Curtain Jerker, 1/31/13: Punk Redemption

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So we’re a few days removed from CM Punk indignantly ‘jobbing to an elbow drop’ as some have termed it. Looks like the Pipe Bomb fire has died down a bit, and we’ve all accepted the fact that Cena and Rock will headline WrestleMania 29, not the Straight Edge Savior.

But all is not lost. Punk’s in it for the long haul (assuming the contract he signed in the summer of 2011 is as long term as is believed), and Vince knows there’s a segment of the audience that’ll support him through thick and thin (even if they don’t buy the pay-per–fine, I won’t bring up THAT sore point again).

My question to both Punk fans, as well as armchair booking aficionados out there: what would you do to help Punk get his cred back, WITHOUT giving him the WWE Title?

I figure it’s inevitable that he goes down to Rock at Elimination Chamber, and then Undertaker beats him at WM29 to keep the streak going. But beyond that, I have him turn face again after he and Heyman have a blow-up. Then you transition Punk into a feud with Lesnar (after Lesnar kills HHH at WM, which I think makes sense) and have Punk go over him at Summerslam, and you do it by submission.

May seem far-fetched, but keep in mind Lesnar’s PPV lure, and the fact that many fans who buy the #2 or 3 biggest PPV of the year would see a highly-marketable cash cow jobbing clean to someone with many good years left.

It’s not a world title, but this kind of cred is hard to come by.

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19 Responses to "Curtain Jerker, 1/31/13: Punk Redemption"
  1. wrestlingobscuirty says:

    That sounds good. If it is Punk vs. Taker at WM 29. I can see that being the match that “stole the show.”
    Just a thought, but if they decide to give Punk back the belt this year. That reign could never be as big as the one he just had. I can’t see them giving him the belt for a year or nearly a year again. It didn’t happen with Cena and I doubt it would happen with Punk.

    • Superstarl says:

      I don’t know. Both Taker and Punk are great performers, but their previous matches weren’t anything special to me. Maybe they would pull out the stops for Mania?

      • Mr Z says:

        I’d agree that the two matches they had on PPV back in 2009 were good but could have been better (partly due to the way the match ended at Breaking Point). But check out the matches they had on Smackdown. The submission match on Smackdown from 2009 and then the match they had in 2010, September I think, when Undertaker was weak after returning from whatever Kane had done to him. I remember thinking those two matches were great.

  2. Batman666 says:

    I like the Lesnar – Punk at Summerslam idea.

    How about Punk on Smackdown in a program during the autumn with Ziggler who SHOULD become the champion at some point. Culminating in a World Title Unification match at Wrestlemania next year with either Cena or Ryback Vs. Punk.

    Though I don’t know how much a unification match would actually mean and Cena/Ryback Vs. Punk are two old programs that have been done before.

    Another plan would be to put Punk as the leader of The Shield and have a really dominant faction. Though The Shield would become second fiddle in that case and I don’t know if that would be for the best. But it could lead to a Punk Vs. Ambrose program which would be awesome.

  3. Alan says:

    Justin, this is an AWESOME idea! At some point Punk has to become a face again. Brock VS. Punk=License to print money!

  4. RD Reynolds says:

    If you think for one nano-second that Hunter is going to job to Lesnar at Mania, I have a bridge you may be interested in.

    • BigPoppaNasty says:


      Lesnar absolutely demolished Trips at Summerslam and put him on the shelf by crippling him and then the fans chanted “you tapped out” at him as a mega babyface in the feud. Triple H is going over, and going over strong. The only person I could see him going over stronger would be if he had a rematch with Ultimate Warrior.

  5. Ralphus says:

    My way might be a but unpopular, but I think to get CM Punk at the top again with ease, he needs to disappear. Simply, he keeps cutting promos where he acts a little crazy, like this past Monday. Then, he loses to the Rock at EC which makes him crazier, at which point he cuts a promo along the lines of, “I’m in best in the world, and I don’t need a belt to prove it. I can prove it by beating the streak, something something something.” He loses to the Undertaker, and then comes back on Monday, and says, “I’m the best, I know it, you know it, I don’t need this, blah blah blah.” And then storms off, and is gone until at least June. When he comes back, instant face, and he cuts a great Punk promo, and everybody loves him and is behind him again. For a bonus, they could have him pick off every member of the Shield, who would have been beating everybody until that point.

  6. patricko says:

    hint a slow face turn in the next couple of weeks, as things develop with Heymen / shield / maddox / lesner.

    Punk didn’t know that Paul was doing all of this, when he said he had no affiliation with the shield, he meant it, etc etc etc.

    Or if that needs to happen too quickly, he can gradually get tired of interference, how it makes him look, maybe have it cost him some matches.

    Have him slowly dismantle the Shield. Give guys like Seth Rollins a rub by having long, really good matches with punk during this feud. They’ve a history, and will do well in ring together.

    Punk will be face looking for redemption against the forces of evil, and at least some of the members of the shield will be featured in singles matches, helping to establish the individual members. This needs to happen if any of the shield members want to do anything of value in the WWE, long term.

    Punk has never needed Paul H. why give the best talker in the WWE a mouthpiece?

    Having both of them on the mic, as opposition to each other, would be entertaining as hell.

