Rewriting The Book: What if Lance Von Erich returned to WCCW?

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by Simon Rawls

What if… Lance Von Erich returned to World Class?

Our story begins at the main event of a World Class Championship Wrestling television taping. Things are on an upswing for the fan favorites since the 5th Annual Parade of Champions. After defeating Michael Hayes, Terry “Bamm Bamm” Gordy abruptly had a change of heart when Buddy “Jack” Roberts tried to cut Hayes’ famed golden locks, attacking Roberts and realigning himself with Hayes. To top things off, Kerry Von Erich regained the World Class World Title from former friend, now hated rival, “The Iceman” King Parsons, who only won the title in the first place on March 25, 1988 when the lights mysteriously went out at the Sportatorium and an unknown assailant attacked Kerry and allowed Parsons to get the pin. Now in Dallas at the legendary Sportatorium, “The Iceman” and “The Modern Day Warrior” are in the midst of the obligatory rematch.

May 20, 1988: Dallas, Texas: 

Kerry Von Erich and “Iceman” are tearing the roof down. One would never know these two men were once the closest of friends as neither is remotely pulling a punch. Holding the advantage, “Iceman” delivers a body slam and follows up with his patented butt butt, gaining a close two count. But it’s three that wins the match and the show goes on. He picks Kerry up, hits a head butt and goes for a second butt butt. This time, Kerry dodges it and “Iceman” staggers into the ropes. He charges Kerry and gets hits square in the mush with a discus punch. Kerry falls on his opponent and gets a close two. Kerry attempts to put “Iceman” in the iron claw, but “Ice” is able to block it and kicks Kerry with a low blow, getting an admonishment from referee Rick Hazzard. Sensing victory, “Iceman” climbs to the top rope and attempts a flying body press. He connects, but momentum turns them over and Kerry is able to hold down a squirming “Iceman” for 1-2-3! 

The crowd roars as Kerry maintains his World Title. But no sooner has Kerry had his hand raised than “Freebird” Buddy Roberts has come charging into the ring attacking Kerry. Showing he still has some vigor left, Kerry takes it to his longtime hated rival. But “Iceman” joins in and the two New Freebirds take it to Kerry. This doesn’t last long however, as “Freebird” Michael Hayes and Kerry’s brother, Kevin, charge down the ring to more than even the score. In no time Kevin drops “Iceman” with a stiff dropkick and Hayes does the same to his “brother” with a very hard right hand. All seems well… then in a repeat of two months prior, the lights in the Sportatorium go out. “Not this again.” Marc Lowrance says on commentary. A minute later the lights come back on and what is in the ring is not pretty. Kevin, Kerry and Hayes are all laid out and Buddy Roberts and “Iceman” King Parsons are slowly getting back to their feet. But the biggest shock of all is the man standing in the ring holding a steel chair; Kerry and Kevin’s “cousin”, Lance Von Erich. “What is Lance Von Erich doing here?” Marc Lowrance asks. “He’s been barred from World Class for life.” Roberts and “The Iceman” embrace their new ally and the three lift their arms up in victory as the crowd at the Sportatorium heartily boos their disapproval.

May 27, 1988: Dallas, Texas

The buzz is everywhere on the abrupt return of Lance Von Erich. On the next episode of World Class Championship Wrestling, “Iceman” and Buddy Roberts take on Bob Bradley and Steve Casey. Casey and Bradley make a valiant effort, but are just outgunned by “Iceman” and Roberts’ skill and experience, Roberts ends the match by connecting with a DDT to Casey, followed up with the 1-2-3, giving “Jack and Ice” the victory.

After a commercial break, The New Freebirds are joined at ringside by Lance Von Erich for an interview with Marc Lowrance. “Well I must say that the three of you look very happy with yourselves. But I don’t see how anyone after doing what you did could be remotely proud.” Lowrance says. “Marc Lowrance, you’re darn right we are happy. Yeah, Kerry Von Erich stole the World Title from the ‘Iceman’ and Bammer broke my heart by turning on me, but though we lost the battle, we won the war. Look at who we recruited to our side.” Buddy Roberts says pointing to Lance. “FINALLY a decent Von Erich!” “On that note,” Marc Lowrance says and now addresses Lance Von Erich, “just what are you doing back here? You were banned forever from World Class and as the world knows by now, you are NOT a Von Erich!” Not getting at all flustered, Lance Von Erich smiles and says, “First off, Dallas, I’m glad to be back, thank you.” to a round of boos. “And yes Uncle Fritz did try to have me banned and said I can no longer use the Von Erich name, but I’m not the type to just give up. I appealed that ruling and the World Class Board of Directors reviewed my case and concluded that I am both allowed to compete here AND use the Von Erich name. And why not? I am the son of the greatest Von Erich legend ever, Waldo Von Erich, and there is no way I am letting my ungrateful cousins that I backed up for almost two years take my birthright away from me. And who better to pick as allies than The New Freebirds?” Pointing to Buddy Roberts, Lance says, “For a decade, Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy rode this man’s coat tails. They may be great athletes, but there’s is nothing but sawdust in those brains of theirs. Just as he led them to victory, the great Buddy Roberts is going to lead The New Freebirds and The BEST Von Erich, Lance, all the way to the top!” Iceman” King Parsons, closes the interview, by saying, “And like momma said, ‘It just be’s that way sometimes.'” 

At the end of the program it is announced that Kerry Von Erich will be meeting “Playboy” Vince Apollo in next week’s main event and that Kevin and Kerry Von Erich as well as Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy would be interviewed.

June 3, 1988; Dallas, Texas

Marc Lowrance has an interview with Kerry and Kevin Von Erich and Freebirds Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy. “Gentlemen, welcome. And Kerry, congratulations on retaining the World Heavyweight Title.” Thank you, Marc.” Kerry says. “I’m pleased to still be the World’s Champion. But I am anything but pleased at what happened at the end of ‘Iceman’s’ rematch.” “Yes I realize that, Kerry. Tell me your thoughts on the return of Lance Von Erich.” Kevin Von Erich then says “Please don’t call that man that, Marc. He is NOT our cousin and he is NOT a Von Erich. He never was and he never will be. I don’t know what he is getting at by insisting that he is. But rest assured, he will pay for what he has done. I guarantee that much.” “That’s right, Kerry.” Kevin Von Erich says. “How that no good rip-off could have enough nerve to come back here and show his face after what he did is beyond my comprehension. But he did and what’s done is done. And have no worries, it WILL be dealt with accordingly. Michael Hayes then says “Well Kevin, it turns out you were right. It isn’t a battle between Texas and Georgia, but a battle between decency and filth. And it turns out both Texas and Georgia has their fair share of both!” The crowd gives an approving roar to this statement.” Lance Non Erich, you stuck your nose where it didn’t belong; in Michael Hayes’ business. And no man who has ever done that has ever gotten away with it. I don’t care if he wears a white hat, a black hat a red hat or a blue hat. You say Terry and I have sawdust for brains? Well boy, we’re going to beat you into sawdust. “And Buddy,” Hayes says shaking his head, “brother you sunk to a new low. But just wait, because Bamm Bamm and I are back and we’re gonna give you the beating your momma should’ve given you a long time ago!” “That’s right. Buddy, I bought into your ‘New Freebirds’ garbage and yeah, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I swallowed the Kool-Aid for a little while. But thankfully I was born with a strong gag reflex and I threw it up. Now the four us haven’t always seen eye to eye, but hear this right here and now, the real Von Erichs and the real Freebirds aren’t going to stop until we run you impostors out of World Class for good!” “Thank you gentlemen.” Marc Lowrance says to end the interview.

Marc Lowrance tells the television audience that he has some exciting news. Deciding to take advantage of World Class’s “Open Door Policy” AWA World Champion, Jerry “The King” Lawler will soon be defending his World Title in a World Class ring and that “The King” will be addressing the World Class audience next week.

In the main event, Vince Apollo looks very confident that he can score an upset over what he conceives is an unfocused Kerry in this non-title match. However, “The Modern Day Warrior” quickly shows why he is the World Champion, quickly gaining the upper hand and besting the stocky “Playboy” in a test of strength. The match goes all Kerry’s way until the two are tied in the ropes and Apollo gives Kerry a thumb to the eye. He is strongly admonished by referee Bronko Lubich but ignores him while taking it to Kerry. With a string of offensive holds, including a well-placed superkick, Apollo gets a couple of two counts, but can’t put Kerry away. He even brags to the crowd about tonight being his night. This proves to be a blunder, as Kerry takes advantage of this rest and when Apollo attempts another superkick , he ducks it and hits a discus punch, knocking Apollo down. Both men drop and Bronko Lubich starts the ten count. Apollo makes it up at seven and Kerry right after. Apollo charges him, only to get back body dropped by Kerry. Hearing the crowd’s cheers, Kerry gets rejuvenated and takes it to “The Playboy”. Apollo begs Kerry for mercy, but he’s not having it. After a minute of pounding, Kerry attempts to lock in the iron claw, but Apollo holds him off for dear life. Just when it looks like he can’t any longer, he rakes Kerry’s eyes and hits a forearm. He then goes for a second. But Kerry ducks, grabs Apollo from behind, runs him into the ropes and rolls him up for the three count. 

The crowd roars, but the celebration doesn’t last as “Freebird” Buddy Roberts charges the ring. Roberts swings at Kerry with his loaded glove but Kerry ducks, punches Roberts and locks him in the iron claw. This doesn’t last long however, as Lance Von Erich runs in the ring and clubs Kerry from behind. Roberts then knocks Kerry out with his loaded glove. Adding insult to injury, Lance Von Erich puts the iron claw on a fallen Kerry Von Erich. Kevin Von Erich, Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy run down to stop this and seeing them coming, Roberts and Lance exit the ring as the babyfaces enter, the damage having already been done. Kevin is seen mouthing words which can’t be spoken aloud on World Class television as he and his compatriots tend to Kerry.

After the commercial break, Marc Lowrance announces, “Well that was a reprehensible display if there ever was one. Lance Von Erich seems very adept at attacking people from behind. We’ll see how well he does next week in action, one on one against Steve Simpson. Goodnight, everybody.”

June 10, 1988: Dallas, Texas

In an interview conducted earlier in the week, Marc Lowrance talks to Buddy Roberts, “Iceman” King Parsons and Lance Von Erich. “You three seem real proud of yourselves, don’t you?” Marc Lowrance says to the three laughing heels. “I don’t see what you have to be proud about, interfering in matches you are not scheduled in and using foreign objects.” “Marc Lowrance,” Lance says, “you just don’t get it. My cousins and those two Freebird imbeciles think they can run their mouths off about me and my friends and not suffer any consequences. A lot like when we were little kids and the five of them would gang up and pick on me and their daddy wouldn’t do anything to stop it.” Buddy and “Iceman” give clearly fake looks of sympathy at this and “comfort” Lance, Roberts patting him on the shoulder saying “It’s OK Lance.” “Well no more. There is a new order in town in Texas and you are looking at it. And Steve Simpson, watch out, because if you side with Kevin and Kerry that is as good as slapping me in the face.” Buddy Roberts then says “Kerry Von Erich, it’s not like it was back in 1983. I’m calling the shots now. And unlike Terry and Mike, the three of us don’t pull any punches. You’ve hid behind your daddy and your brothers for far too long. Well, get ready for things to get a whole lot worse and NOT to get better. And more good news, Lowrance. The World Class Board of Directors has ruled since Terry left the New Freebirds we can choose any partner of our choice to take his place as the World Six Man Tag Team Champion. And we not surprisingly choose, Lance Von Erich.” Haven’t even wrestled one match, yet and I’m already a champion.” Lance gloats. “Kevin and Kerry, Hayes and Gordy, you boys are sailing on a sinking ship and we ain’t plannin’ on throwing you no life raft.” “Iceman” Parsons chimes in. “Everybody just needs to get used to it because it’s gonna be this way for a long time.” he says to end the interview.

