It Came From YouTube: Repo Man as you’ve probably never seen him before

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Crapper Drew remembered seeing Repo Man in WWF Magazine wearing this mask, and he finally found this video clip from WWF Mania in early 1993 and sent it my way. He writes:

I sent Deal and email a few months ago saying that I had an old WWF magazine from 1993 where they had a photo of Repo Man’s new ring gear that included a full head mask. But I can’t find anyone who knows what I’m talking about and no evidence on YouTube or Google that it even existed.

JUST TODAY I found that it wasn’t my imagination after all.

I feel more vindicated that I should.
This is a huge personal victory for me.

Wow! I have absolutely no memory of this at all.

He looks like he’s testing a prototype for Zubaz new line of fetish-wear or something! It doesn’t exactly make him look inconspicuous or help him blend in, does it?

Do any of you Crappers remember this? Why did he start wearing this mask and singlet? Did he stop wearing this mask before he was released? And if so, why?

Lord Alfred and Sean Moony talk about some kind of challenge Repo Man put out for someone to remove his mask (?) but they don’t really elaborate. Hopefully you Crappers have a bette memory than I do.

Anyway, I’ll always prefer the good ol’ Lone Ranger look…

Repo Man


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12 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Repo Man as you’ve probably never seen him before"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    I like the old one myself too.

  2. Kareem Ofweet says:

    I like how this was posted 20 years to the day since Repo Man’s last taped match (according to Wikipedia, anyway).

  3. The Doctor of Style says:

    Wow, this match must’ve been a black hole or something. Looks like it was the end of the line for both Repo Man and the commentators — Sean Mooney was out only days later after Wrestlemania IX…and didn’t Alfred Hayes pretty much fade away at this point?

    Unfortunately, it was *not* Todd Pettngill’s last appearance. “Pat Boone’s shoes?” Great, a Pat Boone reference on a wrestling show! That makes sense!

  4. RhineStoneCowboy says:

    New zubaz lucha libre masks! Maybe Darsow was trying to earn a few bucks for his pal, Road Warrior Animal.

  5. patricko says:

    not the first time we’ve seen a wrestler try to mix things up a bit, freshen up the image as they’re languishing without any kind of push.

    I believe Raven’s last televised match on RAW, he wore traditional gear, in some kind of tournament qualifier against… Jeff Hardy, maybe? was very odd to see him in a colorful singlet, and… he was gone after that.

    nothing to lose at that point, really.

    And if the new ring gear was dictated by Vince, after a couple weeks of it, he can say… well, we tried, and it just didn’t work out. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  6. Drew says:

    Thanks Wrestlecrap and people who commented. I’m just glad it finally saw the light of day. If anyone gets to meet ol’s Barry – somebody ask him about the new ring gear!

  7. Scrooge McSuck says:

    I remember that little blurb in WWF Magazine as well, and this popping up on YouTube was the first video proof I’ve ever seen of it existing outside of that article. Glad to see someone else remember such a random tidbit from the WWF.

  8. Greg says:

    Darsow getting some good technical wrestling here. Shows he was capable of more than just pure smash mouth brawling like when he was with Demolition. Really sucks that one half of arguably THE most dominant tag team in WWF history gets treated like this.

  9. Ezenwa says:

    I remembered this. It still is as weird to me as ever. Did they ever explain why he did this?

  10. Drew says:

    Great to see so many comments! I’m glad a few others remember Repo Man in his new “treads” (Ha, puns! I’m a regular Real Deal Reynolds over here). I wish they would have kept up the idea of Repo Man’s unmasking-for-money angle. It would have been something to watch for in the midcard and could have elevated not only Barry but another superstar. Who was around at that time that needed something to do? Marty Jannetty? Razor Ramon? Bob Backlund? Crush? Could have been something cool to keep going for a few months.

    • Drew says:

      NO! The account that uploaded the Repo Man with new ring gear video no longer exists! My evidence may be gone forever!

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