It Came From YouTube: The Nostalgia Critic reviews Hulk Hogan’s Suburban Commando, and Mr. Nanny too!

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Suburban Commando DVD cover

I can’t embed this one, but check out Doug “The Nostalgia Critic” Walker’s hilarious review of the Hulk Hogan movie Suburban Commando.

The movie isn’t quite as much fun as No Holds Barred, but it’s still worth watching just for Christopher Lloyd alone.

Mr. Nanny DVD cover

But that’s not all! You can also watch The Nostalgia Critic’s review of Hulk Hogan’s Mr. Nanny here which is also very funny

You can buy your copy of Suburban Commando here, or buy Mr. Nanny here or a Double Feature of both Suburban Commando and Mr. Nanny on one disc here. 

To my utter surprise, is in fact TAKEN!


My sympathies to any enterprising Crappers who had their sights set on registering that particular domain name.

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11 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: The Nostalgia Critic reviews Hulk Hogan’s Suburban Commando, and Mr. Nanny too!"
  1. Walt says:

    “What’s that smell?”

    “Hogan’s acting.”

    Doesn’t have the same ring as “dookie” but smells about the same.

  2. Clifton says:

    I love the Nostalgia Critic reviews. I always make sure to check out his new video every Tuesday night.

  3. Bone White says:

    Suburban Commando – the only film you can see one of the New York Dolls filling in for the Big Show (see the clip)

  4. James S says:

    Doug had a good point about Christopher Llyod in Suburban Commando. He does have the greatest out of context line of all time: I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!!!!!!

  5. Bone White says:

    Errr sorry that should read “Mr Nanny”

  6. John Matrix says:

    Was that The Undertaker playing one of the bounty hunters in Suburban Commando?

    • TMS says:

      Yes, that is in fact Mark Calloway as one of the bounty hunters (his voice is dubbed over with an exagerated high pitched squeaky voice, leading Hogan to quip “No wonder you guys never speak”).

  7. Paul R. from says:

    I think Suburban Commando is Hogan’s greatest film. Granted, that’s not saying much considering his other films, but look at it this way: it’s the only Hogan film NOT inducted into Wrestlecrap!

    A little fun fact I learned from the back of the laserdisc jacket (and submitted to IMDB *many* years ago): The film was originally titled “Urban Commando”, and was intended for Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. When they opted to make “Twins”, the script was bought by New Line Cinema as the follow-up to “No Holds Barred”.

    Plus, how could I hate a movie that reuses the PKE Meter prop from “Ghostbusters”?!?

    By the way, AVOID the Double Feature DVD! Unless you only like Fullscreen movies. The individual DVDs have each film in 16:9 widescreen, as well as 4:3 fullscreen – plus I think the trailer and a stupid Pick That Flick game.

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