It Came From YouTube: WWE Superstars on MTV’s Silent Library game show

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Crapper Paul R. from “Spook Central: The Ghostbusters Companion” submitted this video and writes:

A little something for It Came From YouTube…

Here’s an episode of MTV’s “Silent Library” featuring WWE Superstars Dolph Ziggler, Chris Masters, Trent Barreta, Caylen Croft, JTG, and Curt Hawkins.

It’s kinda stupid, yet also kinda funny.

I’m guessing this is from around 2008/2009, as I think that’s when everyone was employed with WWE. I say “think”, because I’ve never seen Trent Barreta or Caylen Croft (isn’t that a female pornstar?) before in my life!

This just has to be based on a Japanese game show.

Hey, I was right!

Thanks for the submission, Paul!

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7 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: WWE Superstars on MTV’s Silent Library game show"
  1. Y.G. says:

    The original’s a lot better… having host talking head segments as well as the background music between rounds kill the idea that the entire show is to be silent.

  2. Paul R. from says:

    If that Wikipedia page is to be believed, this was from the fourth season in 2011. That blows my guess of 2008/2009 out of the water. While I do have faint memories of seeing Silent Library on MTV, I can’t believe it was still on in 2011. I also can’t believe all of these guys were with WWE in 2011. On what Z-level show was WWE hiding them on?

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      I actually assumed Wikipedia was wrong and you were right, but I don’t know either way. No idea what show they would’ve been on. Superstars? Velocity? Heat? Maybe some of them weren’t even on TV yet?

  3. Jonathan says:

    When the guy in the bird suit comes out I hear someone whisper “Chavo’s in there”

    • Nick Sharpe says:

      I woulda guessed Mando.

    • Paul R. from says:

      Right before that, one of the guys whispers “gobbledy gooker”, and after the Chavo comment, another says something about jack swagger. That probably places this episode around the time swagger had the “soaring eagle” mascot. Swagger push #2, I think it was.

  4. Mister Forth says:

    Ziggler’s entrance feels incomplete without him turning to the camera, & performing what has come to be known as the Ziggle Wiggle.

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