In a satellite location, Jerry Lawler gives his first interview. He says he is looking forward to defending his World Title in World Class and looks forward to meeting all the great Texas fans. He singles out “Iceman” King Parsons as someone he would like to face.

The main event comes around and both Steve Simpson and Lance Von Erich seem ready to go. Simpson shows no mercy and uses his array of high flying and technical moves on Lance. Not showing any ring rust or backing down one iota, Lance hits Simpson with everything he has. Lance is able to gain the advantage and gets several close pins on Simpson, but the South African superstar won’t stay down. After a vicious bodyslam, Lance picks Simpson up and attempts an iron claw, but Simpson blocks it. Lance struggles to get it on, but Simpson grabs him by the hair and drops to his knees hitting Lance with a jawbreaker. Both are dazed but manage to beat John Keaton’s ten count. Lance charges Simpson, only to get a stiff dropkick for his troubles. He charges again and to the crowd’s delight is rolled up in a small package for a three count. The crowd roars as Lance claims a fast count. Buddy Roberts tries to sneak in the ring and hit Simpson with a cheap shot, but Simpson ducks and takes it to the Freebird. He is hit from behind by Lance, however. Lance puts Simpson in a full nelson while Roberts puts on his loaded glove. He attempts to throw a punch, but at the last second, Steve’s younger brother, Shaun, enters the ring and grabs his hand and slugs an unsuspecting Roberts. Lance goes after Shaun and gets a right hand to the face. The Simpsons brothers then clear the ring much to the Sportatorium’s delight.

“Well Lance Von Erich and Buddy got a little more than they bargained for with the Simpson brothers. And next week, we’ll see Lance and Buddy take on Shaun and Steve in a tag team match.  “The Iceman’ will have his hands full with “Maniac” Matt Borne. And we will have the World Class debut of Jerry “The King” Lawler as he takes on Terry Taylor. Goodnight, everyone.” says Marc Lowrance to close the show.

June 17, 1988: Dallas, Texas

A replay of last week’s ending is shown and the Simpson brothers are interviewed. “Steve, Shaun,” Marc Lowrance says “You two gave Lance Von Erich and Buddy Roberts more than they expected.” “Yes we did, Marc.” Steve says. “And there is a lot more where that came from. Those two and the “Iceman” have been causing a lot of trouble for the Von Erichs lately and the Von Erichs are our friends. Saying things like they used to gang up on him when he was a kid? Who does that buffoon think he’s fooling? There’s not a one of Fritz Von Erich’s sons that couldn’t lick Lance with one hand tied behind his back.” “That’s right, Steve. And just like the Von Erichs, the Simpsons are going to show you just what a real family can do. You jumped on Steve’s last week and I had his back. Now you have both of us. Watch out.” Shaun says to end the interview.

“Iceman” and Matt Borne go at it rough and tumble. Rick Hazzard has to warn them to keep it clean, so the two begrudgingly drop the rough stuff a small notch. It’s a great match. After “Iceman” misses a turnbuckle charge, Borne connects with a bridging German suplex and is able to get the three count.

Jerry Lawler makes his in ring debut to general cheers, though a few boos are heard for the outside champion some consider to be an interloper. Before his match can start, Kerry Von Erich enters the ring. He takes the microphone and tells Lawler he is not interested in fighting him tonight and respects him as a champion. But rather tells him when he is through with Terry Taylor, he wants himself and “The King” to meet in the future to unify their titles as he believes there should only be one world’s champion. Lawler smiles and then nods. The two world’s champions agree to meet at a later date. Kerry then leaves the ring and Lawler wins a decent non-title match against Terry Taylor.

In the main event, the Simpson brothers look stoked to take it to Lance and Buddy. It is clear their opponents are out for some revenge. The South African brothers start off strong, frustrating Buddy Roberts who tags in Lance Von Erich. The Von Erich “cousin” does no better and gets frustrated by the skills, high-flying and quick tags of Steve and Shaun. But making a rookie mistake, Shaun Simpson turns his back on Buddy Roberts and gets a low blow while Lance distracts Bronko Lubich from the outside. The two heels then take advantage of the younger Simpson brother, using every tactic, clean and dirty, in their repertoire. Lance sets Shaun up for a dropkick, but Shaun is able to hold the ropes and Lance misses. The crowd cheers as both struggle to their corners. Lance tags in Buddy first but is unable to stop Shaun tagging in Steve. Steve goes at Buddy Roberts and seems to be in full control. But he doesn’t see a tag to Lance who then clips Steve in the leg. The two double team Steve until Bronko Lubich threatens a disqualification. Lance and Buddy take it to Steve getting many close two counts. But with a heart as big as Africa, Steve Simpson will not back down or quit. He is able to turn an attempted Buddy Roberts back body drop into a sunset flip and nearly gets three. Roberts gets up and stomps Steve, picks him up by the hair and tags in Lance and the two double team him to the four count. “It looks like Steve Simpson may be done for soon.” Marc Lowrance comments. But just as he says that Steve is able to duck a clothesline and hit one of his own. Both men go for the tags. Buddy Roberts makes it in first, but he is unable to stop Steve from tagging in Shaun Simpson who hops over the top rope. Buddy begs for mercy and even extends his hand in friendship, but Shaun is not having it. He kicks Buddy then starts punching him. Lance Von Erich enters and Shaun gives him a stiff right hand then bangs their two heads together. After a brief rest, Steve comes in rejuvenated and the two work over the heels to the delight of the Sportatorium crowd. They go to opposite ring corners and ram the two together and everything seems to be going their way. Bronko Lubich demands Steve leave the ring which he does with some protest. As Bronko Lubich has his back turned, “Iceman” King Parsons comes down to the ring and jumps on the apron. Shaun immediately attacks him but falls into a trap as “Iceman’ grabs him and before he can pull himself free, Buddy Roberts hits a low blow and rolls Shaun up. Just turning around, Bronko Lubich counts to three as the crowd jeers its contempt.

At the end of the program, Marc Lowrance announces that “Iceman”, Buddy Roberts and Jack Victory will be teaming together against the Simpson brothers and their good friend, Terry Gordy on next week’s show.

June 19, 1988: Mesquite, Texas

At this jam-packed house show, the fans get a great show. “Freebird” Buddy Roberts and Shaun Simpson wrestle to a draw. The new and exciting rough house tag team, the Samoan Swat Team, demolishes Jeff Raitz and Jason Sterling. Showing that though they are now allies they can still compete against one another, Terry Gordy and Kerry Von Erich wrestle to a draw in a World Title match and shake hands at the end of the match. But the crowd is really here for one reason: To see the oldest Von Erich brother, Kevin, get a piece of his “cousin” Lance.

“La Grange” hits and the crowd roars, only to have them turn to boos when it turns out to be Lance Von Erich not Kevin. The fact he is barefoot causes the loyal crowd to boo even harder. Then “La Grange” hits again and out comes Kevin to the crowd’s mass approval. John Keaton has to jump in between them to prevent Kevin from charging the man he considers an interloper to his family name. Ringing the bell so the violence can become official, John Keaton steps out of the way and Lance and Kevin throw everything but the proverbial kitchen sink at one another. Kevin takes the early advantage, and beats Lance with everything he has. He goes for the iron claw and does get it on, but Lance is too close to the ropes and is able to grab a rope. John Keaton calls for the break and after nearly getting disqualified, Kevin begrudgingly breaks the hold. But he follows up with punches, kicks and eye rakes, getting further admonishment from John Keaton. Lance jumps out the ring to avoid a further beating. He takes advantage of World Class’s 20 count and takes his time getting back in the ring. Growing tired, Kevin goes out after him and lays chase to Lance. He runs after him but Lance takes advantage of Kevin’s hot head and is able to connect with a clothesline. Immediately going on the offensive. Lance rams Kevin into the guardrail. He takes a few shots and attempts to ram his head into the ring post but Kevin counters and rams Lance’s head into the post, instead. He then throws him back into the ring, just beating the 20 count and starts kicking away. It looks like Kevin is going to make easy work of Lance, but a missed knee drop turns the match into his alleged cousin’s favor. Showing he has every bit the vicious streak of Kevin, Lance pounds away and more than once resorts to biting, nearly gaining himself a disqualification. Lance gets a couple of close 2 counts, but Kevin will not go down without a fight. Kevin is able to block an atomic drop and punches Lance, only to be met with a low blow. Lance then puts the iron claw on Kevin. Insulted beyond comprehension, Kevin starts clawing and eye-gouging at Lance, causing the hold to be broken. Lance starts doing the same and then fisticuffs are exchanged. Both men ignore the warnings of John Keaton. They wind up outside the ring and after slamming Lance into the guardrail, Kevin picks up a chair. Lance rolls back into the ring and Kevin follows him in with the chair. Lance kicks him and pulls the chair from his hands, then attempts to hit him with it, but Kevin blocks it. Seeing that all order has been lost, John Keaton calls for a double disqualification. The ringing of the bell does nothing to stop the two combatants. John Keaton attempts to intervene, but Kevin punches him away. He tries again and Lance does the same. He then gives up and the two hated rivals go toe to toe. Finally, the locker clears and they are eventually separated. Kevin manages to break free and jumps on Lance. They are separated again, but not before Buddy Roberts takes a cheap shot at Kevin. Seconds later, Lance breaks free and they have to be separated. This time Kerry gets a shot in on Lance. Finally, the ring is cleared, the action ends and the Mesquite fans get to tell all their friends and family who didn’t attend live at the Mesquite Arena that they saw an unforgettable night of great wrestling.

