Someone Bought This: The 10 worst and 16 most expensive wrestling DVDs of all time

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Wrestling DVD collector extraordinaire (and all around cool dude) Gemni888 (FKA: Gemni686) shows you 10 really bad wrestling DVDs.

Also, he shows you the 16 rarest and most expensive WWE DVDs of all time!

And yes, of course he owns them all.

Wait until you see what it would cost you to buy all 16 of them brand new!

Can you believe that people are asking $300 for some of these?! And some of these events/documentaries weren’t even very good to begin with!

Check out Gemni888’s YouTube channel for tons more great wrestling DVD videos.

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22 Responses to "Someone Bought This: The 10 worst and 16 most expensive wrestling DVDs of all time"
  1. jan otto says:

    Here in the UK, a lot of those WWF Attitude Collection DVDs were sold in Poundland recently, as they’re completely worthless over here.

  2. Andre R. says:

    I never wanted the Allied Powers DVD, I’m still hoping they do a “History Of The World Tag Team Championship” set to go with the other three that were similarly themed.

    And the fact that his list consisted mainly of the WWE Studios “movies” was kind of disappointing. We already know that those are terrible, I thought maybe he’d show more of the match compilations or the specific wrestler sets for some reason. He didn’t like the cage match one, I guess that counts.

  3. Scrooge McSuck says:

    I gladly spent $60 for the Mania X-Seven DVD last year. No blurs, no edited music, and my favorite PPV of all time. Well worth it.

  4. Alan says:

    I bought WWF Backlash 2002, Judgment Day 2002, and Vengeance (via WWEShop only, as this guy said, it was an exclusive) all brand new when they first came out for $19.99-$24.99 each. I’m guessing the reason Judgment Day 2002 is the most expensive is b/c it was the very first WWE PPV after the name change from the WWF. I have Austin 3:16 Uncensored on VHS. I’ve never heard of the Kane DVD. He’s spot-on about Allied Powers being one of the worst WWE DVD sets ever…and I agree. IIRC, back several years ago, Best Buy was doing a promotion that if you bought any WWE DVD, you got WWE The Videos free. I had previously purchased one, so I still have the freebie I got unopened. I don’t have anywhere near the DVD collection that this guy owns. Of course, you could forego spending all of this money & just watch the PPVs on the WWE Network.

  5. Matt Soileau says:

    The entrance video one looks like something I’d watch. Marine 2, not so much.

  6. E-Squared says:

    I was lucky enough to find Judgment Day 2002 and Wrestlemania X-Seven at a store somewhere for fair prices. I am not planning on getting rid of them. I do regret finding Royal Rumble 2001 at that store and put off getting it in place of Wrestlemania XIX, only to find that the next time I went in there, it was gone. I had my chance, I know I did, and I blew it on something that isn’t so rare.

  7. Nick Nutter says:

    I look at that guy’s wall of DVDs, and think about all the MONEY that went into that. And how I can access damn near all of it for $9.99 a month now.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Yeah, but for some people it’s all about owning the physical media. He obviously loves collecting the stuff. 🙂

  8. The Doctor of Style says:

    When I glimpsed the “Allied Powers” screen capture, I thought, “Seriously? Someone listed Luger/Bulldog as the world’s greatest tag team?”

  9. Scott says:

    He’s missing a few… You can’t have a list of raresr WWE DVD’s without Best of the WWF 2001, of the collectors edition of the Trish Stratus DVD. There is also the 4 disc version of the Roddy Piper DVD that was only sold at Circuit City.

  10. Sean Bateman says:

    When I think of the word Legend-ary, I think of on Barney Stinson.

  11. gemni888 says:

    glad you guys enjoyed the videos

  12. Doc 902714 says:

    If you’re gonna count any WWE Films DVD as one of the worst DVDs of all time, then you might as well have included Inside Out w. Triple H, The Miz (any WWE film), Breaking The Rules w. Edge and The Reunion w. John Cena. That would have at least rounded at the bottom five.

    Also The Greatest Steel Cage Matches should not rank as one of the worst DVDs of all time. I mean, that DVD had Hulk-Andre from WrestleFest ’88, and never before seen matches as Michaels-Jannetty and Patterson-Backlund from MSG

  13. Micah says:

    And no one is going to spend that much on a dvd on amazon anymore thanks to the network. also there was the dvd sets for all the wrestlemanias survivor series and royal rumbles with 5 of each for like a third of what they’re asking for one

  14. Micah says:

    and they released all 2002-2005 dvds again in 2 packs at kmart for $14 at one point too and I got them then

  15. Doc75 says:

    i actually own the greatest cage matchez DVD n even tho i havent seen it i still want to. usually when someone givez a negative review on a movie/DVD it intriguez me to want to see it more.

  16. ducky says:

    wow he got rip off for the booker t one i got it 5 bucks at walmart

  17. Alexandru says:

    400 bucks for the Austin/Mcmahon DVD!! Why would anybody pay that? I just don’t get it I remember seeing that when I was little for like 10 bucks.

  18. Shiranai hito says:

    The problem I have with the network is that it doesn’t have as much content as I thought: the lack of documentaries (aside for a few specials, really) is what gets me the most, aside from more episodes of the weekly shows. I don’t even watch a single modern show or PPV – it’s all about the old content.

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