WINNER ANNOUNCED! CONTEST: What will be YOUR First Search on the WWE Network?

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Congrats to our winner – Ahmer!

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More contests to come, kids – stay tuned!!!


Simple contest!  WWE Network is launching in the next 24 hours…what is the first thing you’ll search for?

Post your answer below, and I’ll pick my favorite and give them FREE WrestleCrap Archive access!

It’s really that simple, so have at it, won’t you? 🙂

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155 Responses to "WINNER ANNOUNCED! CONTEST: What will be YOUR First Search on the WWE Network?"
  1. RD Reynolds says:

    For the record, mine will be “Bobby Heenan”.

  2. casey says:

    old episodes of raw and Nitro!!

  3. Erik says:

    Simple: King of the Ring 1995

  4. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    “Gobbledy Gooker”.

  5. Jamal Cannady says:

    Ahmed Johnson

  6. Ed Han salo says:

    Smokey mountain wrestling.

  7. Serge Braida says:

    The first event I remember seeing. Wrestlemania 7. I had it on a VHS tape that a family friend recorded, and I watched it so much I wore the tape out. Of course it included the instant replay debate, so I’m hoping they left it in so I can relive that piece of crap again!

  8. Josh Dionio says:

    I’ll be looking for all the classic Jesse Ventura color commentary as well as the original Piper’s Pit.

  9. Ty says:

    I’m simply going to search for the oldest thing they have in the archive.

  10. PJ Campbell says:

    Primetime wreslting…

  11. Jason says:

    El Dandy.


    Who are you to doubt me?

  12. Zach Pendergrass says:

    Alex Wright.

  13. James Anderson says:

    The Great American Bash 1991

  14. Erik Widi says:

    “Braden Walker Hall of Fame Induction Vignette”

  15. James Campbell says:

    Waylon Mercy.

  16. matt hunt says:

    Gorilla and bobby on Primetime.

  17. Sean Monk says:

    definitely the first thing I’m going to search for is any Doink the Clown footage that still had Matt Borne as Doink. that heel Doink entrance music was awesome.

  18. Michael Cheque says:

    Salmon Jacket

  19. Dave Nguyen says:

    WCW 1998 Halloween Havoc… The PPV of Fail. Featuring the 1998 Worst Match of the Year… Hogan vs Warrior and the Main Event featuring the PPV feed getting cut off.

  20. The Brandaminator says:

    nude Mae Young

  21. NV says:

    That Jackie Gayda Match. I really want to have a look. Yes, I’m such a morbid person

  22. Brandon says:

    WCW Special Forces

  23. Cliff says:

    95 wcw & wwe

  24. Joe Aurit says:

    “Put the baby down!”

  25. Johnny Blaze says:


    The Wrestling Classic…..

    It’s classic alright……CLASSIC SHIT!

  26. Joe Convoy says:

    WWF raw from 1/4/1999 when Mick Foley won the WWF chapionship, or the Owen Hart tribute show.

  27. Steven Williams says:

    I’ll be looking for Marty jenneity and Shawn michels splt up on the barbershop segment

  28. randy says:

    the WWE Attitude Era the Monday war’s and some ultimate warrior matches

  29. Cliff says:

    95 wcw – dungeon of doom

  30. Jeremy says:

    Furry Body Suits

  31. Ron Flesher says:

    Jake Milliman vs. Col. DeBeers “Turkey on a Pole” match. Seeing that match is on my bucket list

  32. Peter says:

    Bash at the Beach 2000

  33. Badwill says:

    Jake Roberts. Trust Me.

  34. Virgil says:

    I will be searching for the Nitro where the Yeti broke out of the block of ice. I was actually at that show and I wanted to see if that repressed moment was the one that triggered my alcoholism.

