It Came From YouTube: Feel The Power Of The Ultimate Warrior…. in video game form!

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Crapper Brian Jacobs sent in this amazing montage of every video game The Ultimate Warrior has appeared in!

He writes:

He does video game videos but also occasionally does ones involving pro wrestling like this music video recapping every Ultimate Warrior video game appearance he could fit in the video! Enjoy!

Truly the Power Of The Warrior surges strongly through you, Brian! Destrucity binds you to the Warrior’s Ultimate Video Game Wisdom!

It is known that he is the real and most wise Game Genie In facepant and tassels. He is the living and breathing embodiment of the Konami Code.


I thank both you, and the Ultimate Power Of The Warrior that binds us all together like electrified Krazy Glue that you sent this my way, Warrior Brian!

Your airplane has surely crashed into the rocketship and helped to destroy Hoak Ho-gan’s video game alter-ego forevermore. He has been sent to the Minus World of Super Mario Bros. forevermore and The Ultimate Warrior is NOT in another castle for he is in the Castle that is held deep inside all of us who truly believe and grab The Blinking Invincibility Star Of Justice and Riotousness!


Sorry, I don’t know what came over me….

I’m better, now.

P.S- If that awesome music doesn’t make you want to down a couple Red Bulls and run around your house screaming like a maniac flailing your arms in the air, then something is wrong with you.

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2 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Feel The Power Of The Ultimate Warrior…. in video game form!"
  1. Wrestlecrap's Janitor says:

    I still get pumped up over that music.

    I don’t like Warrior as a person but as a wrestling character? He’s always been an interesting fella!

  2. Anonymous says:

    How could anyone hate a guy who was is WWF Wrestlefest AND WWF Superstars?

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