It Came From YouTube: WCW gives us KISS, and KISS gives us The KISS Demon!

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From the August 23rd, 1999 episode of WCW Monday Nitro, KISS performs lip-syncs (I suppose they’re cartoony an theatrical enough that somebody thought they’d fit in on a wrestling show) and reveals

The Kiss Demon!

AKA The Demon

AKA Brian Adams (AKA: Demolition Crush, AKA: Kona Crush) in KISS makeup.

The role was soon taken over by Dale Torborg.

I’m just going to quote from Dale’s Wikipedia page which explains nicely what a complete disaster this entire idea was and how it backfired on WCW big time:

In 1998, he started to get a push as the MVP but after two matches as the MVP, he was asked to do a KISS character named The Demon. WCW head Eric Bischoff struck a deal with the rock band KISS to create a KISS themed wrestler, “The Demon”, a gimmick that was meant to be the wrestling alter ego of performer Gene Simmons. Torborg originally was told he was the Demon and was abruptly taken out due to Brian Adams having much more experience in the ring. Adams admitted to never feeling comfortable as the character. The gimmick was played twice by Brian Adams, rejected by him without wrestling a single match, and given to Torborg. He was managed by Asya (Christi Wolf), whom he later married. The “Demon” character was originally supposed to be the beginning of a stable called The Warriors of KISS, in which the other original members of the band would have a wrestler representing their look and gimmick.[3] KISS was guaranteed their “Demon” themed wrestler would wrestle a Main Event match with the contract they made with WCW. This was supposed to happen at a special 1999 New Year’s Eve PPV against Vampiro. The PPV and the match were taken off the table, however, after Eric Bischoff lost his position in September 1999. In order to fulfill the contractual obligation, he was booked in a “Special Main Event” match at Superbrawl in early 2000.

Uncharacteristic to “Main Event” matches, it was the fourth match on the card and saw Torborg face The Wall which saw The Wall win with a chokeslam. Because Bischoff lost his position before the character’s wrestling debut, The Demon character got off to a rocky start, losing to Terry Funk in its debut. Bookers at the time wanted to make Eric Bischoff look bad. Torborg contends that the character was hurt because the KISS concert to debut The Demon was one of the lowest rated segments in the history of WCW Nitro up to that point and even though Bischoff believed in the character, others believed it was dead on arrival.[4]

Afterwards, he was known simply as “The Demon” and placed in a stable with Vampiro and The Insane Clown Posse called The Dark Carnival. He later turned against the group and feuded with Vampiro.

So WCW gave KISS a ton of money for something that ended up turning them no profit, and cost them ratings and viewers in the long run.

Yup, that sounds like typical WCW to me!

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11 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: WCW gives us KISS, and KISS gives us The KISS Demon!"
  1. George from Dudleyville,NY says:

    I believe this had to be the final straw for Peter and Ace. They could handle Kiss merchandising caskets and hot sauce, but being associated with this abortion was too much. Ironic Kiss has two guys in the band doing the “Dale Torborg”, performing the original gimmick without mention of not being the original guy. Like Tiger Mask without the cool Roman numeral distinction.

  2. John says:

    It was amazing for how awful that gimmick was that Vinny Roo didn’t give him the World Title. Obligatory Schiavone time, “This is the greatest wrestling-music crossover in the history of our sport!!!!!!!!! KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!”

  3. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    It doesn’t help that the audio mix was so horrible when this aired live.

  4. Raven7309 says:

    Bryan Adams/Crush was the original Demon before Dale Torborg??!! My mind is blown!!! :O

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Yup! Not many people know that. I think he only made one other appearance or so before Dale took over.

  5. George From Dudleyville,NY says:

    Can’t help feeling slighted. Between Kiss Nitro, Motley Cruë Raw, Kid Rock Raw and all the other non national anthem related musical performances in wrestling history, Poor Tiny Tim was the only one not allowed to finish his song. As fans we were robbed.

  6. Matt Soileau says:

    Brian Adams. Bryan Adams brought us “The Summer of ’69.” Brian Adams brought us Kronik…

  7. 80's Guy says:

    Honestly, the idea itself doesn’t sound bad, and how cool is it to get a debut with a live performance by a legendary band such as KISS?

    Sucks that he didn’t get a chance to grow properly to see if he could make it work.

  8. Harleyzilla says:

    Really, the WCW should have just let the Road Warriors be the only facepaint wearing wrestlers in the company. Awful idea that just reeked of 70’s level uncomfortable, awkward cheesiness.

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