It Came From YouTube: Teddy Hart grooming cats = ratings!

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Crapper Neil Williams writes:

There has got to be some Wrestlecrap to be mined from this trailer for a reality tv show staring Teddy Hart grooming and rather weirdly throwing show cats.

Wow.. I would totally watch this show.

For this to not turn into a series would be a complete cat-astrophe.

How soon before the cats band together and fire Teddy as their caretakers, though?

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1 Response to "It Came From YouTube: Teddy Hart grooming cats = ratings!"
  1. John C says:

    It could be a show for those that think Total Divas is too intellectual. A piece of advice for Teddy invest in shirts with LONG sleeves because when a person is playing count the track marks on your arms you may have a problem.

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