It Came From YouTube: “Wrestlin’ Up Some Grub” with The Giant and Macho Man!

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From 1999 it’s “Wrestlin’ Up Some Grub” with Macho Man Randy Savage and The Giant!

How ddi this pilot not get picked up?

Credit to Pro Wrestling Sheet (and our own Jordan who made me aware of this).

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5 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: “Wrestlin’ Up Some Grub” with The Giant and Macho Man!"
  1. Rich says:

    Surely this must be at least 1999, not 97? George didn’t debut with Savage until that year, and she says the guest will be “The Big Show” Paul Wight.

  2. Brian Jacobs says:[ There’s more info about how this show got found and how it will be edited for better audio in the future to show the 4 long lost episodes. They are indeed from 1999.

  3. Sean Bateman says:

    still a better appearance than Mach’s appearance on King of the Hill.

  4. Thomas says:

    Talk about a missed opportunity. You can just see some local channel trying to draw wrestling fans to watch their shows when they don’t have actual programming. I can picture this show being paired up in a syndication block with Bikers’ Court:

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