It Came From YouTube: I.R.S teaches Tatanka (BUFFALO!) a valuable lesson when receiving a gift

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The lesson being…

Always pay your gift tax when you get a gift like a ceremonial Native American headdress.

See? I.R.S was just looking out for Tatanka’s (BUFFALO!) best interests.

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14 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: I.R.S teaches Tatanka (BUFFALO!) a valuable lesson when receiving a gift"
  1. George from Dudleyville NY says:

    I can’t be angry at a member of the legendary Varsity Club. Between him having Hulk Hogans theme first with Windham and being Mr. Wallstreet makes me miss childhood. Go Wyatt! Lol

  2. The Scanian Maniac says:

    “The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin.” – Mark Twain

  3. John C says:

    Follow the feathers…I did have some reservations about using that line.

  4. Drew B says:

    Another attempt to get IRS some heel heat. But, and I can’t speak for everyone, never took him as a serious threat and therefore never gave any fucks at all when he did something dastardly. As a singles star all the guy ever did was lose.

  5. Art0Donnell says:

    Irwin needs to brush up on tax law. Tatanka received that gift in 1994, meaning that he wouldn’t have to declare it until his 1995 taxes.

    • Zachary W says:

      Plus, if I remember correctly, the gift tax only applies to the gifter, not the recipient.

      • Scrooge McSuck says:

        I’m pretty sure the person receiving such a gift would have to declare it. I thought it was a well done set-up, but their matches touring the House show circuit blew, and I don’t even recall if they had a definitive finish to the program (again, on house shows).

        • Zachary W says:

          Ok, I could be wrong. My understanding is that the gift tax is tied to the estate/death tax (whichever name that you prefer). From what I understand, it was implemented to prevent people from dodging the estate tax by “gifting” all of their possessions to people who would normally get them via the person’s will. Even then, it starts at (if I remember correctly) $12 Million. So, that would have had to be one EXPENSIVE head dress, and even then, I’m not sure it would apply. When it comes to Native Americans, I believe that tribal law trumps federal law due to the treaties.

          Regardless, this was a weak angle. IRS was the first gimmick as a kid that I hated not because he was a villain, but because he just annoyed me and I didn’t want to see him on TV at all.

          • Kyle Casey says:

            No, you’re right. The gifter is the one who has to pay the gift tax on a gift. Even then, it’s only if the gift exceeds like $13,000. Might be more, might be less; I don’t know if the tax laws have changed any regarding gifts in the last few years.

  6. George from Dudleyville NY says:

    IRS may have been cartoonish and his rivalries were a bit lackluster. He was a good heel. Unlike the awful heels of the era, at least he wasn’t Mantaur, Nailz, Papa Shango, Skinner or Repo Man. But at Mania 9 Millionaire Dollar man and him have a victory over Hulkamania and his butt buddy Brutus Beefcake. Technically he has a victory over Hulkster on the biggest stage io them all. Boom! Lmao

  7. Anonymous says:

    There is an INSANE amount of talent in that ring and yet it’s still such utter crap.

  8. Handsome B. Wonderful says:

    I love the screen grab of that clip. That is all.

  9. Mister Forth says:

    A taxman beating up in Indian. And he wonders why his kids turned out this way.

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