It Came From YouTube: Tank Abbott beats up Mark Madden and terrifies us all in the process

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Q: What’s worse than hearing talentless unfunny hack Mark Madden on commentary when watching WCW Monday Nitro?

A: Seeing him half-naked after Tank Abbott inexplicably beats him up and strips off his shirt!

Eww… Thanks a lot, WCW!

The problem with trying to get Tank over as a heel doing this is that nobody watching WCW particularly cared about Mark Madden one way or another, so nobody really hated Tank or felt sympathy for Mark.

So, it did nothing to get Tank over as a heel and it wasn’t going to lead to Tank Vs. Mark (thank goodness!) or Tank Vs. Someone standing up for Mark.

In other words; it was a complete waste of time that probably did more harm than good for Tank’s reputation as a badass.

Just more brilliant booking from our friends in WCW!

Still, it’s better than when Tank became a huge fan of 3 Count, I guess (?).

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10 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Tank Abbott beats up Mark Madden and terrifies us all in the process"
  1. Preparation Triple H says:

    At 2:57, is Abbott spanking Madden’s stomach?

  2. 314 says:

    I would say that forcing the audience to look at Mark Madden shirtless might be one of the biggest heel acts anyone could ever do. This should have made him the top heel in the company!

  3. Anonymous says:

    That… was utterly baffling.

  4. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Mark Madden is a whiny little bitch who deserves a much better beating than that.

    Also, how has the whole ‘Tank Abbott: 3 Count groupie’ angle not been inducted yet?

  5. hobu0 says:

    How did Mark Madden even get a job in wrestling? Does anyone have any idea on the story of Mark Madden? I mean, didn’t he write the forward to Ric fricken Flair’s autobiography? Like you said, the guy was an unfunny, talentless hack.

  6. John says:

    “Now squeal like a pig boy!!!!!!!!”

    Can we look forward soon to a Ryback-3 Man Band re-imagining of the Tank-3 Count lovefest. The only credit I give to Mark Madden is that his name wasn’t Rob Bartlett.

  7. Ripplin says:

    Who are the ad wizards that came up with Mark Madden?!

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