  35. Tim Brett says:

    WWE UNIVERSE not really its WWE USA we in the UK feel like we are second class citizens in your universe you have screwed us over with one the network two putting Batista in the main event at Wrestlemania three allowing CM PUNK your best worker to get to the state of mind where he leaves the company four allowing your creative team to look like they have no clue what they are doing Im not sure who will read this but it sure as hell wont be seen by the people in the office who matter and need to change things quickly I have been watching WWF/WWE FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS and the only thing I enjoy at the moment is the Wyatts n the Shield cant wait for Undertaker to return cause you got to do better than this

  36. Jason says:

    Ken Patera: The Interviews

  37. Big Jim says:

    Psycho Sid craps himself at WrestleMania 13

  38. Dave says:

    I’ll be brutally honest, because I have a dark and morbid curiosity. Over the Edge 99. And yes, I know it’ll be edited.

  39. Paul says:

    We’ve been promised the lost footage revealing who drove the Hummer, so that. That will be my first search. Finally, I will sleep peacefully again.

  40. MisterSpiffy says:

    Clash of championsnew york knockout the one where the crowd erupted as if Cornette had found the answer to world peace when he turned on the dynamic dudes

  41. Mike says:

    The gobbledy gooker of course!

  42. Brian Grandon says:

    WM 7. Then immediately fast forward to the Rick Martel/Jake Roberts Blindfold Match.

  43. michael bourdeau says:


  44. Dadanthestalker says:

    Vince Mcmahon’s grapefruits that he was always talking about. I hear they are juicy!

  45. Duane A says:

    A Paul Christy apartment.

  46. Eric says:

    “Sullivan, my son!”

  47. bsg says:

    Hillbilly Jim vs Mr Fuji tuxedo matches

  48. clint dennemann says:

    The old Georgia wrestling ,Florida , world class championship wrestling von Erich vs freebirds best feud ,love the old wrestling good old wrestler 4 horsemen . Do you remember the triple tower of doom in wccw 3 rings on top of one another with trap doors to get to the next ring and if you get disqualified you lost the title cowboy Scott Casey .wish we can get together and talk about old wrestling .God bless clint

  49. guiltyparty says:

    Great American Bash 1991. I’ve only ever seen the Luger/Barry cage match and the legendary scaffold match from this one. I’m curious to see it the rest is really as bad as the legends say.

  50. PFElton says:

    That big, stinky Giant.

  51. charles belles says:

    Old wrestling shows. The very first wrestling show I show was the raw where Vince beat flair to regain complete control of the company thank to lesnar interfering. I still remember Jr saying that Satan was back in charge after it happened. I am going to use the network to look at shows I have never scene before, like nitro in all of its good and bad glory, the aditude era in all of its wonderful adult moments. and some earlier wrestling, maybe some with Hogan, savage, and a younger ric flair. Either way, I cannot wait to see all of the wrestling that I missed, and the matches and moments that are required viewing for any die hard, or even casual wrestling fan.

  52. Rick says:

    No Holds Barred: The Director’s Cut with Zues’ side of the story commentary.

  53. LCS says:

    The Shield’s debut match at TLC ’12. Just to relive that awesomeness.

  54. AK says:

    Any match, which may be 1 or 2 at most featuring the Hot Throbs just so I can watch that sweet, totally 100% heterosexual entrance.

  55. Chris says:

    Capital Combat 1990 – Robocop Returns

    Timely and whatnot with the re-boot of Robocop and all…

    Plus I want to see us chant “Tonga Tom” at Fatu…

  56. Autrrach Sejanoz says:

    Can’t get the network here in Australia, but if I did have it, my search would be: “The Kat Armageddon 1999”. Would be very surprised if THAT moment wasn’t censored.

    • Down With OPC says:

      Just opened Armageddon 1999 and fast forwarded right to that part…unfortunately, Kat’s boobs are blurred out.

  57. Kellen Kennedy says:


  58. Andy says:

    Tuesday in Texas. After years of watching/rewatching Survivor Series 1991 advertising the event I can’t wait to see it again. Classics like Bret Hart vs the Warlord, Roddy Piper & Virgil vs Ted DiBiase & Repo Man. The Undertaker’s first WWF title run ending slightly worse than Daniel Bryan’s.

  59. Doc 902714 says:

    Two things I’ll be searching for are

    Pat Patterson winning the IC Title and becoming the first IC Title holder in a tournament in Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

    The Glamour Girls winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles from Desiree Peterson and Princess Victoria in Cairo Egypt, but mostly just to see Desiree Peterson

  60. Mister Forth says:

    Chris Benoit.

