The Meme Event: WWE Monday Night Raw 5/6/13

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24 Responses to "The Meme Event: WWE Monday Night Raw 5/6/13"
  1. Trench Reynolds says:

    The innovator of silence got a hearty guffaw out of me. Now off to the filling station.

  2. Rose Harmon says:

    My favorite was “Must…save…hug…buddy.”

  3. Adam Cota says:

    I thought the LMFAO one would be my favorite, but then I saw the Innovator of Silence one… That said, great work once again.

  4. cavalier says:

    As a librarian, and a fan of Sandow, I especially love number 5. Maybe I’ll include it in employee training.

  5. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    The “Beaker Vs. Rowlf” one made me spit out my Dr Pepper through my nose laughing. I hope you’re happy!

  6. taylortexas says:

    Loved Orton’s range of expressions. Top notch as always!

  7. BudsGrand says:

    John Cena: Ow ! This Hurts ! Ow ! This Hurts ! Ow ! This Hurts ! Ow ! This Hurts …

  8. BudsGrand says:

    John Cena: “Ow ! This Hurts ! Ow ! This Hurts ! Ow ! This Hurts ! “

  9. Charlie Murphy says:

    For a second I was tempted to make the Orton face one my wallpaper because of how much it made me giggle, then I realized i’d have to look at Orton every time I turned on my computer.

  10. Ezenwa says:

    Tommy Dreamer doesn’t even have to wrestle a match to get a pop, even on Sunday Night Heat, and I think he’s even part Irish with the last name Laughlin, with the other part being Italian, most likely (Thanks, Wikipedia). And, Sheamus couldn’t get a whimper out of a mute newborn. That’s not just sad, that’s pathetic.

  11. Brian J says:

    OMG, the muppets one made me laugh out loud. Yes, it was so funny I was compelled to spell out LOL

  12. Walt says:

    Loved the Muppet reference, the Innovator of Silence, the Orton range of facial acting. The one with Ryback and Vickie probably happened backstage.

    A question, for the Cesaro pic with the caption of “Guitar”, did Cesaro actually perform a Karelin lift?

  13. EGM3 says:

    I loved Mark Henry’s “ate with stupid” comment to Cole and how JBL & Lawyer went with it.

  14. Kerry B. says:

    One out of One Kerry’s agree:

    You’re one of two things that make Raw even bearable.

  15. Mister Forth says:

    Ok, the last one got me giggling loudly.

  16. TMS says:

    Picture number seven (Tensai and Clay), is it me or does Brodus look like he’s about to crap his pants. For that matter, is it just me or does Cena look like he crapped his pants in the last picture?

    And now, thanks to you, every time I see Sheamus, I’m going to hear Beeker’s voice.

  17. MTRodaba2468 says:

    That Muppet one may very well be the greatest one I’ve ever seen…

  18. Alan says:

    Great Memes this week! Loved “The Innovator Of Silence” and both for Randy SNorEton. What, no Wade Borrett?

  19. Porter "Budsgrand" Sultzbaugh says:

    Jack Swagger Sings: ” I was gonna get a title run… but I was high! “

  20. Josh Dionio says:

    I wanted to say you need to change the Statue of Cena meme’s ending to learn how to job instead of learning how to work.

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