June 24, 1988: Dallas, Texas

2/3s of the Six Man Champions are wrestling tonight in the main event. This fact is not missed on Terry Gordy. “You’ll are yeller-belly chickens!” the largest Freebird taunts his former allies. “You’ll haven’t earned a shot!” Buddy Roberts retorts. Bamm Bamm starts off, wanting Buddy “Jack” but having to settle for Jack Victory instead. No slouch himself, Victory locks up with Gordy only to be thrown across the ring. They lock up again to the same results as the Sportatorium crowd cheers on. They lock up a third time, but this time Victory turns it into an arm drag. Looking very pleased with himself, he smiles to the crowd only to get hit seconds later by a vicious “Bamm Bamm” clothesline. Gordy then proceeds to stomp a mud-hole in Victory. After a minute of beating him he pushes him to his corner and tags in Steve Simpson who though not anywhere near as big as the Bammer gives it to Victory just as good. He puts in an arm-lock and prevents Victory from tagging out, to his and his New Freebirds partner’s frustration. He eventually tags in Shaun, who jumps off the top rope onto Victory’s arm. Still mad about last week, he throws Victory to the corner, demanding either Parsons or Roberts. After several moments hesitation, “Iceman’ takes the challenge up. He bests Shaun and turns the advantage. “He may not nice, but he’s still one of the best.” Marc Lowrance comments. He works Shaun over for a bit then tags in a now anxious Buddy “Jack”. Always seems willing to get in when his opponent is down.” Marc Lowrance again comments. Buddy attempts a bodyslam, but Shaun blocks it and nearly gets a small package win. This infuriates the rogue Freebird who stomps away at his opponent. He then picks Shaun up and hits him with a solid right hand… though right into his own corner where he tags in Terry Gordy. Gordy enters and Buddy looks very scared. He slowly backs away and tries to tag both “Ice” and Jack Victory, neither who will take his tag. Finally, he tries to shake Gordy’s hand. But “Bamm Bamm” will have none of it and kicks Roberts in the stomach, then beats his former ally senseless. The crowd loves it and cheers even louder after a hard right hand sends him staggering into the Simpsons’ corner. Not realizing he is in the wrong corner, he gets a right hand first from Steve then Shaun, which sends the crowd even more over the top. Terry drops Buddy with another right hand then tags in Steve Simpson, who hops over the top rope and continues the beatdown of Buddy. After a perfectly executed dropkick, Steve covers Roberts and nearly gets a three count. He then tags in his brother and holds Roberts while Shaun delivers a solid double axe hammer from the second rope to Buddy’s upper right chest. Things are looking up for the good guys, but as is often the case in wrestling, chickens are counted before they hatch. Buddy attempts to run out of the ring but a just tagged in Steve grabs him. As Rick Hazzard tries to separate the two in the ropes, the wily Freebird delivers a back kick to Steve’s groin, dropping him. Roberts is able to tag in “The Iceman” who quickly jumps the ropes and starts pounding away on Steve Simpson. After a hard bodyslam, he does an arrogant boogie-woogie dance before picking up Steve Simpson and tagging in Jack Victory. The New Freebirds’ new ally continues the beating. And the three heels enjoy their advantage over the crowd favorite. Buddy Roberts even resorts to biting, which nearly costs him the match. Buddy tells Rick Hazzard to “shut up” then tags in Jack Victory. While Roberts and Hazzard are still bickering, Victory throws Steve across the ropes but Steve counters with a flying body press but Victory manages to catch him. Smiling arrogantly, Victory decides what to do with his smaller opponent, and takes a little too long. Seeing Buddy Roberts is still arguing with the referee, Shaun Simpson decides to exact some revenge over last week’s outside interference and quickly climbs the top rope and nails Jack Victory dead in the face as the crowd roars. Shaun rolls out the ring and Rick Hazzard turns around to make the count. Buddy Roberts and “Iceman’ try and intervene, but Gordy heads off Roberts in the ring and Shaun Simpson grabs “Iceman’s” left leg, preventing the intervention and the Simpsons and Terry Gordy win by pinfall.

After the commercial break, the three now irate heels are interviewed by Marc Lowrance. “Well Buddy, it seems things didn’t go your way tonight.” You shut your mouth, Marc Lowrance!” Roberts yells with spittle flying out of his mouth. “What just happened was highway robbery and all you know it. Those idiots from South Africa and that oaf former friend of mine could never beat us clean.” “This is a travesty.” “Iceman” says. ‘An absolute travesty. I’m tired of this kind of thing being tolerated in World Class!” “What about what you and Buddy did to Shaun Simpson just last week, ‘Iceman’? “Man, that was totally different, Marc.I was just on the apron to tell Shaun Simpson his car was about to get towed and he paid back my kindness by attacking me!” Buddy and Jack Victory both agree and Roberts can be heard saying “Yeah, he’s an ingrate!” as Marc Lowrance just shakes his head laughing and says “Goodnight, everybody.”

July 1, 1988: Dallas, Texas

In tonight’s main event, Kerry and Kevin Von Erich capture the World Class World Tag Team Titles from “Iceman” King Parsons and Terry Taylor. The match happens as it did in real life so I will not elaborate on it any further. 

July 8, 1988: Dallas, Texas

The main event of tonight’s card is announced as Kevin and Kerry Von Erich defending their newly won World Tag Team Titles against the duo of “Jack and Ice”. The challengers come out first with Lance Von Erich. Then “Tom Sawyer” hits and the crowd roars as Kerry and Kevin are flanked by Michael Hayes. Arguing ensues and fisticuffs are almost thrown before the match gets underway. John Keaton finally tells both Hayes and Lance that as neither has neither a manager’s license nor special permission to be at ringside, both must leave the ringside area. Both argue but begrudgingly listen. Kevin starts off with Buddy Roberts and from the beginning fisticuffs ensue. Wanting to regain the tag titles, he just lost, Roberts shows much initiative and takes an early advantage over his longtime rival. Getting the tag into “Iceman”, they enjoy a double team of “The Golden Warrior”. But a blocked right hand soon turns the tide and after a leg scissor/drop kick combo, Kevin tags in his little brother and the Von Erichs enjoy a double team of their own. Kerry works “Ice” over for a bit but ever the wily veteran, Parsons ducks a running clothesline and connects with a solid hip toss. However, even wily veterans make rookie mistakes, and instead of following up with more offense, “The Blackbird” decides to mock the crowd with a jive dance and when he goes to attack Kerry, he gets a discus punch to the head for his efforts. Kerry then tags in Kevin as the Sportatorium pops. Wanting to end the night early, Kevin throws “Iceman” into the ropes and locks in the iron claw, causing another pop. “Iceman” struggles and then Buddy Roberts tries to interfere, being stopped by John Keaton. But he breaks free and hammers Kevin in the back. Kerry starts to go in the ring, but Lance Von Erich has returned and grabs his leg. Kerry kicks at him and jumps down and the two are going at it on the outside. Michael Hayes storms from the dressing room and evens the odds in the ring. Seeing he has lost control, John Keaton calls for a double disqualification. Both sides go at it until the locker room finally clears and after much effort, separates the six.

Kevin, Kerry and Michael Hayes are interviewed after the match. Michael Hayes says “So, you couldn’t help but interfere could you Lance? Well, guess what? I got Kevin and Kerry’s back! But that’s not good enough.” Motioning to his friends, he says, “Next week, the three of us want the three of you in a Bad Street Match for the World Six Man Title!” As the crowd roars, Kevin says, “That’s’ right. No rules, no tags. The referee only makes the three count or calls for the submission. You three have had our Six Man Title for FAR too long.” That’s right,” Kerry says. “You want a street fight? Well, God knows Kevin and I learned fighting the best.” he says looking over at Hayes. “And next week, he’ll be on our side.” You heard it folks. Next week a Bad Street Brawl for the World Six Man Tag Team Titles. Don’t miss it. Good night.” Marc Lowrance says to close the show.

July 15, 1988: Dallas, Texas

The crown jewel of World Class, the Six Man Championship is on the line tonight. Both Rick Hazzard and John Keaton are calling the action as one referee is not going to be enough for what will surely be a barn-burner. The challengers make their way to the ring, not dressed in wrestling gear but more like they are heading to a local roadhouse. “You know it’s going to get ugly when Kevin Von Erich wears shoes.” Marc Lowrance comments. Then the champions make their way to ringside dressed in the same fashion, Lance Von Erich also wearing shoes. “Some may say this is two Von Erichs and a Freebird versus two Freebirds and a Von Erich, though that is NOT this announcer’s opinion.” Marc Lowrance says. The champions enter the ring and somehow no fighting takes place until after the introductions. But that is as long as the peace lasts. The six hated rivals go at it with full force, no one doing anything that could even be accused of pulling a punch. “I’ve never seen so much bad blood, before.” Lowrance says. “And by World Class standards, that is not an easy feat to accomplish.” It is obvious both parties are more interested in beating and hurting the others than winning the titles. Things are so bad, that even though it is officially no disqualification, both referees take liberties and intervene. At one point Kerry is pounding Lance Von Erich with a ring bell so hard, Rick Hazzard pulls it from him. “You’re not killing a man in my ring, Kerry.” Hazzard tells an infuriated “Modern Day Warrior”. Buddy Roberts shows similar disdain when John Keaton holds up Michael Hayes legs after Buddy has him trapped by the neck in between the ropes and is trying to hang him. Roberts kicks at Keaton with cowboy boots, but the referee is able to dodge him. After just ten minutes, all six wrestlers are bleeding and beaten. “Iceman” is able to get a near fall on Michael Hayes, but “P.S” kicks out at two. Kerry then puts him an iron claw, but Lance takes a cowbell to his back and rolls him up. An out of position John Keaton counts a very close two. About the fifteen minute mark, Kevin and Kerry are going at it with “Iceman” and Lance on the outside while Roberts and Hayes are duking it out on the inside. The heels are winning the day, controlling the fight on all corners. “Ice” has Kerry monopolized and Lance is beating Kevin while Roberts has just hit a hard right to Hayes and has him in a sleeper that is taking him out. But reversing a head smash to the ring post, Kevin Von Erich sees his chance. He climbs to the top rope and leaps over Hayes and Roberts connecting with a perfect sunset flip. Rick Hazzard is there and counts 1-2-3, ending the match and giving World Class new World Six Man Tag Team Champions.

The crowd erupts, but the celebration is short lived. Samu and Fatu, the Samoan Swat Team, charge down the ring and brutally assault the new champions. “The SST, what are they doing here?” a dismayed Marc Lowrance asks. The question is quickly answered as it quickly becomes obvious that Buddy Roberts is dictating the islanders. He venomously calls on them to attack his fallen foes. And they hit them with everything but the kitchen sink. After an array on headbutts, top rope splashes and karate chops and kicks, Hayes, Kerry and Kevin are completely out of it. Finally, Steve Cox, Manny Villalobos and Sweet Brown Sugar charge the ring to help, but with the former six man champions joining in, they are not enough to stop the carnage. The brutality continues until finally, Matt Borne and the Simpson brothers join in and the ring is finally cleared of the five heels. The five of them enjoy a good laugh at the entrance way. Buddy Roberts holding up his new charges hands in victory as everyone else is very concerned for the new six man champions. Medical personnel have to come to ringside and take them to an ambulance on stretchers. There are people crying in the Sportatorium as the show goes off the air.

July 17, 1988: Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Tragedy strikes the World Class and wrestling world as Frank Goodish, who wrestled as Bruiser Brody, is murdered in a Puerto Rican locker room by another wrestler, Jose Gonzales who wrestled as Invader #1, who stabs him to death. Gonzalez is acquitted in the murder trial due to a faulty investigation. The legendary Brody was scheduled to return to World Class in two week’s time.

July 22, 1988: Dallas, Texas

Brody’s tragedy is announced by Marc Lowrance and tonight’s show pays tribute to him. The events of last week are shown on television. It is announced that though bruised and banged up, Kevin, Kerry and Michael Hayes are all OK and will return to action soon. In memory of Bruiser Brody, the storyline is not advanced any further on the show.

July 29, 1988: Dallas, Texas

Marc Lowrance opens the program saying that tonight will have a double main event. The Samoan Swat Team, now managed by Buddy Roberts, will be taking on the Simpson brothers. Also Lance Von Erich will be meeting Terry Gordy.

