It Came From YouTube: Little Hercules is here, and he’s in 3-D, brother!

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Crapper Paul S. writes:

So way, way back in 2006 there was an episode of Hogan Knows Best which followed the Hulkster as he worked on a film called “Little Hercules in 3D” where Brooke and Nick also got bit parts and The Big Show played a major villain. You may ask yourself “wait I never saw Little Hercules” in theaters? Whatever happened to that?

Well it sat on the shelf for four years without a distributor and was released direct to video in 2010 and it’s freakin’ awful. Lets roll that trailer…

And here’s Brooke’s blink and you missed it cameo.

I simply must see this movie. Hulk Hogan’a acting is too good for just two dimensions.

I’m perfectly willing to overlook the fact that Brooke has a cameo in this movie in order to experience its awesomeness.

Thanks, Paul!

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6 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Little Hercules is here, and he’s in 3-D, brother!"
  1. No Pants Mafia says:

    Who read the same Cracked article or looked at the induction suggestion thread on the board?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This looks like a future induction. It also looks like one of the worst movies of all time, which I guess reiterates the inevitability of the former statement.

  3. John Matrix says:

    That makes Hercules in New York look like an Oscar winner.

  4. PlanBFromOuterSpace says:

    Wasn’t Brooke told to not sex it up so much in that episode, that this was a movie for kids?

  5. No Pants Mafia says:

    Why doe they have strippers at a Jr. high dance?

  6. I have the 3D version on DVD. I bought it at Toys R Us a year or two ago for $5 (or maybe it was cheaper than that). It’s a pretty shitty movie, that’s for sure. And it totally ripped off Hercules In New York.

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