It Came From YouTube: The Angry Video Game Nerd- Pro Wrestling bad Sega Master System cover art

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The cover art for Pro Wrestling on the Sega Master System is pretty weird!

Here’s The Angry Video Game Nerd to explain why! He has an interesting theory about what the cover really means…

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3 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: The Angry Video Game Nerd- Pro Wrestling bad Sega Master System cover art"
  1. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Most games for the Master System had bad cover art, and in some cases the games themselves weren’t much better. Classic example of both – My Hero.

  2. John Q Occupier says:

    I owned that game way back when, and even then was always perturbed by the headless guy.

    Now I’m more upset that he’s going over Daniel Bryan.


  3. Andre R says:

    Why is AVGN doing lameass crap like this? He’s capable of so much better. He’s married with a kid now, so the impression I get from him now is that he’s phoning it in at this point and only giving fifty percent at any given time. I think he’s stopped caring, to be perfectly honest. And Encyclopedia Dramatica put it succinctly: “He has become the internet’s version of the Simpsons, in other words, he stopped being funny several years ago and seriously needs to f*** off.” But if anyone ever goes to his website and dares to imply that James is no longer funny or entertaining, all of his fanboys will swarm over the non-believer and call them all kinds of names, cursing them to the depths of Video Game Hell. And James’ obedient unquestioning puppyboy Mike Matei will remove all comments and ban all accounts that don’t praise and worship James like the almighty game-reviewing God they believe him to be. It sucks, I know. But that’s just the way it is now…..

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