The Simpsons come out to the fans approval, looking to teach the Samoans a lesson for the beating they inflicted on their friends two weeks prior. The Samoans come out, flanked by Buddy Roberts who looks all too happy with himself. “Now you are going to feel some real pain!” the Freebird taunts. Steve and Samu start out and the Samoan quickly takes control over the South African superstar. Steve counters an Irish whip with a flying body press but is caught and slammed down. The Samoans tag and Fatu delivers a hard thrust kick then picks Steve up for a vicious headbutt. The Samoans tag again and attempt a double clothesline, but Steve is able to duck and counter it with a dropkick, one leg to each opponent. He then tags in his brother and each deliver a dropkick, sending both Samoans outside the ring. Buddy Roberts regroups his charges while the crowd roars in approval. Finally, Samu reenters the ring and he and Shaun go at it. The younger Simpson brother shows he can compete and doesn’t let the larger Samoan knock him around. He and Steve enjoy the advantage but Samu is able to move out of the way of a Steve elbow drop. He hits a headbutt and tags in Fatu as Steve tags in Shaun. Fatu meets Shaun with a chop and is able to use his size advantage to overpower him. From there the SST really gains control, dominating for the next several minutes. A double headbutt/ Fatu bodyslam nearly gains the three count, but Shaun is just able to get a shoulder up. After a Samoan drop, Samu climbs the top rope and goes for a splash, but Shaun is able to move out of the way. The Sportatorium crowd roars as both men struggle to get to their tag. Samu is able to tag in Fatu but he cannot stop Shaun from making a jumping tag to Steve. The fresh brother comes in and takes it to Fatu hard. He punches and blocks a counter, punches again then drops his larger opponent with a dropkick, followed up by a bodyslam. Samu runs in, but is met by a dropkick which puts him on the ground. Steve picks them both up and bangs their heads together. Bronko Lubich sends Samu back to his corner and while he does, Buddy Roberts jumps on the apron and starts yelling at Steve. The South African tries to punch him down, but the wily Roberts jumps down at the last second and taunts Steve. When he finally turns around, he is met by a lethal savate kick, Fatu makes the cover and Samu is able to stop Shaun from making the save, giving the Samoans the win. Buddy Roberts jumps in the ring, ecstatic on his win in his managerial debut.

After a commercial break, Roberts and the Samoans are interviewed by Marc Lowrance. “Well Buddy, you seem real proud of yourself. How do you justify your actions from two weeks ago?” “I tell you, Marc Lowrance. Look at this.” he says pointing at his two savage warriors. “This is the future of professional wrestling. With their brawn and my brains, we are going to make it all the way to the top. The Von Erichs, Michael, Terry and anyone else who gets in our way, DON’T expect any mercy. None will be given!”

Lance Von Erich comes down to “Tom Sawyer” for the last match of the night, being routinely booed. Then “Badstreet USA” hits and Terry Gordy comes out to the crowd’s roar. “I never thought I’d hear “Tom Sawyer” booed while “Badstreet USA” was cheered.” Marc Lowrance comments. “But there it is.” The largest ‘Bird looks anxious to take it to Lance and he does not disappoint. But in spite of not being well liked in Dallas, Lance is a capable wrestler and is able to hold his own with “Bamm Bamm”. After several minutes of going back and forth, Lance attempts a discus punch, but lacking the speed of Kerry’s, Gordy is able to duck and counters with the Oriental spike! This causes an eruption. Lance kicks and squirms and nearly succumbs to this deadly hold from the east, when he is able to hook his leg on the bottom rope. Gordy continues to apply the pressure, but roughly breaks the hold at Rick Hazzard’s four count. Seeing a hurt man, Gordy works Lance over hard, gaining many close falls. After a lariat that nearly takes Lance’s head off, he puts him on the top rope for a superplex. But Lance struggles with him and won’t go. Gordy throws a right hand, but Lance blocks it and pushes him down. He then jumps down, grabs Gordy’s legs and pushes forward for a pin. He puts his feet on the second ropes for leverage, Rick Hazzard doesn’t catch it and it is enough to get a three count on a dazed Terry Gordy. After the count, Lance immediately slides out of the ring, raising his own hand in victory. Terry Gordy throws a tantrum to Rick Hazzard, who can only shrug his shoulders.

July 30, 1988: Shreveport, Louisiana:

Lance Von Erich is taking on long-time heel and recently turned babyface, “Wild” Bill Irwin. Not liking “Cousin” Lance’s antics any more than their Texas counterparts, the Louisiana crowd heartily cheers on the rugged Minnesotan Irwin. And he does a great job taking it to Lance. He pushes Lance to the limit with his roughhouse tactics gaining many near falls. But a missed bicycle kick by Irwin is countered by a high knee and an iron claw follow-up. Irwin violently struggles, but Lance is able to take him down on the mat. He holds a death-grip on Irwin, gaining multiple two counts. Finally, while losing blood, Irwin goes light-headed and Lance Von Erich is able to get a three count to the crowd’s dismay.

August 5, 1988: Dallas, Texas

It is announced that Lance Von Erich has a match against “Maniac” Matt Borne. Lance and Borne put a great fight with momentum swinging between the two like a pendulum. But after smashing Lance into a turnbuckle, Borne attempts a charge and Lance is able to dodge at the last second. He then connects with a discus punch, which while not on Kerry’s level, is nonetheless quite effective. He then immediately clamps on the iron claw. Borne struggles, but Lance is able to hold on and Borne eventually has to submit to avoid serious injury.

After the match, Lance demands speaking time. “Well Lance,” Marc Lowrance says. “You’ve been on quite a roll lately. That’s right, Marc. But who expected anything less? Not me.” he says pointing to himself. “At any rate,” Lowrance says, “You said you have something to say.” “That’s right. As even you acknowledged, I’ve been on a roll. And it’s time that World Class acknowledged that as well. Kerry, I want a shot at the World Title. You’ve been dodging me for too long, cuz.” “Now a World Title shot, between you and Kerry Von Erich? Do you really think you’re worthy of…” “You’re darn right I am.” Lance interrupts. “For far too long the children of Fritz Von Erich have ruled the roost here in Texas. Now it’s time that I, the son of the legendary Waldo Von Erich, take the reins. But I know Kerry is too chicken to agree to a World Title shot, so I will probably have to go to the World Class Board of Directors in order to…” Lance abruptly stops as Kerry Von Erich walks down to ringside and takes the microphone from Lance to great cheers. “First off jerk, don’t call me ‘cuz’. We are not kin, nor have we ever been kin, nor will we ever be kin. Second, I have no more dodged you than the man in the moon. I’ll get in the ring or in the street or in a dark alley anytime you want Lance. But that doesn’t give you a right to a shot at this.” Kerry says, tapping the Word Class World Title belt. “Well, I say I do deserve a shot CUZ” Lance says getting in Kerry’s face. The two argue as the show goes to a commercial break.

In the night’s main event, Kerry loses the Texas Title to “Iceman” King Parsons just as it happened in real life so I won’t go into more detail.

August 7, 1988: San Antonio, Texas

Lance Von Erich takes on Steve Simpson. The popular South African superstar is cheered and takes it to the man many people take to be nothing more than an impostor. Using his array of high-flying moves and in-ring skills, Steve attempts to stop Lance’s quest for World Title gold in his tracks. He comes close many times, managing many close two counts. But a talented superstar regardless of popularity or lack thereof, Lance is quite able to hold his own. At one points Steve attempts a dropkick follow-up from an Irish whip, but Lance holds on the ropes. He then connects with a headscissors takedown and is able to hook the trunks behind John Keaton’s back and manages to just get a three count.

August 12, 1988: Dallas, Texas

Marc Lowrance starts the show by running the card down. He also announces that the World Class Board of Directors has met and decided that Lance Von Erich has earned a World Title shot and will be getting it in two weeks’ time. On this card, the Samoan Swat Team beats Kevin and Kerry Von Erich for the World Class World Tag Team Titles. It goes down as it happened in real life, so I will not elaborate further on it here. At the end of the night, Marc Lowrance says that next week Lance Von Erich will be wrestling Shaun Simpson and that Kerry Von Erich will defend the World Title against the new Texas Champion “Iceman” King Parsons, with whoever walks out with the World Title to defend against Lance the following week.

August 19, 1988: Dallas, Texas

“Iceman” is interviewed for his upcoming World Title match against Kerry. “‘Iceman’ today is a big day for you. Tonight you get a chance to once again become the World Champion.” “You know it, baby. The ‘Iceman’ is going to take what’s rightfully his once again from Kerry Von Erich. I already took his Texas Title two weeks ago, the Samoans took him and Kevin’s tag belts last week and now that rooty-poo is going to have his oh so precious World’s Title taken from him. I did it once, I’m gonna do it again.” “Of course that means next week you’ll have to face Lance Von Erich.” “Marc, Lance and I are professionals. Yes we are friends, but in this business, the World’s Title is all. We’ll have a good clean fight like we always do and at the end, shake hands like men. Now Lance won’t like losing to me just like Kerry won’t this week, but like my momma say, ‘It just be’s that way sometime.'”

Shaun Simpson comes down and is anxious for a win, knowing a victory over the red hot Lance will boost his title contention. Lance comes out to an array of boos with “La Grange” playing in the background. Lance takes the advantage in the early going on the younger Simpson brother, nearly getting an early pin. But Shaun is able to reverse a roll-up and nearly gets what would have to be an upset, causing Lance to chew out Bronko Lubich who insists he counted fair. Lance then goes for a punch, but it is countered by Shaun Simpson. A strong offense makes it seem that Lance will be going into his World Title match on a loss- something the Dallas fans would love to see. But he is able to regain control of the match and hits Shaun with a combination offense. He hits a diving crossbody and nearly gets a three count, but to his chagrin, Shaun Simpson’s left foot is draped over the bottom rope. He pulls it off and hooks it, still only getting two. Lance then pulls him up and hits a running high knee and clamps on the claw. He smiles and says “This is it.”, but Shaun manages to grab a rope, forcing a break. A flustered Lance sends him in for another high knee, but Shaun is able to counter by leaping over his knee, grabbing it and getting a one leg roll-up for a close two. An angered Lance gets up and punches Shaun only for it to be blocked and countered. Lance punches again, only for it to be blocked again. Shaun then hits a body slam. He then follows it up with a head scissors/pin combination that nearly gets three. When they get up he hits a running Lance with a hip toss. Then climbs to the top rope for a flying body press. He connects, but Lance manages to turn it into a powerslam and is able to hold Shaun Simpson down while Bronko Lubich counts to three.

Disappointed after another Lance Von Erich victory, the crowd really hopes Kerry who has been on a losing streak, can send them home happy. The challenger and Texas Champion comes out first to “We are Family”, though he is not cheered as in the days of yesteryear. “Tom Sawyer” then hits and Kerry-still the pride of Texas- is loudly cheered. The two competitors talk trash until the bell rings and then go at it full steam ahead. The main event does not disappoint. These two know each other like the backs of their hands and they deliver a five star performance, “Iceman” wanting to regain the World Title and Kerry every bit wanting to hold on to it. After an array of headbutts followed by the butt butt, it looks like “Ice” is going to take the day, but Kerry manages to kick out at two. “Iceman” takes it to the World’s Champion, but Kerry will not go down for three. “Iceman” goes for  a second butt butt, but Kerry dodges it and is able to knock his block off with the discus punch, dropping himself with sheer exhaustion. Rick Hazzard makes the obligatory count, but “Iceman” is up at 9 before he can call it a draw. He goes for a clothesline just as Kerry gets up, but the champion is able to duck and “Iceman” charges into the ropes and bounces into an iron claw. The crowd erupts at this and “Iceman” struggles to get out. The Samoan Swat Team runs down and jumps on the apron. Rick Hazzard tells them to get down, but they ignore him. Samu and Fatu are about to enter the ring, but right before they can, Michael Hayes and his new charge, Steve Cox, run down and grab their legs, preventing them from doing so. They kick at their hated rivals. Meanwhile in the ring, “Iceman” is about to free himself from a distracted Kerry’s claw, so Kerry throws him into Samu. Their heads crack and Samu drops to the ringside floor. This allows both Hayes and Cox to pull Fatu down and remove him from the equation, while Kerry seizes the opportunity and rolls up a stunned “Iceman” getting the 1-2-3. The crowd roars with approval. Cox and Hayes join Kerry inside the ring in celebration.

