Someone Bought This: Buy a piece of the table Dixie Carter went through!

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TNA Dixie Carter table piece

I just saw this on Lords Of Pain…

TNA is selling just 86 pieces of the table that Dixie Carter went through on last Thursday’s Impact Wrestling. The $199.99 item also comes with photos, a letter of authenticity and a piece of the canvas.

Let’s see, here…

$199.99 x 86 pieces means you could totally corner the market on this collectable for the low, low price of just $17,199.14!

Some rich, crazy TNA fan needs to jump on this opportunity, pronto!

Quick, buy them all before TNA goes under!

What a wonderful way to commemorate man-on-woman violence (ahem). I’m sure Spike is just thrilled they’re promoting and profiting from the angle like this.

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17 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Buy a piece of the table Dixie Carter went through!"
  1. WrestleTrekker says:

    I’d buy it.

  2. BaltoJim says:

    Well, she did put him through a table first…

  3. John C says:

    I’d like to see the sports collectible store that The Little Valbroski was talking about. Any piece of collectible merchandise costing that much has to have actual recognizable names on it. “This item should go for ahhh $11 millionty dollars. High five broski!!!!!”

  4. Bubba says:

    “crazy TNA fan” isn’t that redundant?

  5. s1mon86 says:

    Gooker winner right here

    • the14thlistener says:

      Now, now let’s be patient and see if “Megan Miller, Personal Trainer” gets some “traction.” I for one am looking forward to a potential “Do the right thing, Daniel!” promo. And maybe she can also give us a cookware demo or dress up as Olive Oyl?

      • BaltoJim says:

        Next week on Raw: Megan Miller gets hauled away in handcuffs after Claire Lynch presses charges against her for grand theft gimmick…

  6. MisterSpiffy says:

    Can Jimmy Jay be inducted??

  7. Shockwave says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I find this just wrong

  8. Kev says:

    Violence against women has gotten a lot of negative attention in the media lately, and with good reason.

    TNA is advertising it and selling it as memorabilia. This is why Spike canceled impact.

    • Anonymous says:

      RATINGS is why Spike cancelled Impact.

      • Mister Forth says:

        Russo not knowing how to send an e-Mail is why Spike cancelled Impact.

      • Rocko says:

        Actually they had good ratings in comparison to other Spike shows.

        The main reason they canceled it was due to money. Wrestling isn’t attractive to advertisers (which is why WWE’s TV deal was lower than expected). TNA wasn’t making money. TNA also stagnated. The stagnation meant they have no hope for improvement. That meant Spike was losing money from TNA despite it’s ratings. The stagnation meant that the ratings are not going to improve anytime soon. Which meant Spike would continue to lose money for the foreseeable future. Spike gave them all the chances in the world and TNA failed.

        Also wrestling doesn’t have an “umbrella” effect. Meaning people are just watching wrestling and nothing else on the channel. Meaning wrestling creates usually only a short term gain.

    • 80's Guy says:

      Yet female violence against males always seems to get the positive, or comedy, treatment.

      Violence is violence. I think I’ve seen more violent women than men in my lifetime, honestly.

  9. patricko says:

    Can’t be just a ratings issue. Because SPIKE programming gets crap ratings in general. Was under impression that a 1.02 on a thursday night is a WIN for them.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is ALWAYS a ratings issue. Shows only get cancelled (under normal circumstances) when advertisers are unsatisfied with the ratings and threaten to pull ads or refuse to continue paying the same fee for ad time. The network doesn’t care about the ratings in and of themselves. What constitutes “too low ratings” differs from advertiser to advertiser and depends on the demographic of its respective program. The advertisers for Impact looked at the ratings, decided that wasn’t adequate for what they were paying and who/how many people they were trying to reach with their ads, and told Spike they were no longer interested in sponsoring the program, so they cancelled the show. That is always how TV works, has always been how TV worked, and will always be how TV works.

  10. patricko says:

    OR…. a 1.02 IS good for SPIKE, and they’ll just work with TNA to start running Impact on Wed. nights…

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