It Came From YouTube: Allison and Phelan review the Thunder In Paradise trilogy!

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Thunder In Paradise DVD collection

Allison (formerly known as Obscurus Lupa) and Phelan (uh, currently known as Phelous) review The Thunder In Paradise trilogy staring Terry “Hulk” Hogan on their new show Movie Nights! 

Here’s their review of Part 1, here’s Part 2, and here’s Part 3!

The movies might be WrestleCrap, but Allison and Phelan are hilarious and well worth checking out and supporting.

And best of all, they promise never to turn your donations into a fourth-rate embarrassingly cheap bore of a rigged game show.


If you actually want to see the movies for yourself, you can buy the trilogy on DVD right here and help support WrestleCrap in the process!

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6 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Allison and Phelan review the Thunder In Paradise trilogy!"
  1. kmtown says:

    Wait a minute, didn’t RD finish his review of T in P II yet?

  2. Sean Bateman says:

    At least those two has the balls/ovaries to review part 3. At least it wasn’t a movie and sequel starring Hulk, Gene Simmons’ MILF Playmate wife and Apollo Creed

  3. Andre R. says:

    LOL, Paul. Nice jab at the Mike Michaud and the Walkers. Channel Awesome scammed nearly $100,000 from their fans in an ill-fated Indiegogo campaign that promised so much but ultimately delivered nothing. The only one there still worth watching is Brad “The Cinema Snob” Jones. They are truly a sinking ship!

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