  61. CBCB says:

    The Undertaker using a motorcycle to drag Hulk Hogan through the backstage area.

  62. Pat says:

    Adrian Adonis, biker tough guy era

  63. Jim says:

    The culmination of the Lost Gooker Winner (AKA the Invasion PPV); I remember loving the Jeff Hardy-RVD match.

  64. Mike says:

    Gangrel telling the Hardys and Edge and Christian that he nailed Terri Runnels. After that probably Bret vs Owen at ‘Mania 10.

  65. Down With OPC says:

    If I can get access, I will pull up Summerslam 93. I want to know if they cut out Mr. Perfect yelling “GOD DAMMIT!” after Shawn Michaels dropped onto him.

  66. Ahmer says:

    No one has posted Liz in the granny panties yet? Wow

  67. BeaverCleavage says:

    Chamber of Horrors, no question.

  68. Adam Marin says:

    WCW Saturday Night from the early to mid-90’s

  69. Joey says:

    I am going to wait six months until they put up the TNA footage, then it’s Wheel of Dixie time baby!

  70. Jonathan Michaels says:

    Royal Rumble Match 1992.

    I own it twice on DVD, I do not care, that match is awesome and Heenan is brilliant.

  71. Joey says:

    That’s easy, Los Boricuas vs DOA. They had six man tags that would put Shield/Wyatt to shame

  72. Harry says:

    I’m going to watch the Ultimate Warrior and Papa Shango feud from 1992, then I’m going to watch the Kaientai vs Val Venis stuff from the attitude era….then I’m going to listen to people saying how much better the attitude era was.

  73. John Q Occupier says:

    Part of me wants to say “The Berzerker trying to stab the Undertaker”, but the other part says “Jake Roberts setting a cobra on Macho Man”. It was real to me, dammit!

  74. Ganon83 says:

    “Patty”, obviously by her full name.

  75. Cubsfan52 says:

    American Males and their awesome theme song…..yeah……..

  76. MTRodaba2468 says:

    Hogan near-rape of Mean Gene during their training sessions…

  77. Sycho Sid Caesar says:

    Anything with TL Hopper, The Goon, or Duke The Dumpster Droese.

  78. Kazamaniac Brother says:

    Unedited ECW PPV’s and Shows 2003-2009 smackdown and The Brothers of Destruction.v.MVP and Mr.Kennedy. Watch it!!

  79. Chris says:

    “Firebreaker Chip”

  80. Meck says:

    Hulk Hogan Was Bonnet

  81. ZeroVX says:

    Wrestlemania 20. The main event of the show.

  82. Ed says:

    The Ken Patera Story…. No, seriously KOTR 94. Not only is Art Donovan on it but some decent matches with Diesel/Bret and Razor/Owen.

  83. Tia Nadiezja says:

    I’m going to have a Day of Eddie.

  84. Jeff Harvey says:

    Triple H putting someone over, just to see if the entire system crashes on the spot from overstressing the search engine.

  85. KayFabe says:

    When RoboCop Saved Sting

  86. Lee W says:

    The 2004 royal rumble match would make for interesting viewing I dare say if the commentary on the first money in the bank match on the box set is anything to go by

  87. Tommy B Rude says:

    Wrestlemania XII
    Although I’d be surprised if it’s on there.

  88. The Crazed Spruce says:

    A lot of late 90’s WCW pay-per-views, for the same reason I have two Ed Wood movies, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, and a ton of cheesy monster movies in my DVD collection.

  89. CFTV says:

    Halloween Havoc 95 since I was there and was totally craptastic featuring the Hogan/Giant angle that saw the Giant tossed from the top of the roof at Cobo Hall. There was also the super homoerotic bear hug that that the Yeti and Giant gave Hogan to kill Hogan to end the show. In between there was a Sabu match against Jerry Lynn in the Mr. JL get up and the highlight of it all the Flair turn on Sting in a tag match that you could see coming a million miles away,. We were on the hard camera side and I remember seeing a copy of the video years ago and seeing me and my buddies in it.

