It Came From YouTube: The Thrillseekers seek fun, and yes; thrills in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

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Crapper Paul S. writes:

So the team of Lance Storm and Chris Jericho have arrived in Smokey Mountain Wrestling and have decided to have a little fun in the city of Pigeon Forge? How?

By engaging in an 80s romantic comedy dating montage.


I love these Thrillseekers vignettes so very much. They’re all so much fun to watch.

I just get a kick out of watching these two do even the most random, otherwise boring stuff.

Thanks, Paul!

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19 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: The Thrillseekers seek fun, and yes; thrills in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    and Y2J did Rock America afterwards with his band Fozzy

  2. RhineStoneCowBoy Blankenship says:

    They were out to seek thrills, such as playing arcade games and horse back riding. Man, they really know how to live on the edge.

  3. Ezenwa says:

    Honestly though, what a team. I can imagine what their promos were like. I gotta look those up.

  4. Nottingham's 'Mr Sex' says:


  5. MADDAWG MARK says:

    WWE missed the boat by not doing something similar with Wrestlecrap All-Stars Billy and Chuck.

  6. Raven7309 says:

    I saw these on Y2J’s WWE “Breaking the Code” dvd. Hillarious!!

  7. Simplerollup says:

    Lance Storm in Zubaz and a rat tail?


  8. RD Reynolds says:

    This is legit my favorite It Came From YouTube of all time.

  9. borekfk says:

    What the heck was Cornette smoking when he came up with this.

    • MADDAWG MARK says:

      Yeah Cornette likes to mouth off about Russo and Ferrara being bad bookers, and he has a point most of the time. But it is all said from the confines of a glass house.

    • TheSaintOfPain says:

      The proper question is “What WASN’T Jim Cornette smoking when he came up with this?”

  10. Stephen V. says:

    At 4:04, Chris Jericho invents the Van Daminator.

  11. RD Reynolds says:

    Should note they are the Thrill SEEKERS, not the Thrill FINDERS.

  12. Jimbolian says:

    See, Lance was NEVER boring Stone Cold, just had to take him to the local Dave & Busters and watch him take off.

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