It Came From YouTube: Ren & Stimpy wrestle!

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Crapper Paul S. writes:

I think every 90s kid must have seen this particular episode 100 times.

What I really like about watching this one as an adult is that it actually follows the flow of tag team wrestling match. Ren lands a signature move early on, gets cut off, Stimpy plays Ricky Morton, Ren gets in a brief offensive flurry before getting cut off again, and our heroes get the crap pounded on until miraculously pulling off a win.

Guess Lump & Loaf really are good workers, albeit a bit stiff.

Ah, a classic! You can tell a wrestling fan helped write this one.

I think Lump and Loaf had a run in ECW sometime around 2000, didn’t they?

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10 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Ren & Stimpy wrestle!"
  1. Anonymous says:

    Always interesting to see wrestling episodes of TV shows. Quantum Leap still had the best (non-animated) one.

  2. Time Lord Soundwave says:

    Yeah, I remember this. I also remember the sequel story published in Marvel’s Ren & Stimpy comic book sometime later, where Lump and Loaf get their rematch and their brother, posing as a fan, dupes Stimpy into throwing the match and losing the titles. Not as memorable as this episode, but hey, continuity.

  3. I Like Darren, He's My Friend! says:

    Killer Kadoogan! This was always my favorite Ren & Stimpy. A show that bizarre deserves a wrestling episode.


  4. Big Jim says:

    The ref in this is perfect, letting Lump and Loaf use their incredible heel tactics by looking away just at the right moment and then looking back. I remember this and it was always great when it came on.

  5. Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

    Loaf’s promo reminded me of Road Warrior Animal. As for Killer Kadoogan’s… Warrior, maybe?

  6. John C says:

    So unrealistic I mean really letting tag team wrestlers cut a promo what is it the 80’s or something?

  7. Emerson Witner says:

    We should also post the wrestling episode of Kim Possible guest starring Goldberg and Test, of all people, if it’s on YT

  8. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I remember laughing myself stupid the first time I saw this – the Flying Butt Pliers were just incredible – imagine if Batista could do that and he would have to be turned heel because he is unpopular because he would have been a face for doing the FBP…

  9. Rob says:

    But Stimpy went into business for himself when he broke kayfabe. The poor brothers looked so nervous when that loose cannon began talking.

  10. Scrooge McSuck says:

    This episode ruined kayfabe for me! 🙁

    Seriously, this was awesome. Mad Dog Hoak and Killer Kadoogan are names that always resonate in my ears, having seen this episode so many times as a youngster.

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