  90. Matt says:

    Clearly WCW reboot PPV Sin. All time crap-ssic

  91. Joey says:

    Wrestlemania 20. Just to see how much they edited the main event…

    • Joey says:

      Wait, someone already took mine. Then in that case, Smackdown, May 2007, this is when I got into wrestling by watching the first quarters of Smackdown before bedtime when I was a kid.

  92. The Infamous says:

    The Trial of Eric Bischoff

  93. Mr. Stanek says:

    Daniel Bryan… So I can place my hands in my lap and watch my cursor auto-backspace 12 times and then type Randy Orton.

  94. Mike says:

    Brian Pillman wrestling a giant pencil. Because where else could I ever find that footage?

  95. Jabster C says:

    Scary Sherri

  96. DH says:


    SEARCH: ECW PPV’s (WWE version only) or anything featuring Mike Adamle working the stick

  97. monkey says:

    Buff Bagwell’s soft core porn movies.

  98. Drama Jeff says:

    “Man Mountain Rock: Greatest Hits”

  99. adr012 says:

    I plan on inviting my friend and putting on “The Great American Bash 2004” because I want him to hate me…and also because it is legendarily awful and our reference for horrible pay per views.

  100. Alan B says:

    Uncensored 1996


  101. Phillip G says:

    Katie Vick

  102. Horsemen4ever says:

    War Games
    The Dangerous Alliance

  103. Charles Belles says:

    I would also like to look at some old matches that people say are awesome, like Hogan and andre, savage and steamboat, and Hart and Austin.

  104. Mike Reed says:

    It is a two way tie between:

    The Blond Bitch Project

    or The Best of GTV “Hidden Camera” Segments.

  105. Ryan says:

    Wrestlemania 9

  106. Sircheese says:

    Halloween Havoc 1991 – I am in the process of going back and watching all of the WCW Saturday Nights and Main Events from 1990 – 1994 (to the extent I have them), as well as the Clashes and the PPVs. I happen to be two shows away from Havoc 1991 right now, so I figured that, once I get the network, Havoc 1991 would be the first thing I would watch. Can’t wait to see the Chamber of Horrors match in HD!

  107. Lefty says:

    The Bobby Heenan Show

  108. Jimbolian says:

    “snitsky, foot fetish”

    I already have access to old school WC already though. 🙂

  109. Ana O'Brien says:

    Wrestlemania IX!! When it loads anyway…if it loads….been trying for over an hour now. It keeps erroring out, which makes me have to try to load it from the beginning….and then errors out again…I’m a sad Ana =(

  110. Deathedge says:

    Vince Russo

  111. Simplerollup says:

    The episode of Saturday Night on TBS when Magnum TA delivered his “come on you” promo

  112. Ballroom Basher says:

    If you only knew music video – I mean Outback Jack singing, that’s gotta be the best!
    Stand Back featuring Vince McMahon is awesome too…

  113. Thomas Moffatt says:

    My all time favourite Mania moment – Stone Cold in Piper’s Pit – superb…

  114. Caveman says:

    I’ll search for all the Gooker award winners and all kinds of Wrestlecrap inductees to augment my wrestlecrap experience!

  115. Pcm979 says:

    Mine will be for the network exclusive content I missed because the network isn’t going international for at least nine months.

  116. Ben says:

    That time on Smackdown where Cody Rhodes declared himself ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes. Mainly because I just remembered that he started that promo comparing himself to Husky Harris, and I want to see if there’s a look on Harris’s face that says “I can’t wait till I get possessed by the devil. And when I do, Imma remember this, pretty boy.”

  117. Shahin Akasi says:

    Apparantly, it won’t launch in Europe until 2015 … But Iron Sheik and Also the Monday night Wars

  118. TJM says:

    Dusty Rhoads VS Billy Graham at MSG

  119. John C says:

    Anything at all would be nice since I’ve tried linking it to my PS3 and it won’t give me access.

