It Came From YouTube: Sting’s Sprite commercial

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Crapper Jordan Mishkin sent in this hilarious Sprite soft drink commercial featuring Sting.

I always loved this one… and not just because Sting is straight-up beating the tar out of a poor, helpless 12 year old.

Sting tells the kid he’s from “The Dream Come True Fantasy Foundation” which presumably is like “The Make-A-Wish Foundation”.

So, I assume the kid has to have some kind of terminal illness, or else they wouldn’t have granted the kid’s wish, right?

That means that Sting isn’t just beating up a kid. He’s beating up a kid dying of cancer.


Now that’s how to get good heel heat! Maybe if he’d done something like this in 1999 when he really did turn heel…

Anyway, thanks for the submission, Jordan!

Here’s another very funny commercial in this same series (it has nothing to do with wrestling- I just like it). 

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7 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Sting’s Sprite commercial"
  1. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Great ads, always liked Sprite’s “Obey Your Thirst” era.

  2. PHOENIXZERO says:

    I remember when this came out and I think the PTC or some other group of no lifers were offended by it. Yeah, I think the PTC tried to tie this to the Lionel Tate case or something ridiculous as that.

    • E-SquaredEma says:

      Wasn’t it revealed later on that Lionel Tate lied about the whole wrestling thing and turned out to just savagely kill that girl in cold blood for no real reason?

  3. Ben says:

    Wow. This is by far the best commercial featuring a pro wrestler I have ever seen. Granted, that’s not saying much, but I really love this one. LOL

  4. Mister Forth says:

    Thank God it wasn’t Chris in the ad.

  5. Adam Cota says:

    I wonder if anyone at Make-A-Wish would ever do this with John Cena…

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