It Came From YouTube: Nord The Barbarian (AKA: The Berzerker) stars in “A Day In The Life” mini-movie

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Crapper Rusty Shackleford linked to this in the Comments section of another post and I just had to post it on the site properly.

This is a mini-movie produced in 1987 for the AWA staring Nord The Barbarian AKA: The Berzerker AKA: John Nord.

It’s like some kind of great, cheese ball 80’s sitcom- “Our Wacky Viking!”. Thanks for pointing me to this, Rusty!

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6 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Nord The Barbarian (AKA: The Berzerker) stars in “A Day In The Life” mini-movie"
  1. FireDawg10 says:

    It’s a shame he was a few years too early in the WWF before everybody got a 2nd job outside of the ting. I could see Vince using him as a Barbarian car salesman and forming a tag team with the Repo Man.

    • That would have been AWESOME! Barbarian sells you the car, and Repo Man repossesses it when you fail to make payments! I love it.

      • Ezenwa says:

        Funny thing about the Berzerker and the Repo Man: they both returned to WCW in the mid 90s at the same time. In fact, I believe I saw them team up on WCW Saturday Night as John Nord and Barry Darsow.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    According to this video:

    …he’s suplexing guys through windshields at this dealership:

    John Nord: The Pride of Minnesota, and one hell of a Model American!!! (Jesse Who?)

  3. Nick Nutter says:

    This video is so much win.

    “He wears the hats of a businessman as well as one who brings home the bacon.”

    Don’t forget the Viking hat!

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