It Came From YouTube: Tony Schiavone turns heel in NWA-TNA

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From NWA-TNA in the early 2000’s. Tony sure is annoying as a jerky heel.

But then again, he was annoying as a babyface announcer, too…

Plus I hate his douchebag mustache and beard, and his ugly shirt. Did he get dressed in the dark that morning?

Fortunately for us, this was his one and only appearance in NWA-TNA.

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12 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Tony Schiavone turns heel in NWA-TNA"
  1. I'm not Using My Real Name says:

    Most fitting sign ever in the background behind Schiavone, Tenay, and Russo. “Who Cares?”

  2. John says:

    I can’t imagine why I have never watched a full episode of NWA-TNA or the newer version of it. “Hey I’m Vince Russo and dis angle shoulda really get over with all da internet mahhks. Ok so it may not sell any tickets or anyting but what da heck. And I’ll let Tony borrow one of my cool t-shats. “

  3. Ezenwa says:

    Annoying Heel Tony Schiavone is as bad as annoying heel Michael Cole. The difference as you mentioned: this was only one appearance. Cole lasted for more than a year. Yikes!

  4. Charles Johnson says:

    Why is Skeeavone dressed like a wacky morning DJ?

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      It’s funny you say that, because he has a history of doing radio sports play-by-play both before and after his wrestling announcing gigs.

      • Charles Johnson says:

        I thought I saw that somewhere. Tony Schiavone saying “Bullshit” made it all worth it to me

      • Stuart Ratliff says:

        He is now (yes start laughing) the Sports Anchor for WSB-AM Atlanta’s Morning Show and is also the play by play man for the Gwinnett Braves. Here is an interview conducted last year by the Charlotte Knights.

  5. Sharpe Puppy says:

    You know what would be better, the link to this induction!

  6. Forest George says:

    I kind of liked how he did a throwback of calling Tenay and West – David Crockett and Johnny Weaver.

  7. Mr. Glen says:

    Firs time I saw ha and he only thought running through my head was. ‘Please… make it stop.’ I wonder if Russo, being a student of TV, has ever heard of jumping the shark? Worked shoots are interesting to start off but by the time you reach time 328, it kind of gets old and you really have no where else to go.

  8. MEEPMOOP says:

    I remember this. It looked like he get go and was a man that lost it all. Bitter and angry.

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