It Came From YouTube: WWF WrestleMania Nintendo game Commercial and review

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This commercial for WWF WrestleMania for the Nintendo NES is far more entertaining and fun than the lousy game it’s promoting.

Don’t believe me? Just check out Joe Gagne’s fantastic review of the game right here.

Remember that back then there was no Internet for us to find out if a game was bad or good. We were lucky if a video game magazine review was honest. So we were spending anywhere from $40 to $70 (depending on the game and where you bought it) to buy the game “blind” without any knowledge of if it was good or bad. It was a total gamble.

Don’t bother with this game. Play Pro Wrestling instead. In my opinion, it’s the best wrestling game on the NES.

Still, WrestleMania has music that I feel like I’ve heard somewhere else. Hmm…

Notice the guy at the end I call “Not The Macho Man”? They make it a point not to show his face. I bet you anything that they put some random guy in Randy’s sequenced robe and just had him dub his voice in later.

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21 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: WWF WrestleMania Nintendo game Commercial and review"
  1. Wrestlecrap's Janitor says:

    I always thought that Pro Wrestling > WWF Wrestlemania.

    Though I still have the music from the latter stuck in my head all these years later!

  2. MelPhillipsdoesn'tworkhere says:

    I love WWF but I couldn’t stand the WWF NES games. Awful gameplay.

    I want my room to look like the room in this commercial

  3. heavyhandedDOOM says:

    Tecmo World Wrestling > all other NES wrestling games.

  4. Justin Cook says:

    One of my wishes that I hope would come true someday is an AVGN episode about crappy pro wrestling games.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Check out the Joe Gagne’s Funtime Arcade reviews on YouTube- they aren’t done as a character like James’ Nerd, but they are really well done reviews of bad (and good) wrestling games.

  5. Batman666 says:

    HTMs game music reminds me of Snake, Rattle & Roll for the NES. Which I found out came after WM, hmm…

  6. No Pants Mafia says:

    Love how the pan out for the game play.

  7. TMS says:

    I am ashamed to admit that I owned that game and played the hell out of it. Back then I had a very limited video game budget (whatever my parents agreed to buy for me), so I had to pick carefully when it came to getting new games. So I never had a chance to play some of the other wrestling games others have mentioned.

  8. VikingFuneralTHEYSUCK says:

    King Slender in Pro Wrestling has long flowing hair.

    He is the VWA champ!


    I think you had the defend the title a number of times after winning to get to Great Puma champion of the Video Wrestling Federation.



  9. Alan says:

    I still have the NES and WWF WrestleMania. What a horrible game! I even tried playing it just recently and it was STILL as horrible as I remembered it. Punch, kick, punch. Lousy music, lousy graphics(Even by NES standards), and horrid game play. I thought WCW-World Championship Wrestling for the NES blew WM out of the water, and you could even perform finishers on WCW. I still like the WCW game after all these years. Also props to the good ol’ NES Pro Wrestling. Good game and fun and easy to play.

  10. John says:

    “On the Nintendooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I wonder if Stephaine hooked up with the fake Macho Man by mistake.

  11. Shockwave says:

    I still own it, and it’s still fun to me, dammit 🙂

  12. RD Reynolds says:

    Pro Wrestling > WWF WrestleMania, easily.

    That said, they all suck compared to the arcade wrestling games of that era. And for that equation…

    WWF Superstars > Mania Challenge > WWF WrestleFest > Mat Mania

    ~braces for the hate~

    • Mister Pink says:

      I , personally, thought Tecmo World Wrestling was the shizz…once, on Wrestlemania, I fought HTM with Andre. One running elbow and a 1-2-3 later, I became the fastest three count in Missouri video game history!

  13. Mister Forth says:

    Even for a 1st try, this was not a fun game.

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