“Well it’ll be Kerry Von Erich versus Lance for the World Title next week after all.” says an elated Marc Lowrance. “Goodnight”.

August 26, 1988: Dallas, Texas

The day of the big World Title defense is here. An interview with Marc Lowrance and Kerry Von Erich is shown from earlier in the day. “Well Kerry, today is a big day. You have a major title defense ahead of you against Lance.” “That’s right Marc. And I feel ready. For too long now, Lance NON Erich has been insulting my family by claiming to be a member of it. Well tonight, I get the chance to shut him up.” “I’m sure the fans would love that, Kerry. Any specific strategy?” “Not really. I mean, Lance and I know each other quite well. I’m just going to hit with everything I have and then at some point either pin him or make him submit to the claw. And I’m sure he’ll be thinking of doing the same to me. It’ll just be a matter of who gets it done first.” “Fair enough. And I know you must be worried about outside interference.” “Well Lance is a sneaky one. But as ‘Iceman’ found out last week, that is not at all a sure thing. I have Kevin and a lot of great friends watching my back, so I am not worried about that.” Thank you, Kerry and good luck.” Marc Lowrance says, ending the interview with a handshake as Kerry nods.

“Tom Sawyer” plays and out comes the challenger to a loud array of jeers. Seconds later, “Tom Sawyer” plays again and this time the crowd roars its approval as the World Class World Champion comes down to ringside. Kerry hops in the ring and points at Lance, who instantly starts talking smack. Kerry returns the favor and Rick Hazzard warns them to “Wait for the bell.” Both are introduced and the bell finally rings. To the crowd’s approval, Kerry takes the early advantage, getting several good licks in on Lance. The challenger ducks in between the ropes and Rick Hazzard has to stop Kerry from attacking him. Lance comes out to fight but when Kerry advances, he goes in between the ropes again. A frustrated Kerry throws his hands up and complains and this time Rick Hazzard warns Lance to “Cut it out.” Reluctantly, he comes out fighting and is able to catch Kerry off guard with an eye rake. Rick Hazzard warns him, but Lance ignores him and takes some cheap shots at Kerry, taking the advantage. But Kerry is able to block a right hand and follows up with several punches of his own, culminating in a discus punch which sends Lance over the top rope. Kerry goes to follow him, but Rick Hazzard stops him in his tracks. A furious Lance, slams his hands on the mat and demands a disqualification, but Hazzard tells him it was momentum not intentional. At the referee’s count he climbs back in the ring and Kerry takes it to him, “It looks Lance is being outclassed and outgunned.” Marc Lowrance biasedly commentates. Kerry dominates for several minutes, with Lance getting in an offensive move here and there. But while Kerry has Lance in the corner, Rick Hazzard jumps in between them. Seeing his opportunity, Lance kicks Kerry in the midsection. The crowd roars its disapproval and a strongly suspicious Rick Hazzard questions Lance, but he denies it and the referee can only call what he sees. From here, Lance systematically picks Kerry apart, hitting him with power holds and stiff shots. He is able to get multiple two counts, one after a powerslam is 2 9/10, Kerry only just getting the left shoulder up, which causes Lance to make a three count motion. Rick Hazzard assures him that the count was only two. Lance shakes his head, picks Kerry up by the hair and hits a discus punch, knocking Kerry down. He then signals for the iron claw. When Kerry gets up Lance tries to clamp it on, but Kerry blocks it. He holds Lance’s hand for dear life and the two “cousins” struggle. Kerry ends the matter by kicking Lance and taking him down with a discus punch, getting a sudden pop from the sullen crowd. Kerry shakes the cobwebs out of his own head then goes on the offense. He gets in several good moves. Lance tries to fight back but can’t catch a break. Kerry signals to the crowd for the iron claw, but when he goes for it, a desperate Lance grabs him by the tights and pulls him into Rick Hazzard, with the two cracking heads. Seeing both opponent and referee dazed and confused, Lance hits Kerry with a high knee, then goes out the ring and finds a steel chair. He is about to swing it, but Kerry is able to grab it as both fight for control. Finally Kerry is able to grab it, but seeing Rick Hazzard come to; he throws it out of the ring. He charges at Lance, but seeing Kerry coming he picks him up and winds up connecting with a flapjack dropped into a hangman. He then lifts Kerry’s legs up for the pin and as a groggy Rick Hazzard makes the count, Lance puts his legs on the second ropes for leverage. Three seconds later, Lance Von Erich is the new World Class World Champion. The crowd lividly boos as Kerry protests to Rick Hazzard. But as he said earlier, he can only call what he sees and he presents the World Title belt to an elated Lance as he raises his hand. As Lance walks back to the dressing room, he is greeted by an ecstatic Buddy Roberts and King Parsons, both smiling and cheering as they embrace the new World’s Champion. Kerry just looks disgusted and dejected in the ring as the show comes to a very disappointing close.

September 2, 1988; Dallas, Texas

The program opens with the closing moments of last week’s World Class Championship Wrestling main event. A somewhat somber Marc Lowrance then announces “Yes there is a new World Champion and it is Lance Von Erich.”

Later on in the program a clip is shown of Lance’s celebration after winning the championship. He walks back, celebrating with Buddy Roberts and “Iceman” King Parsons. When he gets back to the locker room, he is met with cheers and applause from all the other heels. They break out the champagne and start celebrating. The Samoan Swat Team, John Tatum, Jack Victory, Jimmy Jack Funk and Black Bart all join in the festivities. “You did it, Lance. You did it. I knew you could!” a deliriously happy Buddy Roberts tells the new World’s Champion as champagne is being dumped on his head. “That’s right, Buddy. I did it. And I knew I would. Today the legacy of Waldo Von Erich officially supplants that of the legacy of Fritz Von Erich. I am the best Von Erich and tonight I proved it!” He says holding the World Class World Title belt up for the camera. Uncle Fritz didn’t believe in me and now… well the proof is in the pudding. From now on Lance Von Erich is Texas, Lance Von Erich is World Class and Lance Von Erich the World’s Heavyweight Champion. Get used to it.” he says as all his compatriots cheer him on.

September 5, 1988: Fort Worth, Texas

Kerry has his mandated rematch against Lance tonight. He comes out looking like a man possessed while Lance comes out with the belt looking ever so cocky and cool as a cucumber. The bell rings and it is intense. Kerry is obsessed with making short the reign of the man he considers an impostor and a usurper of both the World Title and the Von Erich name. Lance proves to be a worthy competitor and fights to keep his newly won title with all of his might. Several times Kerry comes close to getting disqualified out of frustration. Luckily, John Keaton takes bad tempers into account and cuts each wrestler the same amount of slack for disregarding the rules. After Kerry hits a strong dropkick, Lance crawls to the ropes and pleads for Kerry to show him mercy. Fresh out, Kerry advances only to have Lance kick him with a low blow. As John Keaton strongly admonishes Lance the frustrated champion grabs Kerry by his long chestnut brown hair and throws him out the ring over the top rope. Kerry catches himself and does not hit the floor but only the outside apron, which ironically saves Lance because according to World Class rules titles can change hands on a disqualification. John Keaton chews Lance out and he makes him back up. While the referee and champion argue, Kerry regroups and reenters the ring, now infuriated. By this point, Lance has his back to the opposite ropes and is still arguing with John Keaton. Kerry nails him with a clothesline and Lance goes over the top rope, almost but not quite going over. Seeing this, Kerry helps him on the way with a second clothesline and Lance hits the floor. Seeing it was obviously intentional, John Keaton calls for the disqualification. He goes outside the ring, raises Lance’s hand and gives him the World Title belt as Kerry yells in protest and the loyal Kerry Von Erich fans boo their dismay.

September 9, 1988: Dallas, Texas

A replay of the closing moments of the Fort Worth rematch is shown. It is announced that the main event of tonight’s card will be a World Title unification match between Lance Von Erich and AWA World Champion Jerry Lawler. It is also announced that we will see “a night on the town” with the new World’s Champion, Lance Von Erich.

As promised a vignette is shown, showing Lance, Buddy Roberts, “Iceman” and the Samoan Swat Team going to a swanky nightclub. Dressed to the nines, they are let in past the long line. An array of beautiful women all clamor around them. They are given the best VIP seating in the place and are handed drinks. They all live it up. The girls show Lance, Buddy and “Ice” plenty of attention, but they all seem a little afraid of the Samoan Swat Team who are wholly unfamiliar with American dance clubs, obviously more comfortable with traditional island celebrations. “Iceman” gets down with all the girls on the dance floor as Lance and Buddy enjoy the festivities. At the end, Lance, Buddy and “Iceman” all toast while the Samoans each down a bottle of champagne. 

Lately not at all popular with the Texas audience due to his arrogance, Jerry Lawler is nonetheless loudly cheered as he makes his way down to the ring. He even gives a couple of fives to fans due to the warm reception. Lance is introduced to a not at all surprising array of jeers and hisses. Bronko Lubich starts the match to determine the one World’s Champion. Jerry Lawler controls early on, but Lance Von Erich is able to gain control after putting his legs up following a Lawler corner charge and connecting with a head scissor take down. He takes it to the pride of Memphis, but can’t put him away. After several minutes, Lawler regains control and is fixing to put a piledriver on Lance when “Iceman” and Buddy Roberts run down to the ringside area and start talking smack to the AWA World’s Champion. He puts Lance down and starts arguing back. Then all of a sudden, Kerry and Kevin charge down to ringside and attack “Jack and Ice”. The action soon pours into the ring and Bronko Lubich has no choice but to call the match a no contest. The show ends with Kerry and Kevin fighting Lance and the New Freebirds, while Jerry Lawler has left the ring in disgust.

September 16, 1988: Dallas, Texas

It is announced that this week that “Freebird” Michael P.S. Hayes and Steve “Do It To It” Cox would be challenging the Samoan Swat Team for the World Tag Team Title and Kevin Von Erich would be challenging Lance Von Erich for the World Heavyweight Title. Also interviews with both Kevin Von Erich and Jerry “The King” Lawler would be taking place.

Kevin Von Erich is interviewed in the back by Marc Lowrance. “Now Kevin, I know today is major day for you and your family. You have the chance to win back the World Heavyweight Title from Lance Von Erich.” “Lance Von Erich… more like Lance CON Erich”. Kevin replies. “Kerry has been really hurt since he lost the title, but I’ve told him repeatedly it wasn’t his fault. His temper got the best of him, and against a buffoon like Lance that is not at all hard to imagine.” “No indeed.” Marc Lowrance replies. “But what really hurts me Marc, is my whole family, took Lance in, treated him like one of our own, let him use our name and then he turns his back on us. And then on top of that, he comes back, attacks us with the lights turned off- which I might add was the most cowardly thing I have ever seen in my life- and then sides with that no good drunk Buddy Roberts and that ingrate ‘Iceman’….” Kevin shakes his head. “Well… tonight big brother is going to make things right.” I wish you the best, Kevin.” Marc Lowrance says and shakes Kevin hands as he thanks him to end the interview.

As it happened in real life, Hayes and Cox beat the Samoan Swat Team to win the World Class World Tag Team Titles.

