It Came From YouTube: The Fake Undertaker wrestles a jobber

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It was 20 yeas ago today Sgt. Pepper taught.. er.. I mean The Undertaker wrestled The Underfaker at Summer Slam 1994.

To celebrate, here’s The Underfaker wrestling a jobber.

Oh hai Brian Lee.

Man, for some reason I could sure go for a heaping tall glass of ICOPRO powder right about now!

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12 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: The Fake Undertaker wrestles a jobber"
  1. John C says:

    He really urned that victory. But sadly he was buried in a few weeks at Summer Slam. My allergies are kicking up as I seem to be having some coffin issues. I need to take a nap so I’ll rest in peace later. But first I am really craving a Tombstone Pizza. Then later I need to return my rental car to Hearse Rent-A-Cars.

  2. Time Lord Soundwave says:

    Watching old Monday Night Raws on the WWE Network has given me an insatiable craving for Slim Jims.

  3. Sean Bateman says:

    with stops in Smokey Mountain Wrestling and ECW, Fake Taker/Brian Lee came back a few years later as apart of the DOA.

  4. Bone White says:

    It would be logical if Fake Undertaker and Flashback Kane took on the real ones at Wrestlemania…or on a Joanie Loves Chachi 2014 reunion special

  5. kmtown says:

    ICOPRO Powder–Didn’t Playboy Buddy Rose lose weight with that stuff?

  6. CP says:

    One thing that always bugs me every time I watch old Undertaker matches from this era…what about “undead zombie mortician” applies to gray or purple legwarmers?

    Why this bothers me I don’t know but I’ve always found it strange.

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