It Came From YouTube: Steve Austin’s WWF debut as “The Ringmaster”

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From the January 8th, 1996 episode of WWF Monday Night Raw, here’s the debut of “The Ringmaster” Steve Austin as Ted DiBiase’s newest Million Dollar Champion.

They might as well have just called him “Bland McBoringson”.

Thankfully for Steve (and the fans) things got much better for Steve Austin very soon…

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14 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Steve Austin’s WWF debut as “The Ringmaster”"
  1. Art0Donnell says:

    “Bland McBoringson” is still better than “Chilly McFreeze.”

  2. Nate says:

    McMahon: “This man’s skills, very well known. You talk about a grappler. You talk about a man who can mix it up in any fashion at all.”

    Yes, Vince, that’s why the crowd was absolutely dead for him. They didn’t give a damn, especially with a pathetic name like “Ringmaster.” What was he doing, running a circus?

    • Thomas Moffatt says:

      Of course he was running a circus – they needed someone to look after the resident painfully unfunny irritating clown; Todd Pettengill…

  3. spinningtorturerack says:

    so at what point did he drop the ringmaster thing and debut the stone cold thing? I’d love to see the moment he first stepped out with the whole awesome gimmick going on

    • Milkman Norm says:

      In terms of the name Stone Cold replacing the name Ringmaster it wasn’t all that long after his debut..I think Vince knew the name Ringmaster sucked because I was watching another Ringmaster match online where Vince called Austin “a stone cold individual.” I know It was before Wrestlemania XII because he was Stone Cold when he had the angle with Savio Vega. However as far as his persona goes the first few months of Stone Cold were pretty much the same as the Ringmaster. Steve shaved his head and grew the goatee but otherwise it was pretty much the same gimmick. It wasn’t until after the Vega angle when he cut the promo saying that he threw the four corners match to get rid of Dibiase as his manager that the Stone Cold character started to heat up. Then King of the Ring happened and the rest is all history.

      • Milkman Norm says:

        I have no idea why that’s all caps. Sorry.

      • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

        His (at the time) wife came up with the name. She said “Hurry up and drink your tea before it gets stone cold”. He liked it and went with that name. He mentions it in his autobiography.

      • Brian Kraemer says:

        Rest is all history? Why what happened after? Was he seen ever again?

  4. TMS says:

    The really funny thing is Austin was right. He was destined for greatness (just not with that gimmick).

  5. John Matrix says:

    Stone Cold is the main reason why I stopped watching wrestling for many, many years. I found him really obnoxious and annoying, and WWE just kept shoving him down our throats.

    • patricko says:

      John: As a wrestling fan, you’re supposed to worship him, and the whole attitude era. There’re rules!

      But – you’ve a point. I stopped watching during that period, too. He was not the main reason, but was a large part of the movement away from wrestling and “angles” and into over-long non-wrestling segments / episodic television.

      Mick Foley talked about it in one of his many auto-biographies, the movement away from in-ring action and psychology, and toward catch phrases and the shortening of the audience’s attention span…

      • 80's Guy says:

        Shortening of attention span? They never shortened…. Look! Squirrel!

        I love cheese. It’s amazing. Oh, have you seen Monsters University yet? Deli mustard!!

        I like swimming.

      • ChunkyLover53 says:

        As a fan, you have a right to your own opinon, but Austin was certainly not shoved down the fans throats, or he wouldn’t have gotten the push he did(this was during a time when the WWF listened to fans). To be shoved down the audience’s throats, they would have to be sick of him and his overpush, since they wanted more of him, they got it. Simple as that.

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