It Came From YouTube: Tracy Smothers Vs. a bear… in a dance-off!

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The last time we saw Tracy Smothers he was wrestling a bear for the second time.

Now he’s competitive dancing with one.


Thanks to Crapper Sean Bateman for the clip.

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6 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Tracy Smothers Vs. a bear… in a dance-off!"
  1. Geoff says:

    Huh, he must be the long lost Smother’s Brother that Tom and Dick never talked about.

  2. Geoff says:

    Well think of it this way: last ICFYT of him, he was wrestling a bear. This one he is dancing with a bear. Isn’t that what Dick did during their comedy hour? You know during the Smother’s Brothers Comedy Hour, they had a little of everything, a lot of Dick being a airhead and a lot of singing and fiddling. You’d think that somewhere in there, Dick would wrestle a bear then dance with one. But no, it was Tracy and not Dicky who did that. Makes you kinda wonder huh

  3. John C says:

    That was unbearable. At least Tracy incorporated a swim move into his old F.B.I. dance routine. Damn he looks older now than Bullet Bob ever did.

  4. AK says:

    …But the bear didn’t dance.

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