It Came From YouTube: WWF Fan Festival ’94 and ’95 cost less than a replica belt to put together.

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6 minutes, 22 seconds into this block of 1995 commercials is an ad for the then-upcoming WWF Fan Festival ’95.

It was basically the pre-curser to the modern “Axxess” events (that’s their stupid spelling, not mine).

It was held in the Hartford Civic Center in the days leading up to WrestleMania XI.

This was deep into the “bad period” for the WWF when they were losing money and came close to going out of business, so I can kind of understand that they didn’t have money to pour into this. I guess it was a good first effort considering the circumstances.

All the footage from this commercial is from the 1994 Fan Festival. Doesn’t it look cheap, and shoddy compared to the more modern “Axxess” events? It looks like something a bad indy fed would slap together.

On the plus side; I could have had my picture taken with The Smoking Gunns! Or a referee! Oh boy!

I can’t believe they let kids get into a wrestling ring and pretend to wrestle. Don’t get me wrong- I’d have loved to have done it, but that seems like a lawsuit just waiting to happen when one kid dives off the top rope and lands head first, breaking his neck or something…

I also found this footage from the 1994 Fan Festival that took place before WrestleMania X (it has more footage from the 1994 event that was used for the 1995 ad above).

Have any of you Crappers ever gone to one of these Fan Festival or Axxess events (for any promotion -not just WWF/WWE)?

What were your experiences (good or bad)? Leave a comment and tell us your story!

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4 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: WWF Fan Festival ’94 and ’95 cost less than a replica belt to put together."
  1. zombie ducky says:

    it’s billy gunn before he was a ass lol

  2. Steve says:

    If only I could go back in time and tell Billy Gunn he will become a huge star and Bart Gunn will get knocked out by a guy named Butter bean

  3. KarlHungus says:

    Look at that cheap 94 Aquanet brod taking a picture with the Smoking Gunns. Women that looked like that were all the rage to wrestlers in the days of Rock ‘N Roll WWF.

    and I don’t mean Acolylte Proctection Agency.

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