It Came From YouTube: A 1995 WWF Battle Royal chock full of WrestleCrap

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Crapper Sean Bateman writes:

A Battle Royal with some WC inductions. Also, King’s comment about Horowitz winning is gold.

Let’s see… From The History Of WWE website:

Owen Hart (w/ Jim Cornette) won a 20-man battle royal by last eliminating Marty Jannetty at 20:07; other participants included: King Kong Bundy, Isaac Yankem DDS, Kama, Psycho Sid, Henry Godwinn, Duke Drose, Jean Pierre Lafitte, Skip, Barry Horowitz, the 1-2-3 Kid, Aldo Montoya, Savio Vega, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Fatu, Hakushi, Bob Holly, Rad Radford, & Bam Bam Bigelow; order of elimination: Bundy by Godwinn, Fatu, Radford, Bigelow, & Drose at around the 15-second mark; Aldo by Skip at 1:30; Holly by Sid at around the 4-minute mark; Drose by Sid at around 4:30; Hakushi by Skip at 5:00; Fatu by Kama via an uppercut; Skip by Horowitz via a backdrop at 6:00; Godwinn by Yankem & Lafitte; Radford by Bigelow; Kama by Savio & Bigelow; Horowitz was eliminated; Helmsley was eliminated; the Kid was eliminated; Yankem by Sid at 9:15; Sid by Bigelow at 10:30; Bigelow by Lafitte; Savio by Jannetty via a headscissors at 16:40; Lafitte by Jannetty at 16:45; Jannetty by Owen at 20:07 when Davey Boy Smith came ringside after Jannetty stole Cornette’s tennis racquet; Waylon Mercy, Yokozuna, and Razor Ramon were originally scheduled to participate but were substituted; due to pre-match stipulations, Owen earned an IC title shot for the following week; after the bout, Jerry Lawler interviewed Owen at ringside

Wow! I hope you didn’t take a drink every time a WrestleCrap inductee came out, because you’d be dead from alcohol poisoning by now!

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12 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: A 1995 WWF Battle Royal chock full of WrestleCrap"
  1. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Meh – Gimmick Battle Royal had more WC PLUS it featured the Gobbledygooker which gives it bonus points…

  2. George from Dudleyville NY says:

    Could have been worse I think considering the era. I’m looking at Bam Bam, Jinsei “Hakushi” Shinzaki, Chris Candido, Sean “X-pac” Waltman, Kane and HHH. Obviously craptastic gimmicks aside, pretty nice group of talent considering. Hell, even Sid was always entertaining.

    • George from Dudleyville NY says:

      And before I get yelled at, I forgot (in my opinion) the greatest Hart of all Owen.

      • Brownie_the_3rd says:

        the WWF actually had a great undercard in 1995 which put on some great matches throughout the year, unfortunately they all had terrible gimmicks and a terrible main event scene which is all everyone seems to remember from that era

  3. Andre R. says:

    Ah yes, 1995. The year WWF nearly went bankrupt. I was 17 that year and even though I was not yet a full-blown hardcore smark at the time, even I wondered what the hell was going on. As the first WC book put it, the company simply couldn’t figure out for the life of them what fans wanted to see and at one point were bascially throwing gimmick ideas at the wall just to see which ones would stick. And on top of that, Babyface Diesel was actually the World champ for most of the year, him being Vince’s third attempt to create a new Hogan. And some of you may already know how I feel about THAT!

    • Andre R. says:

      In fact, also in 1995, I can remember a letter to one of the Apter mags where the writer gave the opinion that WWF would go under *simply because* Hogan was no longer a part of it. They said that WWF was a pitiful shell of it’s former self without Hogan and that WCW was now the company to watch. They also said that all the WWF world champions that had come before Hogan were second-rate and that WCW would eventually wipe the company out now that they had Hogan and he was large and in charge. Wowwwwwww………..

  4. TortureRackofDoom says:

    It’s pretty incredible to remember (and see) just how over Marty Jannetty was with the fans, even in 1995. I remember him getting constantly huge reactions around this time, but WWF never really pushed him again…unless you count putting Goldust and heel 123 Kid over. Seemed like a wasted opportunity, though I’m guessing his personal problems were the reason.

    • Scrooge McSuck says:

      Would YOU trust Jannetty to stay clean long enough for a serious push? Dude was lucky to get rehired 12 times.

      • Saint Stryfe (@saintstryfe) says:

        I was way over on Jannetty. Not knowing about his personal demons, I just remembered him coming out of the crowd and beating Shawn Michaels on the Night of Upsets (which I swear is still my single favorite night of wrestling before I smarted up.)

  5. Mister Forth says:

    The 2 things I thought about this were how Sid in his promo seemed to do a better version of Orton, & how similar he & Kane look with he same hairstyle.

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