Curtain Jerker, 1/24/13: Rumble Mark Memories

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We here at WrestleCrap, if nothing else, like to pick the part of your brain in which memories lay, waiting for the opportune moment to roam freely.

And what better place to go in your nostalgia-subconscia than your mark days?

With the Royal Rumble just around the corner, I’m asking you guys to give me your best memories of the event from your uninitiated period. You know, long before you could deduce who was going to win the Rumble match, just by filling in logical booking gaps with minimal effort.

I can honestly tell you that, in 1991, I was pulling for Hacksaw Jim Duggan to win. I was 7 years old, but that doesn’t entirely excuse my taste in who I thought was cool.

To be fair, 3 of my favorites were in other matches: Ultimate Warrior and The Rockers. Though Virgil whacking Dibiase with the Million Dollar Belt made up for Warrior and Duggan’s defeats.

And as a Michaels mark, in 1995, I nearly had a heart attack at the end when Bulldog’s music played, before Shawn fixed things after his one-foot dance with death.

And though it may not reflect as well today, I was a 20-year-old pizza delivery driver who jumped up and down with glee, along with my 24-year-old brother, when Chris Benoit levered Big Show over the top rope to win in 2004.

Your turn, now. What were some of your Rumble mark-out moments in both your youth, as well as your jaded years? Who were some of the unusual choices that you rooted for (unusual in hindsight) in the Rumble match?

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15 Responses to "Curtain Jerker, 1/24/13: Rumble Mark Memories"
  1. spinningtorturerack says:

    It may be a small and ultimately insiginificant but there are two things I really remember from the 2000 royal rumble match. First is Rikishi with his awesome run, and then dancing with Scotty & GM before eliminating them.

    The other is Road Dogg hooking onto the bottom rope in the corner of the ring like a sloth on a branch. He was my favourite, and I just remember thinking, why on earth would you move from that position, he could just stay there and win!!!

  2. Professor Fathead says:

    Being British and born in the 80s, I thought for definite that Davey Boy Smith was going to win the ’92 Rumble. I remember being so annoyed at Flair for winning the whole thing and hated him for being such a cheater (this also stems from watching his feud with Sting when he took Sting out with a lead pipe).

    I was an absolute smark in the 2000s and I always overthought who was going to win. This lead me to think that Edge would win the 2000 Rumble as he was wearing HBK-esque gold and white tights. I was only out by about 10 years!

  3. Ralphus says:

    Oh, my absolute favorite RR moment is from 2004, when Chris Benoit and Randy Orton just threw out A-Train and Shelton Benjamin, and then hit heads and knocked themselves out. Out comes #18 and it’s Lamont, and I can hear it in my head, “Ladies and gentlemen, Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller!!!!!” Ernest runs down with his cape and red shoes, and just dances away for 60 seconds, with Taz singing, “somebody call my momma!” in the background. Benoit then gets up, goes to throw out Lamont, and just chucks his afro out. The look on Lamont’s face, coupled with the Cat dancing, I can watch that over and over and still laugh! To this day, I always pick #18 to win!

  4. Scrooge McSuck says:

    1993 Royal Rumble: They made such a big deal out of getting Yokozuna out, and leaving Randy Savage as the last possible option once the rest of the field was cleared out. Even before the show, I had a short list of Savage, Undertaker, and Mr. Perfect as winning. I guess I liked babyfaces at the time.

    Embarrassing tidbit: I only watched WWF, and every year from 1994 and on, I figured Hulk Hogan would be a surprise entrant.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      RE: Not knowing Hogan was in WCW (or that WCW existed, I can relate.

      Up until about 1994 or 1995, I didn’t know WCW exited because I also only watched the WWF. I just didn’t know there was anything else out there to watch.

  5. Mr Z says:

    I was a huge Hogan fan as a kid so in 1992 I was rooting for him to win the Rumble and the title. But I had a second favorite just incase Hogan got eliminated. Virgil! It sounds crazy now but seeing him knock out the Million Dollar Man the year before after being the bodyguard for so long made me a fan. Go back and look at him after he turned on Dibease in 1991. If they let him stay quiet and that serious maybe things would have gone differently for him.

    And I agree, of course it doesn’t seem the same today, but at the time 2004 was a great moment. I was so happy for him, couldn’t believe he actually won.

    2008 was a big mark out moment for me. Myself and some friends had planned a trip to Orlando for Wrestlemania 24. As excited as we were it was a letdown that Cena wasn’t going to be there because he was hurt. Whether you like him or not, I’ve never been a Cena hater and my friends were big Cena fans, you want to see all the big names if you’re going to Wrestlemania. So while we watched the Rumble, when #30 hit and Cena’s music plaved we all totally marked out.

  6. Down With OPC says:

    I was mad when Stone Cold tossed the Rock out at the end of the ’98 Rumble. I wasn’t watching live, but it was the first time I was watching any wrestling since watching the ’92 Rumble. With the ’92 Rumble, I don’t think I was marking out, but just somewhat surprised that “That White Haired Guy” won it after being in the match for so long.

