Someone Bought This: The Undertaker- zombie, biker, businessman.

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WWF The Undertaker Deadman Inc. shirt

This is a shirt from that weird period where The Undertaker suddenly stopped being an undead zombie and started being a bad ass redneck biker.

The Undertaker on motorycle biker

Apparently this was just a phase because he went back to being an undead zombie later.

“Deadman Inc”?

Well, I guess that makes more business sense than “Deadman, LLC”.

You have to protect your assets, after all.

Can you imagine trying to get a loan from the bank when your business is called
Deadman Incorporated”?

“Mr. Taker, what do you produce that would tell us this business is a good investment for our bank?”

“Uh… I ride around on a motorcycle and beat people up?”.

“I see.. Well, that seems like a sound business plan. Approved!”.

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  1. John C says:

    Unfortunately that same bank went out of business after approving a loan to The APA and the frequent destruction of The Friendly Tap left the tag team unable to pay the loan back.

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