Jerry Lawler is interviewed via satellite from his home in Memphis, Tennessee. “Thank you for joining us, King.” Marc Lowrance tells him. ‘Yeah, whatever, Lowrance.” an obviously unhappy “King” replies. “Everyone is wondering, Jerry, how come you walked out and didn’t help Kerry and Kevin Von Erich after they helped you after the World Title unification match?” “Helped me? Those two didn’t help me. Heck, I was cut in the crossfire of their idiotic family feud with their cousin Lance. Let me make this very clear: I came here to wrestle, NOT to get involved in other people’s personal affairs.” “All due respect, Mr. Lawler, Lance Von Erich is NOT a real Von Erich family member.” “Oh, really? Are things really that messed up here in Texas that no one knows who they are related to?” Lawler rhetorically asks. He then shakes his head and says “I seem to remember, Fritz, Kerry and Kevin all claiming he was their cousin not that long ago.” Marc Lowrance is silent for a moment then says “Welllll…. that was different. You see, they neede…” “Whatever, Lowrance.” Lawler interjects. “I don’t care and I don’t want to hear it. What I do want is for those two bozos to finish their business so I can get to my business, which is becoming the Unified World Champion” “Well, thank you, ‘King”. Lowrance says to abruptly end a rather unpleasant interview.

It’s main event time and Kevin comes down to “La Grange” to wild cheers. Not so surprising anymore, Lance also comes down to “La Grange” those this match he opts to wear ring boots. Kevin, though obviously angry, realizes that losing his cool would be a fundamental mistake and only serve Lance, so he patiently waits for the bell to ring. When it does though, he takes it to Lance with everything he has, hell-bent on returning the World Class World Championship to what he believes is the rightful Von Erich home. But like him or not, Lance is equally determined to keep it and he hits “The Golden Warrior” with everything he has. Several times, John Keaton has to threaten one or both men with a disqualification. Two separate times there is nearly a double count out, but both combatants are able to narrowly beat the count. After nearly fifteen grueling minutes, Lance is able to gain control and is taking it to his “cousin”. He winds him with a kick to the stomach, and then hits a hard bodyslam. He then gathers an array of jeers by signaling for the iron claw. But when he goes to apply it, Kevin blocks it, kicks him in the gut and locks on a claw of his own! The crowd roars as Kevin has it clamped on both the back and front of a struggling Lance’s head right in the middle of the ring. Just when Lance is about to go down, “Iceman” King Parsons runs down and jumps on the ring apron. John Keaton immediately runs over and demands he get off. While the two argue, “Freebird” Buddy Roberts runs down and jumps on the other side of the ring. Seeing Roberts is about to enter, an irate Kevin throws Lance down and briskly walks towards Roberts… only to get an eyeful of powder thrown in his face! Kevin starts shaking around the ring, desperately trying to clear his eyes, but ever the opportunist, Lance is able to recover, clamp on an iron claw of his own and throw Kevin down with it. Kevin bravely struggles, but “The Iceman” jumps down from the apron and after two close 2 counts, Lance is able to get a 3 count on Kevin on the third count. He immediately leaves the ring and is presented with the World Title belt from Buddy Roberts and they happily leave the ringside area, embracing one another to a not at all surprising flurry of boos. 

September 24, 1988: Dallas Texas

Marc Lowrance begins the program by showing a clip of a World Tag Team Title rematch between the Samoan Swat Team and Michael and Hayes and Steve Cox in Memphis, Tennessee. As in real life, the SST regained the titles. He then announces that tonight there would be a double main event: Terry Gordy will challenge “Iceman” King Parsons for the Texas Heavyweight Championship and Michael Hayes will take on Buddy “Jack” Roberts. Also the World Champion, Lance Von Erich, will be interviewed.

“Iceman” and “Bamm Bamm” come down for their title match. Two men who are no strangers by any stretch of the imagination, they put on a top notch match. Gordy is the stronger of the two, where “Iceman” has him beat on speed. “Tonight seems like Terry Gordy’s night.” Marc Lowrance comments and it is true. The biggest Freebird seems to have the edge over the Texas Champion, but “Iceman” is a wily veteran who can never be counted out. He ducks a Gordy running clothesline and connects with a butt butt, getting a solid two count. He then takes it to “Bamm Bamm”, showing that like his momma says “It just be’s that way sometime.” But SOMETIME is the key word. A missed running clothesline of his own results in Gordy nailing him with a hard running forearm and following up with a bodyslam. He then picks “Iceman” up and sets him up for a piledriver when Buddy Roberts runs down and jumps on the ring apron. As Bronko Lubich admonishes Roberts, Gordy puts Parsons down and approaches Roberts as he reaches in his pocket… but before he can do anything, Kevin Von Erich runs down to ringside, pulls Roberts down and decks him! The crowd roars as powder flies everywhere. “Iceman” takes advantage of a distracted Gordy and goes for a running knee lift, but “Bamm Bamm sees him and dodges it. Parsons,bounces off the ropes and winds up in the Oriental spike! The crowd cheers as “Iceman” struggles, but it is in vain as he has nowhere to go and is forced to submit to Terry Gordy. The crowd again roars as Bronko Lubich presents Terry Gordy the Texas belt and he is formally announced as the new Texas Heavyweight Champion.

Lance Von Erich is now in the ring for his interview and he looks cocky as ever. “Well Lance, welcome.” the always polite Lowrance says. “Tell me, what is on your mind?” “I’ll tell you just what’s on my mind; Jerry Lawler. Now that I have beaten those two cousins of mine and proven I am the best that World Class and the Von Erich family have to offer, it’s high time that I take my rightful place as the Unified World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion.” a cocky Lance says. “Well Lance, you are the World Class Champion and Jerry Lawler has made no bones about wanting you in the ring again, so I suppose it’s only a matter of time until…” Marc Lowrance stops talking as Kerry Von Erich has just entered the ring to the Sportatorium crowd’s mass approval. Lance Von Erich says “Now wait just a second Kerry, this is my interview.” “Shut up, Lance!” his “cousin” replies. “You really think you are done with me and Kevin? Well don’t even think about it. We will not rest until the World Class World Title is back in the Von Erich camp where it BELONGS!” Lance coolly replies “First of all, I AM a Von Erich…” “No you’re not!” Kerry loudly interjects. Ignoring the interruption, Lance continues “and I gave you a rematch and Cousin Kevin a shot. So as far as I’m concerned, we’re done.” “That is not for you to decide, Lance!” Kerry angrily replies. “Maybe you’re right, Kerry. Tell you what, how about you write an appeal to the World Class Board of Directors? That should take a good few months to go through the bureaucracy and by that point I’ll hold both the World Class and AWA World Titles.” Seeing Kerry looking flustered, a huge Cheshire cat grin appears on his face and he says “Or… we could do it another way.” “I’m listening.” Kerry responds. “Well, in three weeks, there is a little event at the Cotton Bowl our family hosts every year called the Cotton Bowl Extravaganza.” “And?” Kerry says. “Well how about I give you a shot at my World Title? And how about we put something else up?… The Von Erich name!” A pin drop can be heard in the Sportatorium at this suggestion. Kerry Von Erich’s jaw drops. “See Kerry, I didn’t come back here to win the World Class Word Title or even become the Unified World Champion. I came back here for one reason and ONE reason only; to take the Von Erich from you’ll and make it my own for ALL time!” Kerry has now regrouped and says “Lance… you know even if I wanted to I couldn’t put up…” but Kerry is interrupted by an eruption of cheers. His father, the legendary Fritz Von Erich, is making his way to the ring for his first public appearance in several months. Fritz enters the ring and takes the microphone. Lance starts to say “Now Un…” but Fritz interrupts him and says “Shut up! And just to let you know, if you call me ‘Uncle Fritz’, you don’t leave this ring alive.” Lance falls silent as the crowd roars. Fritz then addresses Kerry. “Son, you are right, you don’t have the authority to put up our family name- but I do. And Kerry just like four years ago when you won the World Title in memory of David, I know that you would never let this family down-especially to this vile creature. So he wants to put up his right to the Von Erich name versus our right to it?” Fritz looks at Lance and says “Lance consider it done!” as the crowd cheers. Lance initially looks perturbed, but then smiles and leaves the ring. Fritz gets another huge pop as he raises Kerry’s hand.

Still frazzled from the latest developments, the Sportatorium crowd nonetheless adjusts for a match between two men who had once been so close they called each other brothers. Freebirds Michael “P.S.” Hayes and Buddy “Jack” Roberts both enter the ring and are introduced. The two former allies go at each other, neither showing any quarter. It far more resembles a street fight than a wrestling match, a fact which causes Rick Hazzard to warn both men to “tone it down” or risk a double disqualification. But neither man seems to care and they keep it up and Hazzard decides to let it go for a bit. Michael Hayes is able to reverse a whip to the opposing turnbuckle and charges Buddy Roberts connecting dead on with an running elbow to Roberts’ jaw. He then proceeds to punch him relentlessly, refusing to back down and ignoring Rick Hazzard’s count. Finally having enough, Hazzard jumps in between the two and forcibly separates Hayes from Roberts. But while he is doing this, Roberts pulls out his loaded glove. Hayes pushes Rick Hazzard away and gets a punch right to his mush, knocking him out cold. This prompts Rick Hazzard to call for the disqualification, but Buddy Roberts doesn’t care. He jumps on top of Michael Hayes and starts to punch away at him. Rick Hazzard tries to stop him and gets knocked out cold for his efforts. Seconds later, things go from bad to worse as Lance Von Erich runs in the ring and takes his leather belt off. He then whips Michael Hayes like a government mule as Buddy Roberts holds his former Freebird “brother” down and sadistically laughs as Hayes, awakened by the blows, screams out in pain. Finally, Kevin Von Erich charges down from the locker room, grabs a chair and Roberts and Lance scatter as he enters the ring looking hell-bent on nailing them with it. He then tends to a bruised, beaten and whipped Michael Hayes.

After the commercial break, Hayes and Kevin are talking to Marc Lowrance. Hayes, though in obvious pain says, “Buddy, Lance, this will NOT stand.” With a wild look in his eyes he says “Next week, you two will face Kevin and I in a country whippin’ match. And boy, let me tell you, it’s gonna make what happened to me tonight look like a walk in the park.” Kevin only nods his head as Marc Lowrance says, “Folks, you saw what happened and you do not want to miss next week’s show. Goodnight.”

October 1, 1988: Dallas, Texas

Just two weeks away from the 5th Annual Cotton Bowl Extravaganza, it may be autumn, but things are really heating up in World Class. A stipulation is added to the Lance Von Erich vs. Kerry Von Erich World Title match: Due to the high stakes involved, anyone who interferes will be fined $50,000 and suspended from World Class for six months. Other matches to take place at the Cotton Bowl Extravaganza: Michael Hayes and Steve Cox will meet The Samoan Swat Team in a World Tag Team Title rematch in a Texas Tornado match. Kevin Von Erich will be meeting returning longtime friend turned nemesis, Brian Adias. Eric Embry will defend the World Class Light Heavyweight Title against the Continental Wrestling Association’s Jeff Jarrett. And just announced, due to his winning of the Texas Heavyweight Title, “Freebird” Terry Gordy will get a shot at the AWA World Heavyweight Title against Jerry “The King” Lawler”.

