It Came From YouTube: HOOTIE HOO! It’s Master P and The No Limit Soldiers! Plus the “Rap Is Crap” music video!

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The West Texas Rednecks try to make peace with Master P and the No Limit Soldiers (who?) by giving them a nice custom-made (!) cowboy hat and to no- one’s surprise they react violently.

In their infinite wisdom, WCW booked the rappers as the faces, and the cowboys as the heels… in the south.


The West Texas Rednecks gimmick was entertaining, silly, and the “Rap Is Crap” song was a whole lot of fun. Why make THEM the heels? Unlike the No Limit Soldiers and Master P, they had personality and wrestling talent.

Look; I’m not a fan of rap or anything; but even I can tell that these guys are a bunch of mumbly-mouth no-talent hacks who had no business being anywhere near WCW television.

As a bonus treat for having to listen to all the “HOOTIE HOO!”ing, here’s the “Rap Is Crap” music video! Sing along!

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10 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: HOOTIE HOO! It’s Master P and The No Limit Soldiers! Plus the “Rap Is Crap” music video!"
  1. Peter says:

    There’s only one thing that I hate, cause it’s a bunch of crap, thiiiiiis wrestllllinggg angle!

  2. Wrestlecrap's Janitor says:

    Whose brilliant idea was it to bring in Master P anyway?

  3. Uncle Slip says:

    Wow… Great induction! At the time, I was a No Limit “fan” (just 13), but even I was jamming to “Rap Is Crap.” Whatever happened to Swoll?

  4. Paul says:

    To be fair, though, Master P and the No Limit Soldiers were huge back then. Booking them at all is odd, but if they were going to do so, then booking them as faces makes sense.

    • outlawtotheend says:

      On its face, maybe, since it was an obvious play to gain WCW some mainstream publicity. But it didn’t occur to Bischoff that WRESTLING fans watching a WRESTLING program would cheer WRESTLERS over rappers.
      Not to mention that WCW’s fan base was primarily southerners who hated rap, especially the kind of thug rap that Master P represented. The thuggery wasn’t just an act, either. These guys walked around backstage like they owned the place, making sure everyone saw the guns stuffed into their waistbands. (Rumors that Kevin Sullivan was stirring the pot by using racist humor have circulated)

      It all reads like a math problem: Southern fans+talented wrestlers with a catchy song+rappers being thug and outnumbering the Rednecks=a super sucky angle that no one wanted from a company that was creatively bankrupt.

  5. alex says:

    if it was WWE they would’ve really marketed out the Rap is Crap single to every country music station in America.

  6. Phil Watts, Jr. says:

    As a longtime rap fan, I absolutely HATED Master P, his brain-dead crew (you know your group sucks when a past-his-prime Snoop Dogg is your only talented member), and garbage they flooded the market with. During that time, it seemed like there was a Master P-related album released EVERY WEEK–all with 20-30 tracks each one of them. Some idiot from WCW probably saw that and thought, “You know what? This Master P guy seems to be big right now–let’s bring THAT GUY TO WCW!” Seeing Mr. Perfect break his latest CD right in his face made me smile.

    The worst thing about people like Master P is that if anyone said anything about his success (or the success of people like him–oh hi, Kanye), you were HATIN’ on him. Because of that, the word HATE means next to nothing now, since they say it so often. I couldn’t wait to see him go broke and drop off the map. No one talks about him now–unless it’s about how horrible his music really was, or to laugh at his WCW run.

    • E-Squared says:

      I sometimes wonder why I went through a No Limit phase at some point in my life, when most of the stuff just plain sucked. Yes, I have/had a few No Limit albums and there were actually a few talented rappers/singers on that label, like Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, Mia X, Mac, Fiend, Mo B. Dick, and Sons of Funk, but the rest were just bad. I remember how there were a lot of No Limit albums that came out all the time. Not to mention that the album covers were just eyesores.

  7. RhineStoneCowboy says:

    Didn’t know Robbinson, Minnesota was in Texas.

  8. 80's Guy says:

    All gangsta rap is garbage. Funny how the PMRC was all over heavy metal music in the 80’s, yet people let negative, hateful, racist, crime promoting bull$h!t like this just flow like nobody’s business.

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