It Came From YouTube: Mid-80’s WWF and Billy Ocean- two good things that go great together! Plus “Gator” Scott Hall!

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Crapper Pretentious internet Theatre writes:

I put it in the comment to the last video, but I think this Billy Ocean one is a little more disturbing. In retrospect, Jesse is likely thanking his lucky stars is wasn’t in it.

Mean Gene is so damn coo with those shades.

I miss Walkmans.

“When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going”! Yeah! I’m a confirmed Billy Ocean mark, so it was pretty neat to hear they used that song.

Plus (as someone in the Comments reminded me) the song is also good enough for “Gator” Scott Hall’s exciting montage:

Whoever put the 1985 montage together in the WWF production department actually did a pretty nice job.

Thanks, Pretentious!

Now get out of my dreams, and into my car.

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8 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Mid-80’s WWF and Billy Ocean- two good things that go great together! Plus “Gator” Scott Hall!"
  1. Joseph S. Hasan says:

    I think RD & Blade once spent a few minutes on an episode of WCR, discussing how WCW used a Billy Ocean song (maybe the same one), for the “Gator” Scott Hall vignettes.

    What is it with wrestling and Billy Ocean?

  2. zombie ducky says:

    nice outfit mean gene

  3. Muta Mark says:

    WOW!Even in 1985 the WWF/E was the best for video packages!!

  4. Wrestlecrap's Janitor says:

    I hate Billy Ocean but I’ll make an exception for this video.

    Speaking of Billy Ocean, wouldn’t “Caribbean Queen” be a good theme song for Pat Patterson?

  5. TMS says:

    Watching that second video, it’s hard to believe the guy with the blond mullet and porn stache would later become Razor Ramon (and then basically the same character, just using his real name).

    Kinda like seeing Scott Steiner from his Steiner Brothers days and realizing that’s the same clean cut kid who became Big Poppa Pump (or if you prefer the Big Bad Booty Daddy).

  6. Jeremy says:

    Nice video of the WWF in 1985, I think Vince getting down at 1:34 steals it though lo

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