In tonight’s main event, Lance and Buddy Roberts walk down to the ring ever so smug. “Gonna to take Michael to the woodshed again.” Roberts tells the camera with a huge smile. Both are playfully swinging their belts in the ring. But all humor is instantly dropped when “La Grange” hits and Kevin and Michael Hayes come storming down to the ring. They are swinging their belts in the air as well, though not with humor but rather purpose. Both Rick Hazzard and Bronko Lubich are assigned to this match, which has no tags, count outs or disqualifications. Lance and Buddy initially keep Hayes and Kevin out of the ring by going after them with their belts every time they try and enter, but eventually the two referees force them to allow entry. The bell rings and from the get-go it’s not a pretty site. Buddy Roberts tries to further tan Michael’s Hayes’ hide, Hayes still being red from the beating he took the week prior. He does get some good licks in, but so does Michael Hayes. All four in fact manage to get good licks on their two opponents at one point and there are a lot of fisticuffs exchanged as well. At one point, Hayes clotheslines Lance over the top rope and drops Buddy Roberts with a punch. Buddy “Jack” tries to crawl out the ring, but is grabbed and held down by Kevin Von Erich. Hayes takes a good measure of revenge, by mercilessly whacking him with his leather strap over and over. “‘P.S.’ means ‘Purely Sadistic’ here.” Marc Lowrance observes. Lance finally rolls back in the ring and balls his belt up into his fist, decking Michael Hayes and freeing Buddy Roberts who moans in agony. Kevin Von Erich then goes after Lance while the two fallen Freebirds recover. Kevin goes for an Irish whip but Lance reverses it, drops his belt and goes for the iron claw. Kevin desperately blocks it as so many have done to him over the years. Then, proving that while he may now be a babyface he is still one of wrestling’s great cheap shot artists, Michael Hayes sneaks up behind Lance, wraps his belt around his neck and delivers a hard reverse neckbreaker to him. He immediately covers the World Champion and while Kevin Von Erich heads off a save attempt by Buddy Roberts off, Hayes gets the 1-2-3.

October 8, 1988: Dallas, Texas

On the last televised taping before the Cotton Bowl Extravaganza, the temperature is at a fever pitch. Added on to the Cotton Bowl card is The Super Black Ninja in a four on one handicap match versus Tony Torres, Bob Bradley, Tom Jones and Vince Apollo, “Iceman” King Parsons versus Kendall Windham and Blackjack Mulligan and “Wild” Bill Irwin vs. Black Bart and Jimmy Jack Funk. Also announced that due to his pin over Lance Von Erich last week, Michael Hayes will be getting a World’s Title shot in the main event, tonight. Additionally, due to its importance, the same six month suspension/$50,000 fine rule in effect for the Cotton Bowl match will be in effect tonight as well.

Before his match, Michael Hayes is interviewed. “Now Michael,” Marc Lowrance says “this is a huge opportunity for you. To be the World’s Heavyweight Champion.” “You said it, Marc. And I proved to the whole world just last week that I can beat Lance Von Erich. And the World Class officials have made certain that none of his pals can interfere, so it’s me and him, one on one.” “This is very true, Michael. But what about your World Tag Team Title match against the Samoan Swat Team with Steve Cox and what about Kerry’s chance to lay final claim to the Von Erich name?” “Well, it’s like this. The World Heavyweight Title IS the biggest prize in the game, BAR NONE. And Steve knows that. But don’t worry about him. I have already called Chris Adams and he has agreed to substitute for me if I win the World Title tonight. As far as Kerry goes, yeah I want him to stop that impostor as much as everyone else, but this is not high school intramurals, this is professional wrestling. Kerry knows that and we have discussed it. Now don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy that we are friends again and if I go into the Cotton Bowl World’s Champion, we will have a good clean match and shake hands after. But in that ring, it’s all business, always has been, always will be.” “Michael, that is as fair an answer as one can expect. Good luck.” Michael Hayes says “Thank you.” and shakes Marc Lowrance’s extended hand to end the interview,

The main event comes and Michael Hayes comes down to ringside to “Badstreet U.S.A.” as cocky as ever, climbing to the second rope while he takes his robe off while shaking his hips to the cheering fans. A much somber than usual Lance Von Erich comes to the ring, conspicuously, NOT with any music this time around. “Lance seems very focused.” Marc Lowrance astutely observes. And once the bell rings, the fun and games stop and Michael Hayes becomes focused as well. The Freebird takes it to Lance, who complains to Rick Hazzard of invisible hair and tights pulling to deaf ears. Hayes seems to have the upper hand. Marc Lowrance even comments “Dear Lord, we could see Freebirds with both the World Class and AWA World Titles by the end of next week.” Michael Hayes makes that seem like it is going to happen, too. Lance does have offensive spurts and controls the match at times, but he can never seem to gain long term control, where Michael Hayes just seems on his “A” game. After reversing an Irish whip, Lance goes for a back body drop and Hayes counters with a DDT attempt. Luckily for Lance, he is able to block it and scatters out the ring to the Sportatorium crowd’s delight. He slams his hands on the ring apron and demands a disqualification only getting “The DDT is a legal move now get back in the ring.” from Rick Hazzard. Reluctantly he does after jumping down twice after Michael Hayes threatens him. Rick Hazzard making “P.S.” let the champion in, Lance comes back in and rakes Hayes eyes. He is finally able to get control for a decent period of time, hitting Hayes with everything he has. He gets a close two after well executed high knee, and then signals to the crowd for the iron claw. He goes for the Freebird’s head, but showing he can fight fire with fire, Hayes returns the favor from earlier, rakes Lance’s eyes and hits a DDT of his own. He slowly crawls onto Lance as the crowd roars and gets a 1-2 and Lance just gets his shoulder up to the crowd’s chagrin. “I thought Hayes had it!” Marc Lowrance exclaims. Michael slowly gets to his feet and showboats to the crowd, indicating he will hit a second DDT by whirling his fingers. “He ain’t gettin’ out of this one.” Hayes says. Hayes clamps on the front facelock, but Lance surprises Hayes with a small package and before anyone knows it, Lance gets a three count. Michael Hayes comes up furious, kicking, screaming and saying words which will be blurted out of the World Class Championship Wrestling television broadcast as Lance Von Erich quickly rolls out of the ring, gets his hand raised and belt presented to him by Rick Hazzard and leaves the ringside area.

October 16, 1988: Dallas, Texas: The Cotton Bowl Extravaganza

The day of the Fifth Annual Cotton Bowl Extravaganza has finally arrived. Fans pack the Cotton Bowl to see what could be either Kerry stopping the man he calls an impostor from using his family name ever again… or the Von Erich name going into the possession of that same person for all time. The card starts off with an interview from the AWA World Title challenger, Terry Gordy.

“Now Terry, this is a huge day for you. True you’ve been in many big matches before, but fighting for the AWA World Heavyweight Title at the Cotton Bowl must be an all-time high.” “That’s right, Marc Lowrance.” “Bamm Bamm” says.” I’ve waited an awfully long time for a chance like this and I fully mean to take advantage of it. Now don’t get me wrong, Jerry Lawler is a great wrestler and he may be the King of Memphis… but he is NOT the King of Badstreet.” Pointing his thumb to himself, he says, “You’re looking at him.” “Best of luck, Terry.” Marc Lowrance says to end the interview.

As in real life, Steve Casey beats Tug Taylor, Jimmy Valiant and The Macho Midget beat Killer Tim Brooks and Million Dollar Baby, Chigusa Nagayo beats Candi Divine, Super Black Ninja beats Bob Bradley, Tony Torres, Tom Jones and Vince Apollo in a handicap match, Blackjack Mulligan and Bill Irwin beat Jimmy Jack Funk and Black Bart, “Iceman” King Parsons wrestles Kendall Windham to a double count out and Jeff Jarrett beats Eric Embry to win the World Class Light Heavyweight title.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is interviewed before the first of the two World Title matches on the card. “Well King, tonight is a big night for you. And what a task. A man whom you nor the AWA is no stranger to; “Freebird” Terry Gordy.” “That is correct. Make no mistake about it, Terry Gordy is double tough and will not be an easy opponent. I know that. But he is wrong on one crucial fact: I am NOT the King of Memphis; I am the King of Wrestling.” Patting the AWA World Title belt, he says “And this here belt proves it. Terry Gordy, this isn’t Japan, this isn’t one of the Von Erichs- or whatever they’ll be called at the end of tonight-  this is Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler,” and raising his right fist says “And don’t you forget it!”

As in real life. Kevin Von Erich beats Brian Adias by disqualification and the team of Michael Hayes and Steve Cox regain the World Class World Tag Team Titles from the Samoan Swat Team in a Texas Tornado match. 

Lance Von Erich is now set for an interview. “Well Lance, tonight is the night. You can walk away with all the marbles, be the World Champion, meet Jerry Lawler to unify the World Titles and…” Marc Lowrance pausing and feeling queasy says “be the only rightful and lawful Von Erich.” A very cocky Lance says “That’s right, Lowrance. You saw what happened last week. They thought I couldn’t beat Michael Hayes with no interference. And what happened? I beat him fair and square, didn’t I?” Marc Lowrance begrudgingly acknowledges this by saying “Yes you did.” “You’re darn right, I did. And Kerry, in spite of all the name calling I’ve had to endure, after tonight, you’re going to be Kerry NON Erich.” ‘Well, we shall see.” Marc Lowrance says.

Terry Gordy and Jerry Lawler come down for their AWA World Title match. Before they are introduced, Marc Lowrance introduces a suited gentleman sitting at ringside. “Folks, please give a warm Texas greeting to AWA President, Stanley Blackburn, who is on hand tonight for this American Wrestling Association sanctioned World Title match.” The fans give Blackburn, who briefly stands and waves, an applause, then John Keaton rings the bell. The crowd is obviously for “Bamm Bamm” but “The King” came to Dallas tonight to fight. He takes it to Gordy, but the native of Bad Street didn’t come to play hopscotch or bow to any king and he gives it back to Jerry Lawler- and then some. Gordy is able to control the tempo in the early going, but after they are locked in the turnbuckle with Lawler’s back against it, Gordy tries to get a punch in only to be blocked by John Keaton. Ever the opportunist, Lawler decks Gordy with a right hand that sends the Freebird staggering. Lawler follows this up with a kick to the stomach and a bodyslam. The “King” is able to use his extensive skills and years of experience to dominate his larger opponent, but cannot manage to put him away. He goes for a throw to the turnbuckles but Gordy reverses then nearly takes Lawler’s head off with a powerful clothesline, which energizes what had been a somewhat docile crowd. Gordy then takes it to the AWA World’s Champion, but like Lawler earlier, can’t seem to be able to quite put him away. After a Samoan Drop and a close two, he sets Lawler up for a superplex. But as he tries to execute it, Lawler pushes him to the mat and with none of his usual theatrics, hits a flying fist drop. Wasting no time, Lawler immediately picks up Gordy and plants a devastating piledriver on him. He then makes a hand wiping motion with a huge grin on his face and covers Gordy for 1-2 and NOT 3! The biggest ‘Bird shocks Jerry Lawler and sets the crowd on fire by kicking out of Jerry Lawler’s signature move. Frustrated, Lawler picks Gordy up for a second piledriver, but Gordy blocks it. Lawler tries again and Gordy blocks it again. Finally on the third attempt, Gordy counters the piledriver with a back body drop. Lawler is hurt, but Gordy still is, too. John Keaton counts and makes it to seven before Lawler then shortly thereafter Gordy makes it to his feet. Lawler throw a punch but Gordy blocks it and hits one of his own. Lawler throws another and Gordy again blocks it and counters with one of his own. Lawler throws a third one and again Gordy blocks it, but this time follows up with a round of punches and kicks of his own. A desperate Lawler throws a haymaker which Gordy ducks, then kicks Lawler in the gut, bends him down beneath his legs and nails him with a piledriver of his own. John Keaton counts 1-2 and the only thing that saves Jerry Lawler is his right foot happens to twitch to just underneath the bottom rope, thereby breaking the count. Gordy smacks the ring floor with his hand, then picks Lawler up and goes for the Oriental spike. A frantic Lawler charges to the ropes with Gordy holding on. When they hit the ropes, Lawler lifts Gordy up and throws him over his head, with Gordy landing feet first on the ringside floor, stopping himself from falling down with his hands. An enraged Gordy immediately charges back in the ring, but John Keaton stops him from attacking Lawler, and while holding him off demands the timekeeper hand him the AWA belt. He then hands it to Gordy and raises his hand as Jerry Lawler totally freaks out. The crowd at the Cotton Bowl erupts as Terry Gordy is declared the new AWA World Heavyweight Champion. But seconds later, Stanley Blackburn enters the ring and grabs the belt from Gordy. He then hands it to Lawler as both Terry Gordy and John Keaton protest. Blackburn demands the microphone and says “Terry Gordy is the winner of this match. But even though this is a World Class event, this match was sanctioned by the American Wrestling Association. And in the AWA, titles DO NOT change hands on a disqualification.” The crowd boos its disapproval as Jerry Lawler lifts the AWA World Title belt over his head in celebration. It’s short lived however, as he is summarily attacked by a cheated and rightfully angry Terry Gordy. “Bamm Bamm” sets “The King” up for a second piledriver, but Lawler is able to squirm out, grabbing his precious belt as he slides out of the ring at a vigorous pace. Once safely away from “Bamm Bamm”, Lawler starts talking smack and declaring that “I am the king.” But Terry Gordy stands defiantly on the turnbuckle and raises his hands in victory and the crowd duly responds, knowing who was the winner and better man, tonight.

