Someone Bought This: Virgilmania unites the universe in WWF Magazine’s tribute to Wrestling Superstar Virgil

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WWF Magazine Virgil Tribute Issue August 1993


This is the epic, timeless, and long-overdue “Tribute To Virgil” issue of WWF Magazine from August of 1993.

It was a magical time when Virgilmania was sweeping the world over like some kind of gigantic broom!

People just could not get enough of Wrestling Superstar(™) Virgil. He was in the middle of his epic 2 year long World Title run, selling out arenas worldwide, even branching out into acting.

Men wanted to be him, and women wanted to be with him. Virgil reached levels of popularity with both wrestling fans and non-fans in a way that no other wrestler ever had, or ever will again!

Okay, okay, so that isn’t exactly true.

Above is an insert put into WWF Magazine as a rib on poor Virgil, who apparently had been pestering the WWF asking when they were going to put him on the cover.

So, they gave him this mock cover to get him to shut up and leave them alone (hence the “Paid Advertisement by Virgil” bit).

Still, it’s fun to dream of a world where Virgil is the top dog in the WWF, isn’t it?

What a wonderful world that would be…

Let’s celebrate Virgil in our own way by revisiting one of his greatest WWF moments- his face turn from Royal Rumble 1991 where he breaks free from the bondage of Ted DiBiase’s evil clutches and becomes a MAN!:

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20 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Virgilmania unites the universe in WWF Magazine’s tribute to Wrestling Superstar Virgil"
  1. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    I know there’s one with Todd Pettengill, too…

  2. Rebel Coyote says:

    This needs a full introduction. Virgil vs WWF magazine.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      There really isn’t anything more to say about it. Unfortunately all they printed was this mock cover in the middle of the real magazine. 🙂

      • Rebel Coyote says:

        It lasted few issues. It first started (issue that has WM9 results) with small blurb how Virgil is getting no respect from the magazine. Cue the following issue with update of Virgil yelling at the magazine editor. It ended the following month with the mock cover that is posted

  3. Raven7309 says:

    I had the issue of WWF Magazine that had the Virgil cover at the back of it.

  4. Shane aka RamboHomerMcFly says:

    That’s the kind of rib that’ll make someone grow up to sell photos of themselves with you for $5 in a NYC subway. Poor Virgil.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s weird how this guy’s entire claim to fame/e-infamy is based around how nobody gives a crap about him.

  6. Boz says:

    Scrolling down my confused mind misread the words ‘Virgil pens’ and I thought I was going to get a lot more than I’d bargained for 😮

  7. DeweyDTruman says:

    I would love to see a show where Virgil travels the universe and unites aliens from all kinds of planets through Virgilmania. You could even have Hogan be the villain, tracking down Virgil and trying to get him into court for ripping off his “Hulkamania” slogan. Or something.

  8. Guest says:

    Virgil pens lowdown……I’m guessing Lowdown had a different meaning back whenever that mock cover was made.

  9. Doc 902714 says:

    VIRGIL And VICTORY Eh?: eh if you count his two WrestleMania wins. This would still be about as long as a masthead if this had been a real magazine.

  10. Geoff says:

    Remember that commercial back in the 90s, some guy is running down a crowded street… running… running…until we see a cop that catches up with him and tackles him. Cue voice over and narrator says: “nobody ever says they want to be drug addict when I get older.” Then it goes into the don’t do drugs spiel.

    So anyway, long way of saying: ‘nobody ever says they want to be a “Virgil” when they get older.

    Cue Virgil as a homeless guy sitting in a New York City subway shilling his autographs for $1.00. Voiceover: “This is your career after WWE”

  11. Mister Forth says:

    This is so messed up, I’m not sure if I should laugh or not.

  12. Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

    I hope “Paid advertisement by Virgil” means they docked Virgil’s wages to cover the cost of this rib.

  13. Brad says:

    I wonder how much F Money he thought he was getting when he thought he was going to be on the cover

  14. Shockwave says:

    There has to be an alternate universe where Virgil is regarded with hushed respect like the Undertaker.

  15. Mark Smart says:

    that’s no way to treat a legend and pop culture icon. can you imagine Virgil trying to sell these?

    “Hey, big man! gotta good deal on these WWF magazines with me on the cover! usually they go for $200 but I’m gonna let you have it for $100! What’dya say, champ?”

    “Uh, I’ll give you 10 dollars………”

    “10 dollars?!?!? c’mon, baby, I autographed it and everything!”

    “ok….I’ll give you 5 dollars….”

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