  7. Muta Mark says:

    1994 and I was SHOCKED first of all when Owen kicked Bret’s leg, really angered me and also because I thought Bret wasnt going to be in the Royal Rumble match,but then BRET HART APPEARED! Then when BOTH Bret and Luger went out at the same time,I couldnt believe that actually happen! At the end me and my mate I was watching it with jst looked at each other like WTF?Whats happens now?!?

    1996 – When Vader appeared,I already knew what Vader was like in WCW and was actually excited about him being in the Rumble match even if I wanted Michaels to win (ano,ano) but when he got eliminated and he went crazy, I was like Holy Shit this guy is crazy, to be that and the next nyt on Raw when he attack Gorilla Monsoon (something no one EVER does) made him a monster and thought no one could stop him.

    When I got a bit smarter to what is going on,the one that stood out was Maven eliminating The Undertaker on Rumble 02. Cause NO ONE saw it coming,just a great (and to me underrated) moment.

    And yes I agree Benoit winning the Rumble on 04, I still mark to that,c’mon who doesnt?

  8. JohnPetuka says:

    I wasn’t uninitiated by the time I had PPV (and I was pretty hip to things by the age of 7 or 8).

    The Rumble can be such a fun event, though, and it can easily make you feel uninitiated. First, there are the one man shows: Steve Austin’s 1997 performance was awesome because it was reminiscent of Diesel’s thing…but with actual personality. CM Punk’s 2010 rumble was equally awesome. Second, there are the show stealing spots–Morrison in 2011 and Kingston in 2012. Lastly, there’s the “this is only happening at a Rumble” moments… like the Cobra vs Socko. It’s all fun.

  9. Jeff LupPlace says:

    I have always enjoyed the Royal Rumble. I love watching the expressions on the guys faces who have been in there a while when someone huge comes out like the Big Show or ‘Taker. One of my favorite moments is when this was reversed. I cannot remember the year because I have not seen it in forever but it was during ‘Taker’s biker days. He and Kane clear the ring and make the sign that they are going to work together. Time runs out and out comes SCOTTY 2 HOTTIE! I have never been a fan of his but to see his face when he realized he was going to be by himself with the Brothers of Destruction was priceless. He looked like a guy going to the chair. It was not that big of a deal but it was one of those moments that only could have happened at the Royal Rumble.

  10. Jerm says:

    I am a huge British Bulldog fan still to this day, and this not only stems from the tag team, but the first Rumble I ever saw-1991’s version. When Davey finally got rid of The Model I remember jumping up and down and I thought for sure he was going to win, and then ten seconds later he gets dumped out and I was the saddest little boy ever. Then the following year he’s number one and goes on a tear, eliminating three guys before being ousted by Flair; another completely “mark-out” moment.

  11. That Don Guy says:

    The closest thing I have to a mark-out Rumble moment was in 1990, when, in the middle of the Rumble, the only two in the ring were Hogan and Warrior, and the “WM 6 Main Event” light bulb went on. Okay, for the next month or so, I was waiting to see how they were going to turn Warrior heel and turn the whole thing into a repeat of WM 3 (or WM 5, but with Hogan as the champion)…

  12. Ed Novak says:

    What always stands out for me is how the WWF ‘edited’ the end of the 92 Rumble on video and all the rebroadcasts. Luckily I have the Live PPV taped so I have an original.

    When Sid dumped out Hogan, you clearly heard the cheers for Sid. And you saw people stand up and clap and cheer.

    When Hogan grabbed Sid and pulled him outside and gave Flair the win, you could hear the boos for Hogan. (First time I think that happened since he became a face). And people were clearly cheering for Sid when he and Hogan got in each others faces, and you can see people standing up to cheer Sid on.

    Even Monsoon said something like “Well its everyman for himself, you have to do whatever it takes to win” after Sid threw out Hogan, (Paraphrased of course)

    When they reshowed that end for Wrestlemania previews, and on all other media – when Sid throws out Hogan – you still see the people get up and cheer and clap – yet you hear very loud boos which were not in the live broadcast. Monsoon says now “What a backstabber! That lowlife.etc etc” which is the exact opposite of what he said in the live broadcast.

    Then when Hogan pulls out Sid – there are cheers dubbed in instead of the boos originally live.

    And also when Hogan and Sid get face to face later – they crowd noises are redubbed to make people cheer for Hogan and boo Sid, which was the opppsite of what really happened.

    I guess at that time Hogan still had to be the face and they couldn’t have it seem people booed him.

  13. 80sGuy says:

    My mark out moment was waaaaay back when Ax and Smash of Demolition drew numbers 1 and 2 and fought each other.

    Being younger, and the Rumble still being a surprise as to who came out and such, it first took me by surprise and then got me excited at the fact that these two guys could go toe to toe while still respecting each other and then just going back to being a team.

    I loved when the Rumble was like that, and I loved how that spot played out.

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