippo.

  17. Trench Reynolds says:

    The Rancor.

  18. hulk6785 says:

    The headless body of Spiro T Agnew
    Evil Lincoln
    The Crushinator
    Zapp Brannigan
    Kif Kroker
    Amy Wong

  19. Big Jim says:

    I’d say it’s obvious he’s going to go as Homer Thompson from the Episode “Cape Feare” of The Simpsons. “Hello. Mr. Thompson.” “I think he’s talking to you.”

  20. Greg says:

    Peter Venkman.

  21. RD Reynolds says:

    Hint: it’s a job I would love to do. If it paid more than $10 per hour.

  22. Chad says:

    ChicFilA cow?

  23. David says:

    My guess is you’re going to be a Bear. IMAGINE DRESSING UP AS A BEAR, IMAGINE DRESSING UP AS A BEAR.

  24. Kris says:

    The boat tour skipper for the Disney Jungle Cruise.

  25. Clarence "Showstealer" Mason says:

    I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark but Rafiki from the Lion King?

  26. 80's Guy says:

    Zombie in a Haunted House
    Carnival barker
    Haunted House tour guide

  27. zeedeevel says:

    Walter White

  28. Sean Clark says:

    Wal-Mart Greeter
    McDonald’s Fry Cook
    One of those guys that holds signs on street corners advertising some crappy product/food at a crappy store/restaurant
    A TSA agent, (the way they act at airport checkpoints, you’d think they didn’t make more than 10 bucks an hour)
    The Philly Phanatic
    The San Diego Chicken, (oops, wrestling related – thanks Kane!)
    Some other wacky sports mascot

  29. Mighty Vastardikai says:

    Count Chocula!

  30. Drew says:

    old timey movie theatre usher?

  31. Jared says:

    A red shirt on the Enterprise

  32. theJawas says:

    Cereal factory worker?

  33. Clayton says:

    Sexy mailman?

  34. Horsemen4ever says:

    Duck Dynasty
    Pizza delivery man

  35. Troy says:

    Worker at 6 flags?
    A Carny game/ride operator?

  36. James S says:

    I just feel like guess, even though I have access already, is it the soggys (the sworn enemy of Captin Crunch)?

  37. 80's Guy says:

    Aha. UPS Delivery Driver.

  38. Fancy Catsup says:


  39. No Pants Mafia says:

    Vanilla Ice

  40. John says:

    1) A fluffer for animals in a zoo that they want to mate. 2) SACK OF FLOUR!!!!!!!! 3) Mr. Pringles from the Pringles can

  41. Matt says:

    … Wait a minute, you’re going to go as Luke Skywalker?

  42. Jonathan says:

    Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo

  43. Zane says:


  44. daniel says:

    Clown Zentai?

  45. Nick Nutter says:

    Video store clerk.

  46. RedArmyCats says:

    Home Depot Employee?

  47. Lex Icon says:

    Based on the follically-challenged remark, are you dressing up as…
    a roll-on deodorant?
    Lex Luthor?
    Charles Barkley?
    Curly Neal?
    Howard Cosell?

  48. Adam Cota says:

    I dunno… a cop?

  49. Luke(Not the Bushwacker) says:

    …..a generic Pirate? Yarrrrr?

  50. George of Dudleyville,NY says:

    Lance Armstrong, Stretch Armstrong, Neil Armstrong, Neil Pert, Neil Diamond, Kevin Nealon? Damn, how about Fat Elvis, medium size Jonah Hill, the Rancor? Abe Froman sausage king of Chicago?

  51. George of Dudleyville,NY says:

    Btw, victim of WWF/E unpopularity circa 93’/94′. Went trick or treating with officially licensed WWF Bret Hart costume as a young fan. My reward? Being complimented on my pink power Ranger Costume by the elderly at Grandmas Nursing home. True story, Happy Halloween.

  52. Gonzo says:

    Wolverine from X Men?

  53. George from Dudleyville,NY says:

    Just like WWF video games, I wonder how much more they charged thru the catalog. My “Hitman” gear was costume store/Bret Hart merchandise (Glasses, wristbands and foam title courtesy of MSG house shows) and of course the pants and pleather jacket combo. Looking back, I was better off with Randy Savage costume. I could have told my kids one day I was “Bonesaw” or that Slim Jim guy. But no, Pink Power Ranger it is.

  54. John says:

    1) Ace Cub Reporter: Skip Bayliss
    2) Jim Sorgi
    3) Batman Foe: Egghead
    4) “Sexy” Rex Ryan (shoes optional)
    5) Caligula

    How about R.D. & Blade as Lenny & Squiggy

  55. tom says:

    given RD’s known warped sense of humor and love all things B-rated I am leaning towards something from the ED Wood genre.
    Perhaps Glen or Glenda
    or Bela Lugosi as he appeared in his last great move role Plan 9 from Outer Space
    Or he may have done a complete 360 to try and fool us and is going to be Grommit or one of the Wererabbits!

    Just so long as he is not a vorpal kitty

  56. KJ Mullen says:

    Comic book guy

  57. Barry says:

    Ron Burgundy!

  58. Mark Cardoso says:

    Damien Demento?
    Dennis Stamp?
    TL Hopper?

    The Computerized Man of the 90’s?

  59. Mark Cardoso says:

    I forgot.. Jehovah witness!!

  60. George from Dudleyville,NY says:

    Meat Loaf from “Fight Club”?

  61. says:

    Next year you should dress as Rick Rude’s half naked ass, with a “Mr. Ass”shirt. Happy Halloween Havoc…

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