  120. Down With OPC says:

    You know what? I’m going to have to fire up No Mercy ’06, I really need to know If Regal’s penis is still flopping around.

  121. Jamie MacKay says:

    WCW The Great American Bash ’90

  122. Bonesaw Shaw says:

    Most definitely that ladder match between HBK and Razor Ramon they had at In Your House for the IC title

  123. Ted Arcidi's Singlet says:

    The skit where Dusty Rhodes gets the shit kicked out of him by the Four Horseman in the parking lot. That was the first wrestling I ever saw on TV and I’ve been a fan ever since. Something about a fat white guy getting assaulted by 4 guys then showing up with Nikita Koloff the next night for a steel cage match really resonated with me for some reason. Dat Magnum TA hug on the way to the ring too.

    “Make it good!”

  124. Frozen Banana Expert says:

    I’m going to look up some guy named “Krispen Wah” if you’ve ever heard of him. I heard he was really good.

  125. Time Lord Soundwave says:

    Joel Gertner Dudley Boyz intros.

  126. Down With OPC says:

    Where is Blade Braxton to suggest the Black Scorpion?

  127. Down With OPC says:

    One more I will search…Mickie lifting the tail…of Trish, botching the finisher, after Mickie performed the “twat grab, hand lick” motion.

  128. Micah says:

    Chris Benoit. It came up “results don’t exist”

  129. The Dread Baron says:

    Kevin Sullivan

  130. Lucky Marvel says:

    Something Wrestlecrap worthy!!! That’s the answer right??

  131. Kimball Rowell says:

    Probably the match with Don Muraco eating a meatball sub while beating up a jobber.

  132. Brian says:

    I searched Bastion Booger. To my horror, it actually had several matches.

  133. charles belles says:

    Since mania does not look that good this year, I might use it to view some classic mania matches and moments that I have never seen before, like Hogan versus Andre, Savage vs Steamboat, the under takers first wrestlemania match, the iron man match between Shawn and Bret, and stone cold versus Bret in the match where he passed out from the pain.

  134. charles belles says:

    This will also be my first chance to see a wcw show for the first time, an ecw show for the first time, and a wrestling pay per view from any promotion for the very first time ever. I would like to thank the wwe network for that, introducing me and letting me see wrestling worlds I had only dreamed about and read about in books like the death of wcw and the rise and fall of ecw.

  135. BaltoJim says:

    Legends of Wrestling: Worst Characters – a panel discussion of some of my favorite WrestleCrap-inducted gimmicks (Gobbledy Gooker, Shockmaster, Dusty Rhodes in polka dots, and more).

  136. TR says:

    i wanna find the match that got me into watching pro wrestling….. i must’ve been 6 or 7 and saw highlights of Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson winning the tag titles from the Wild Samoans when Lou Albano accidentally hit one of the Samoans with a chair…and what remained of the chair was left hanging around the Samoan’s neck …… i dunno why it captivated me so, but I just thought I had seen some kind of epic moment, the crowning of new tag team champions!!!!…!!!!….. honeestly, i won’t ever forget that….wanna see it again — along with many other matches, of course–with my son and hopefully make a new fan!

  137. Deathedge says:

    Don’t really like submitting multiple answers but I know what I MUST see when I finally get the WWE Network… So, my new answer is Sean Mooney, because I HAVE to see that Star Trek thing you’ve brought up in past inductions.

  138. matt says:

    i checked wwe’s website. the say OVER THE EDGE 1999 is on wwe network.

    we miss you owen

  139. Eddie M says:

    The Great American Bash 1991


    Every PPV indeed.

  140. WrestleHistorian90 says:

    Probably going to search for that time Rey Mysterio had his mask taken off in WCW, just so I can see if they kept it in their history and held on to that part of the character’s history.

  141. Aaron Helton says:

    Any episode of Sunday Night Heat that contains Just Joe.

  142. Alan D. says:

    The man… the monster.. Zeus!

  143. The Champ says:

    Wait. No one has looked up HBK/Hogan at SummerSlam 2005?? Shawn make Hogan look like a fool for 20 minutes by overselling to the EXTREME!!!

  144. tekkenforlife says:


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