It Came From YouTube: Hulk Hogan makes a stunning admission on nationwide television!

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You heard him- live on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1982; Hulk Hogan admits that Hulkamania is like a cult!

I’ve known it all along, but now the truth has come out!

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5 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Hulk Hogan makes a stunning admission on nationwide television!"
  1. John C says:

    “Well you know something Mean Gene, brother, sorry I mean Johnny brother. Once Hulkamania runs wild on you you’ll ditch that idiot sidekick of yours and hire my main man Dizzy Hogan as your #2 guy. Ed McMahon, I’ve worked with people named McMahon and they certainly don’t know anything about entertainment, brother.’

  2. Drew says:

    Cult? Well, he came within one letter of getting it right.

  3. Mister Forth says:

    No doubt this is why we got Tuesday Night Titans.

  4. George from Dudleyville NY says:

    A cult lol? “A little fat boy named Terry Bolea” grows up to be the luckiest man in history of proffesional wrestling. I enjoy the nostalgia of the era and my childhood, but I always hated Hogan. Not saying it to be “that guy”. I was raised in half Italian household of Sammartino, Strongbow, Billy Graham fans. Old NY wwwf household. You can say I was raised disliking the guy, lol.
    From my mom to my late grandma and uncle, Hogan was the epitome of ignorance. He symbolized a champ with no class in every way. Fought like a heel his whole career, never used any technical ability in U.S. (In Japan he tried), and always behaved like a complete ass with his oaf like behavior. As I got older and began thinking for myself, I saw exactly the point. I rooted for Roberts, Piper, Hennig, Hart, Savage, Steamboat and Warrior (I know not much better, except as a father of course).
    Ironically as I grew up it all was true. Politics, steroids, drugs and awful films all influenced my already tarnished opinion of the man. I respect what he meant to the buisiness but untill this very day I roll my eyes when I hear Windham & Rotundas theme. My friends still taunt me with “Hulkamania” related things as inside joke.

  5. Vince B says:

    I had no idea Hulkamania existed before the Hulkster came to the WWF. I mean, wasn’t he a heel in the AWA?

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