    I know Brock will need to play into this somehow, for the big PPV matches, and… I can’t stand the guy. I know he’s good for business, but I can’t freakin’ stand him. Makes it hard for me to arm chair book him properly.

  7. Clifton says:

    I would do the slow build to a face turn as well. Have Punk confront Heyman about it during the build to Mania, maybe have a few more misunderstandings between Punk and Heyman, have Punk lose to ‘Taker. Then the night after ‘Mania, Heyman sics Lesnar and/or The Shield on him. The attack puts him on the shelf. Then during the build to Summerslam, Punk returns to face Lesnar at Summerslam.

  8. RealDoubleJ says:

    Ideally, it would be nice to see Punk as part of a stable that: a) doesn’t have members dissapear and/or jobbed until they’re no threat and b) doesn’t get lost in the mid-card shuffle (can you tell I’m still bitter about how the S.E.S was handled on Smackdown?)

    If they have Punk as the righteous leader of the Shield fighting against injustice in the WWE, since being “robbed” of his streak and (hopefully the match will go ahead) unable to cause the same damage to the WWE’s most beloved streak; Undertaker’s WrestleMania record. That would be a great use of his promo skills & give the rub to three future stars.

    Punk is of a calibre that: win/lose, face/heel or stable/loner he is always entertaining & if he takes time off lá Jericho, he’ll come back better for it but that would mean WWE would inwardly promote an “off season” for their superstars and some people will never allow that (their name rhymes with ‘Munter’ and they’re certainly married to one)

  9. Shinydan says:

    I completely agree with the previous poster. Fronting a Shield face faction, I think Punk loses to Rock at EC, fights Undertaker to a countout draw at WM, and then goes after a heel champion at Extreme Rules and the June PPV. That might be Cena but my instincts say Dolph Ziggler will come out of WM with the belt.

  10. Nick Sharpe says:

    All WWE needs to do is bring in the guy who got shot in the face to be in Punk’s corner for a couple weeks. That’d work.

  11. Tom says:

    I hate the scenario of Punk losing to UM this year. Not that he shouldn’t but I’d rather see it next year. What I would love to see is Punk remain a heel but ditch Heyman and The Shield; storyline “boycott:” Wresltemania on the basis of his being screwed at the Rumble and have him layout both Cena and the Rock to close the show. He should then just go on a tear through the ranks of WWE going after both heels and faces. A complete lone wolf, independent, damn you all I’m doing it way tear back to the top.

  12. Art0Donnell says:

    I know the perfect way for CM Punk to remain in the spotlight (to say the least). Two hints: It rhymes with “snapping The Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania 29,” and I’m a very lazy poet.

  13. JR says:

    Let’s see… CM Punk is at this point in his mid 30s, already peaked and has been exposed as the biggest whiner on that roster that doesn’t have the ring name of Dolph Ziggler or Zack Ryder… so want to make him ‘creditable again’ when he hasn’t been that since before that idiotic Las Vegas promo , the solution is simple, shove him in the midcard and let him WORK his way back to another main event spot.

  14. SPAC18 says:

    Well, screw CM PUNK. He is not really a great worker, whines too much and in real life an absolute douche bag. The iwc might lick his feet, but the ppvs headlined by him failed to draw great numbers proving that is not the Christ for business. So I think he has spent his quota of time under the spotlight and now it’s time for him to return into the obscurity of mid card.

  15. Ben says:

    I’d like to see the Punk/Heyman/Lesnar blowup sooner rather than later. Much as I love heel Punk, at this stage of his career I feel he should be the top babyface. Punk vs. Lesnar at Wrestlemania is what I’d like to see. I don’t need Lesnar-HHH 2. … Sigh. A man can dream, though…

    As for Taker, he’s got his 20-0 and has thereby reached immortality no matter what. He’s old and broken and in his own best interest he should be done with serious wrestling. I’d be perfectly happy with him taking it easy and coming out once every year and squash some lower/midcard bum. Basically all of his wrestling from this point on would be 1 chockeslam and 1 tombstone once every year. This way he could reach the 30-0 easy. No need to promote the “match.” It could become an unofficial Wrestlemania tradition. I nominate the 3MB for a 3 on 1 handicap match this year.

  16. Kay says:

    The thing is, the spinner makes them so much money in relcpias. It was honestly and I’m being completely serious a great idea, at the time. The Spinner belt is the equivalent of Austin’s Smoking Skull’ belt, and the Rated R’ spinner belt is the equivalent of the Brahma Bull title (remember that? remember either of them?). Basically they tried things to see if they would stick and translate to merchandise sales. The Spinner belt happened to be the most successful (I’m assuming).So, sadly, I don’t see it changing until sales slow down. I completely agree that for the sake of the content, they should revert to a traditional approach. Unfortunately, though, the bottom line’ is the priority. And I’m talking red hot profit, not Stone Cold Steve Austin.I predict, however, that if/when we see a new belt it’ll be something completely new that they can sell. UNLESS This is very unlikely but, they may try to cash-in on nostalgia and put the belt on the Rock, and bring back one of the popular designs from the 90s/00s. Largely unlikely, but they may recognize the fact that relcpias of that belt would sell like crazy if revived.

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