The big moment is here. It is sink or swim time for both Lance and Kerry. Moments before the match, cameras go to Kerry’s locker room, where he is with his father, Fritz, and brothers, Kevin and Chris. “Son,” Fritz tells Kerry, “no matter what happens tonight, I love you and won’t think any less of you. But I know you know what’s on the line and I also know that you will not let us down. Now go get that piece of garbage.” Kerry nods to his dad then hugs him. Kevin then tells his younger brother, “Kerry, good luck.” and hugs his him. Finally, Chris says, “Kerry, I know you have this- not one doubt in my mind.” They then embrace as well.

Lance Von Erich makes his way down to ringside to deafening boos as “La Grange” plays. He is wearing boots for this match. “Boy, he seems confident.” observes Marc Lowrance. “We’ll see how confident he is when Kerry is done with him.” Seconds later Kerry comes down with no music and is clearly 100% business. He enters the ring and introductions are made. Then Bronko Lubich signals for the bell. The two circle each other and are very slow to embrace. Finally they do and Kerry overpowers, Lance, throwing him across the ring to the delight of the on the edge of their seats Dallas crowd. Lance shakes his head and they lock up again to identical results. Again Lance shakes his head and locks up with Kerry, this time surprising the challenger with an arm drag. Kerry charges him and Lance hits a second one. Kerry charges him again and Lance hits a third arm drag, but this time Kerry holds on, turns Lance with him and winds up with an armbar on the champion. This causes a crowd eruption. Kerry puts on the pressure and takes control. They slowly wind up on their feet and Kerry whips Lance across the ropes who leapfrogs him, runs across the ropes again and gets hiptossed for his efforts. A frustrated Lance exits the ring and slams his hand on the ring apron as Bronko Lubich starts the count. Lance gets back in and wanting a pin or submission victory, Kerry clears the way for him. The two again lock up and Kerry again takes control. He gets an armlock on Lance and slowly clamps it on him. Lance counters it, but Kerry counter Lance’s counter. Lance reverses it but Kerry again counters and this time slams Lance down. The champion again exits the ring in anger, but this time, Kerry follows him. He chases Lance and throws a punch, but Lance blocks it and hits one of his own, then grabs Kerry and slams his head into a ring post. He then attempts to slam Kerry into the guardrail, but Kerry blocks it and slams Lance into it, then throws him into the ring, both men narrowly avoiding a count out. Kerry works Lance over and seems like he is about to make relatively short work of his “cousin”, but Lance ducks a discus punch and hits one of his own then follows up with a bodyslam followed by several stomps to Kerry’s head and body. He then picks Kerry up by the hair, thumbs him in the eye and hits a hard forearm while being admonished by the referee. The tide turned, Lance, knowing everything is on the line, hits Kerry with all he has, but cannot keep the challenger down for three. After a high knee/clothesline combination fails to get the win, a frustrated Lance climbs the top rope for a double axe hammer, but Kerry counters with a stomach punch which makes Lance wince. He charges Kerry, only to be punched again then bodyslammed by the challenger. The tide turned, Kerry similarly works over Lance but like when Lance had control, he is not able to finish him off. After hitting a perfectly executed backbreaker, Kerry nails Lance with a discus punch and the crowd roars as they, like Kerry, feels the end is near. This proves to be a mistake as when Kerry picks up Lance he counters with a small package and nearly gets a three count, Kerry narrowly escaping. Lance argues with Bronko Lubich who correctly tells him it was only two. Lance goes after Kerry, but “The Modern Day Warrior” punches him in the gut and continues the offensive. After two minutes of offense, he whips Lance across the ropes to set him up for a Samoan Drop, but Lance is able to roll over Kerry then push him into the turnbuckle headfirst. Lance then locks in a sleeper in the middle of the ring. Kerry struggles to escape, but Lance seems to have perfected his sleeper hold as Kerry slowly fades out. Holding Kerry up, Lance puts the pressure on and Kerry’s arms drop. Bronko Lubich checks him and his hand goes down once… then twice… and as Bronko Lubich checks Kerry’ s hand for the fateful third time, Lance makes a grave error: He smugly calls out “Good night, Irene.” This was what Kerry’s older brother David called his sleeper and in a flash, it wakes Kerry up. His hand does not drop a third time and he squirms, stomps, elbows and punches until he is free. Lance attempts to punch Kerry, but Kerry counters and brutally takes it to Lance. In a fit of rage, he beats the World Champion as hard as he can and Lance looks legitimately scared for his life. Bronko Lubich admonishes Kerry and the challenger skates dangerously close to being disqualified, using repeated closed fists and not breaking on the ropes. He then sets Lance up, grabbing him by the hair and is about to ram him headfirst into a turnbuckle, but Kerry trips and Lance is able to counter, ramming Kerry’s head in the turnbuckle, instead. Then, in the middle of the ring, Lance locks Kerry in the iron claw, covering both the front and back of the challenger’s head with both hands. Kerry struggles as the crowd panics, but Lance has it cinched in good. After a minute in the claw, Kerry is bleeding from his head. Bronko Lubich asks if he wants to submit, but Kerry will not. Lance continues to apply the pressure and Kerry starts to fade out. He nearly drops to a knee but is able to keep afoot at the last second. Sensing victory, Lance leans in closer to apply more pressure. Kerry then reaches out and gets the claw on Lance! But he only has one hand where Lance has two. Lance tries to pull away, but by doing so he inadvertently lifts Kerry to two feet and good footing and Kerry seizes the opportunity and puts the claw on the back of Lance’s head! It is now a struggle to see who has the better claw. After nearly a minute of the double claw, Kerry is bleeding even worse… but Lance is bleeding, too. Then… to the crowd’s delight. Kerry is able to pull free the back of his head from Lance’s claw… and shortly thereafter the front. Kerry now has a death grip on a bleeding Lance. Then… finally… Lance Von Erich submits.

The crowd goes fanatically crazy as Bronko Lubich calls for the bell and pulls Kerry off Lance. Second later, Kerry’s hand is raised and he is presented with the World Class World Heavyweight Championship belt and announced as the new World’s Heavyweight Champion. Then Fritz, Kevin and Chris storm the ring. All three embrace Kerry. There is not a dry eye amongst them or in the crowd at the Cotton Bowl. Indeed all watching are joining in the celebration as Kerry Von Erich has, as he did at his brother David’s memorial over four years ago, risen to the occasion, recaptured the World Heavyweight Title and-far more importantly-once and for all time saved the Von Erich name for him and his entire family.

The end.

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7 Responses to "Rewriting The Book: What if Lance Von Erich returned to WCCW?"
  1. Adam says:

    That is great! I was a bog World Class fan growing up and it still saddens me to this day what happened to that once top promotion and the sad fate of so many of the wrestlers. If you have not seen it you should check out the documentary Heroes of World Class, it is available on Netflix.

    In the great “what ifs” of wrestling, I have always wondered how different things would have been if David lived.

  2. Mitster Forth says:

    An interesting story that made use of a strange moment in World Class’ history. Well done.

  3. Alexander The So-So says:

    Good to have you back, Simon! Pretty good little story, here. I don’t know much about World Class, but you’re obviously a vey knowledgable fan of it, because you really write the characters well. The matches themselves are also well-described, with good characteristic moves, mannerisms, and drama described.

    The premise of this story is interesting to me, though. I know the basic premise of Lance Von Erich; someone who they tried to pass off as a Von Erich “cousin,” even though everyone knew that he wasn’t related, and was very poorly received. Was there really a possibility that he would have come back to World Class in 1988? Would it have been realistic for him to become world champ?

    I really need to learn more about WCCW. I need to check out both Heroes of World Class and WWE’s Triumph and Tragedy DVD posthaste.

    Also, as a silly little aside, I do like that the first event of this story takes place on May 20th, 1988: the day I was born. I feel special!

    • simongr81 says:

      Thank you, Alexander. This may be my last story but I really wanted to do one more and so I am very happy it is now done.

      I would not say Lance Von Erich was poorly received and fooled no one. From what I remember he was pretty popular. Now I did not grow up in Dallas, but on TV he seemed very well cheered. I think a lot of current Von Erich fans have selective memory on that subject but that is just me.

      Would it have been realistically possible for him to come back after Fritz broke kayfabe and buried him on World Class television? I say yes. Ken Mantell took half the roster to the UWF then set up rival Wild West Championship Wrestling in Fort Worth, but by the end of 1987, he owned 40% of the company. And I’ve read Marc Lowrance claimed on television he was in fact coming back for the 1988 Parade of Champions and that an Apter mag said Lance Von Erich was “seen near the fuse box” the night “Iceman” beat Kerry for the World Title.

      I vividly remember reading one of the Pater mags, covering “The Night the Lights Went out in Texas”. It also mentioned Lance Von Erich as a potential culprit. Something along the lines of “some thought they saw Lance Von Erich at the fusebox”.

      On the 3-6-88 match with Kerry vs Perez,Lowrance says that Lance will be returning at “Star Wars” on 3-18-88. That would have been perfect for a heel-turn on the 25th.

      Now I don’t know if this was true but it sounds feasible enough to me.

      As for him challenging and winning the World Class World Title, easily yes. Black Bart and Al Perez both held it and in a major feud with Kevin and Kerry, a Lance run would not at all be inconceivable.

  4. Johnny Coxx says:

    GREAT fiction!!! I was a big fan of Lance, and what a wicked twist , to have him return as a Freebird!!
    Please email me as I’d love to ‘commission’ a few more WCCW fiction scenes.

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