It Came From YouTube: The Shockmaster incident in all its glory

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From a Clash Of The Champions, The Shockmaster fall down and go boom.

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8 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: The Shockmaster incident in all its glory"
  1. Thomas says:

    Amazing. Simply amazing.

  2. Sean Bateman says:

    Still better than Shockmaster Claus!

  3. Drew says:

    It never gets old, does it? Poor Fred.

  4. Hulk6785 says:

    I laughed for 5 minutes just reading the description of this incident on Wikipedia. Truly one of the most unintentionally funny moments in wrestling history.

  5. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    So glorious. So immortal.

    And as a bonus, for once, Sid’s not the one screwing up! He’s actually selling the moment and not losing it!

    Here’s a version with added commentary from Dusty Rhodes from the Legends Roundtable this was from:

    (Also this version of the clip makes me miss the version with the now-excised commentary from Jesse Ventura. “What an entrance by the Shockmaster! *muffled laughter*)

  6. Brad says:

    You gotta give Sid credit, at least he tried to save the segment, but nobody could’ve saved that turd sandwich

  7. Brownie_the_3rd says:

    even if poor old Fred there manage to crash through the wall without falling on his fookin’ arse I really can’t see this gimmick being met with anything but laughter. He’s a fat bloke in a fur vest and a sparkly stormtrooper helmet, and then he opens “his” mouth

  8. Ed says:

    I loved when DX did the bit about the Shockmaster not being on the Best of WCW DVD and then had a spoof on it and cut to Arn behind the curtain doing the narration, seeing he has been caught and runs away.

    I always wonder if it was a work. I mean would ANYONE have taken it seriously if he didn’t screw up and fall. I mean a big fat guy in a painted Stormtrooper helmet – even WCW couldn’t think that would sell tickets.

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