It Came From YouTube: Witness The Disco Ladder Match!

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Crapper Barry writes:

I thought you might like this, some classic Wrestlecrap from the UK.

The story goes, as far as I’m aware, is that from the 1960s right up until 1988, the main wrestling company is the UK was joint promotions, who were on TV every week for over 30 years. They lost their monopoly on TV and instead we started getting the more extravagent American wrestling, WWF and WCW, along with a British group, All Star Wrestling.

All Star tried to compete with the American companies in terms of entertainment. One of their attempts was this, the “Disco Challenge Match”, between to British greats, Kendo Nagasaki and “Iron Fist” Clive Myers

It was a ladder match, in which, after a short period of time, a disco version of Beethoven started to play and the aim of the match was to climb a gold plated ladder (not just a normal ladder!) and grab a gold disc.

It was surreal.

Shortly after this, we rarely so British wrestling on our screens for at least 15 years!

Shame really.

“Disco Stu says this match is cool!”

Disco Stu Simpsons

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2 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Witness The Disco Ladder Match!"
  1. John C says:

    With all the flashing lights I kept waiting for a Black Scorpion run in. So the match was for a disc and not Clive’s (even worse looking punches than Luger) title belt. All this needed was Ed Whalen saying, “BINGO!!! BONGO!!!! BUNGO!!!!” and it would seem like a Stampede match (minus the disco) of the era.

  2. Sean O says:

    Too bad we never got to see Disco Inferno in this type of match-up. It could have been his specialty match!

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