It Came From YouTube: Sensational Sherri attempts to seduce The Ultimate Warrior

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At the 1991 Royal Rumble Sensational Sherri tries to seduce (?!) The Ultimate Warrior into giving her man Randy Savage a title shot.

I wish he’d actually reacted positively to her advances.

Then we could’ve had a series of Sherri/Warrior date vignettes.

How WrestleCraptastic would that have been?

Oh well. The Warrior’s reaction to Sherri’s pleading and flirting is pretty funny anyway.

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13 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Sensational Sherri attempts to seduce The Ultimate Warrior"
  1. Brandon says:

    Listen to the cheers the guys give Sherri when she gets on her knees. Its as if they suspected she would blow him right there on the stage.

  2. Nick Nutter says:

    Weirdly enough, I watched this Rumble on DVD an hour and a half before I found out she died. Just a really strange coincidence.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the strangest and most awkward moments in “Golden Age” WWF.

  4. John says:

    It was wayyyyyyy out of place for the Uncle Vince, Walt Disney of wrestling time. I liked Sherri so much better than with all the goofy face paint crap they’d do later with her.

  5. THE Jeffry Mason says:

    I think Sherri was running fever, and the only prescription was more destrucity.

  6. George from Dudleyville,NY says:

    And Jim Hellwig is the guy always ranting and raving about homosexuals(not that there’s anything wrong with that). THE Sherri Martel is throwing herself at you and that is your response? Maybe Dingo will come out of the closet at H.O.F induction. Will tell HHH that I treated you bad in ’96 because I thought you were cute and jealous of Your Valets.

  7. Rose Harmon says:

    Warrior confused….

  8. 14thListener says:

    Maybe when you become a Galactic Space Dingo Warrior, you are above sex? You think Queerin’ don’t make the world work, but Straightin’ don’t either. Only being a Warrior and tying up Santa (or Xanta) Claus.

  9. batmanfreek says:

    My best friend and I always quoted this for some strange reason. “YOU SAID NO! HE SAID NO! IMA GET HIM NOW! IMA GET HIM RIGHT NOW! *runs and does a flying knee to the door*

  10. Andre R. says:

    Warrior remained faithful to his wife when so many other guys didn’t. Say what you want about his political views and his controversial statements about homosexuality, but at least he had that going for him. And maybe he didn’t want to succumb to Sherri’s advances even in storyline. It was his right!

    • When “He wasn’t a cheating bastard” is the nicest thing you can say about a guy… If I may modify a quote from Chris Rock- “You didn’t cheat on your wife? You’re not SUPPOSED to cheat on your wife! What do you want, a cookie?”.

      • Andre R. says:

        I take it you don’t like him very much, then.

      • Andre R. says:

        And I loved that Chris Rock bit as well. “N*****s want credit for things they’re SUPPOSED to do. ‘I take care-a my keeds!’ Yer SUPPOSED to, ya dumb muthaf****! ‘I ain’t never been ta jail!’ Whatcho want, a COOKIE?! Yer not supposed ta go ta jail, low expectation-havin’ muthaf****!” LOL, a classic!

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