When The Man can’t compete, you send for The Turkey!

Ronda Rousey vs The Gobbledy Gooker?

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It’s the insane AWA pilot everyone’s talking about!

Featuring foxy boxing! A live audience!! Slow motion replays!!!

It’s a new induction!!!!

Stephanie McMahon said that WWE could be “as big as Disney.”

Read a brand-new Headlies to find out just how far she’ll go to make it happen!

The legendary War Games goes up in smoke!


Hulk Hogan has returned to the WWE and he has a new gimmick, brother! Thanks Crown Jewel!

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Think you have what it takes to take on Big Tobacco?

Think again, tough guy!

Judge Hacksaw is on the bench in a new induction.

It’s Halloween at WrestleCrap HQ…but this year, NOTHING is going to go wrong for RD and Blade!


All-new WrestleCrap Radio!

Jay “Switchblade” White is ready to party.

Unfortunately, he’s not wearing a costume.

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It’s the most horrifying night in the history of our sport!

Halloween at Tony Schiavone’s!



Evolution is coming up and Vince McMahon has…ideas.

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Would you *shell* out 20 bucks to see Kowabunga wrestle?

(I know that’s just meant as a pun, but the answer is no)

New induction!

WWE didn’t leave Australia empty-handed.

They brought Stomper The Kangaroo with them!

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Time to answer the age-old (ok, week old) question – was Undertaker-Hunter worse than Age in the Cage?

Find out in a NEW INDUCTION!