It Came From YouTube: The Giant Gonzalez tells Harvey Wippleman to sit on it!

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(Here’s an alternative link if the above video link goes dead).

From October of 1993 on WWF “Wrestling Challenge”; The Giant Gonzalez shows up during an Adam Bomb squash match to show off his awesome impersonation of Fonzie from “Happy Days” to the crowd.

He knew it was rude to interrupt Adam Bomb’s match, but he just couldn’t wait one minute more for people to see how hard he was working on it.

You can tell he’s been working really hard on it. Don’t believe me? Just compare him with this picture of The Fonz for yourself!

The Fonz

See what I mean? It’s like they’re practically twins!

He even bought a spiffy new leather jacket, new blue jeans, and everything!

The crowd was so entertained with this impersonation that he immediatly turned face and kind of half-heartedly lunges at former manager Harvey Wippleman and Adam Bomb (who were apparently fans of “Laverne And Shirley” instead- who knew?).

Following this exciting turn of events, he… uh well, promptly left the company. In fact, this was his last television appearance.

That’s really a shame.

I mean, just think of what could have been…

Imagine Giant Gonzalez calling Jack Tunney “Mr. T.” while doing the double thumbs up with a bellowing “EY!” just before he combs his hair and leaves the arena atop his ginormous motorcycle as the “Happy Days” theme song plays throughout the arena.

“Arthur Gonzarelli” = License To Print Money(™)!

Instead, after this final appearance he disappeared like Chuck Cunningham, never to be seen again.

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25 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: The Giant Gonzalez tells Harvey Wippleman to sit on it!"
  1. Mattie says:

    And thus we were deprived of the epic Adam Bomb/ Giant Gonzales feud. Gonzales could have named Polo as his manager and years later we could have had Gonzales as part of the Flock. So many missed opportunities!!

  2. Jeremy says:

    It is too bad nothing else came from this, I would’ve liked to have seen more of Giant Fonzales. Of course knowing the WWF’s history with monster heels who turn face out of the blue, Gonzales either would’ve started dancing, writing poetry and/or became a ladies man at some point just like Viscera, Khali, Mark Henry, Heidenreich, Brodus Clay, Tensai, etc.

  3. GeneMean says:

    Everyone knows Chuck Cunningham was killed in Korea, but producing that episode was “too real” for the network suits.

  4. hobu0 says:

    I never knew he made another appearance after summerslam. Good shit.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Yeah, I missed this appearance when it happened, too. I only found out about it years and years later.

  5. Jimbolian says:

    Oh man, I would really love to see someone do an Adam Bomb bit like he did before the match by cutting a one-liner and a video of an atomic explosion is immediately shown.

  6. The Doctor of Style says:

    That commercial at the beginning definitely wasn’t from the Attitude Era!

    • Sir Cheese says:

      I just watched this with the sound turned off and that commercial at the beginning was creepy as hell. I thought it may have been a Waylon Mercy vignette or something like that until the part with the letter blocks spelling out “Unbelievable” (I guess 1993 was too early for Waylon Mercy though). Definitely creepy without the sound, though.

  7. John C says:

    “Heyyyyyyy it’s me The Gonz!!!!”
    You know Bob Backlund could have been a good substitute Richie Cunningham. 1-2-3 Kid could have been Potsie (for obvious reasons), JR as Mr. Cunningham, Bertha Faye for Mrs. Cunningham.

  8. Drew says:

    The best part of this video is that Gonzalez got the opportunity to display his entire set of moves.

  9. DarthPitch says:

    Almost as good a wanna-be Fonzie as Micky Dolenz!

  10. Vince B says:

    Sure is nice to see ol’ Adam Bomb. Certainly one of the more interesting gimmicks of the New Generation era. Unlike, y’know, Giant Gonzales.

    Wasn’t he in WCW for a few years too?

    • John Q Occupier says:

      I believe he took part in that perennial WrestleCrap favourite, the Halloween Havoc Chamber of Horrors match?

  11. Vince B says:

    Giant Gonzales, I mean. I know Adam Bomb was in WCW for a few years.

  12. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    Is it sad that my fave part of the clip was that commercial? Childhood memories, man.

    “HAND ME THAT PHONE.” Oh Bobby,

    • Doc 902714 says:

      My favorite part was the end of the video: Lord Al Haye’s “Promotional Consideration paid for by the following.”

  13. Christopher Olsen says:

    I have absolutely no recollection of a Giant Gonzales face turn.

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