It Came From YouTube: Jesse Ventura figure political ad

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Crapper Little Louie P (The Doctor Of Style!) writes:

These poor child actors probably had no idea what they were doing in this ad for Jesse Ventura’s 1998 campaign for governor.

I guess the stupid ad worked, though!

Okay, that’s pretty creative, I’ll admit… and I totally would have bought a talking Governor Jesse Ventura action figure and desk play set!

And hey, this ad is more factual and honest than that lousy TV movie about him was, anyway…

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4 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Jesse Ventura figure political ad"
  1. Barronmore says:

    you know, that’s actually not a bad political ad for a wrestler. Much better then Rhyno’s ads he had.

  2. Sean Batean says:

    This commercial is not as memorable than Jesse’s beer commercials.

  3. Another Dave says:

    I’m pretty sure I had that figure at some point. I should not have been allowed near money in the 90s.

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