It Came From YouTube: Road Warrior Animal’s awful TitanTron

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Crapper Drew writes:

I think a lot of people have found Road Warrior Animal’s incredibly bad Titantron on YouTube…

..but I haven’t been able to find any Road Warrior Animal solo matches or post-Hawk tag matches where he’s not dressed in LOD face paint and shoulder pads.
In this Titantron he’s in “street clothes” and no face paint. Also, he’s got new ring music and not the classic LOD “What A Rush” song.

Did they try to push him this way? Do any of these matches exist?
I.. I just don’t remember any of this.

That TitanTron is indeed awful. I like how when he blows his nose, the letter “A” comes out.

Can any of you Crappers help him out here with his questions or finding the matches? Leave a comment below.

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17 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Road Warrior Animal’s awful TitanTron"
  1. I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

    I remember this, it didn’t last long. He wasn’t called Animal anymore, it was simply Road Warrior. I think the A in the Titantron was supposed to match his facial hair, but yeah, it looks more like he blew snot and an A came out. I remember the Road Warriors DVD had very early matches where they were dressed In leather, maybe Animal was trying to get back to his roots, just a guess.

    This is the only match I could find:

  2. ScMcS says:

    Sometime after the pairing with Heidenreich that included a Tag Title victory over MNM, Animal turned heel and simply refered to himself as “Road Warrior.” It only lasted 3-4 months (at most) and included squashing local talent or working dark matches. Other than a Royal Rumble appearance (2006?), I don’t recall him working a PPV with that gimmick.

    • Markus Raymond says:

      He turned on Matt Hardy after a loss against MNM. Can’t find a match against Matt Hardy, but the next better thing: His heelturn!

  3. Justin Henry says:

    I dig the bass guitar. That’s about it.

  4. Hashington says:

    With a bit more orange he could look like Taz

  5. Bone White says:

    It does look a little like he’s straining on the khazi there

  6. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    I’ve seen worse. Remember the infamous Gregory Helms titantron?

  7. Peter says:

    That reminds me of this pic I saw recently, which I’m sure is tied in with that Titantron:

    I just don’t remember the gimmick at all, of him being simply “The Road Warrior.” My guess is that they started calling Batista “The Animal” by this point so they didn’t want two Animals. Of course, being a veteran and part of a legendary tag team he should have been able to keep his name, but when has that ever stopped WWE from doing what they want.

  8. headbangerman says:

    All I remember is he turned heel on Matt Hardy after a tag match, but they never feuded afterwards.

  9. MaturedSinner says:

    David Flair’s tron video was pretty bad too. “‘David Flair’ *David stretching* *Ric Flair looking disappointed* ‘David Flair\'”

  10. Josh Dionio says:

    I remember him in a Smackdown vs. Raw battle royal before WrestleMania 22 as the Road Warrior. It’s on the DVD as a bonus match, but is it really a bonus?

  11. Anonymous says:

    This might be the worst TitanTron of all time.

  12. Lazmancometh says:

    Yeah this was after Heidenreich left and the “new legion of doom” fell flat on its face. I think the only reason they put Heidenreich and Animal together was to cash in on the Road Warriors DVD that had just been released.

    Then to give Matt hardy something to do they teamed him with Animal who shortly after turned heel and became The Road Warrior which was a throw back to his early solo career. Perhaps with him and “The Animal” Batista both being on Smackdown it was WWE’s way of letting Batista keep his nickname.

    His subsequent matches mostly consisted of him punching, kicking, choking then eventually using a hidden weapon (a chain if I remember rightly) to beat underneath talent. The repetition of this lead to fan apathy and he was quietly dropped at the end of his contract.

    And now to quote the movie that was the inspiration for the whole Road Warrior gimmick:

    “…and the Road Warrior… He Lives now, only in my memories.”

  13. Luchaporn says:

    I remember this gimmick and his simply being called “Road Warrior”
    The only match I remember him being in was against Matt Hardy when Matt was in the doghouse.

    It was a MiTB qualifier and I’m pretty certain Hardy won via DQ.

    • Matt Soileau says:

      I was at a Smackdown house show where he did indeed wrestle Matt Hardy. I don’t remember the outcome though. That’s how much the match mattered.

  14. Drew says:

    Thanks everybody for the stuff you found!

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